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Award winning author Richard Price here offers a viscerally affecting and accomplished portrait of inner city AmericaVeteran homicide detective Rocco Klein's passion for the job gave way long ago His beat is a rough New Jersey neighborhood where th. ”’It’s the cycle of shit and you can’t do nothing about it’Rocco smiled and began beating his fists rhythmically on the table distant jungle drums ‘I believe in fear I believe in punishment I believe in revenge’Mazilli said ‘Fuck you it’s true’‘I believe that each man’ Rocco said raising his voice ‘whether black white yellow or brown is entitled to have his ass kicked free of charge regardless of race creed or color’‘Cycle of shit’ Mazilli shot back” Strike is clocking; he’s out on the benches overseeing the crew that supplies the crack fiends who need a hit as often as possible He doesn’t use He doesn’t spend his money on frivolous symbols of affluence such as gold jewelry cars or whores He socks his money away He buys real estate because he has a dream of moving up off the streets and going legit Next step move up to the ounce business ”Strike had no real love of things for themselves but he loved the idea of things the concept of possession Sometimes he was crazed by wanting blind with visions of things he was too cagey to buy and at moments like this he felt tortured tantalized sensing in some joyless way that he was outsmarting someone but he wasn’t sure who”Then there is Detective Rocco Klein who has been disillusioned by too many years on the streets He has become a part of the ‘cycle of shit’ and dreams of achieving something new and different when a Hollywood actor named Touhey starts following him around for material for developing a movie ”Rocco gazed down at the waving grinning movie star he understood for the first time that whatever was jamming him up in his life right now would never be healed by any kind of glory or fame or recognition from others that the healing would come from the life around him his work his partner his family It was just a matter of finding a few small gifts of connection” This is one of those philosophically enlightening moments that we all hope we realize before we are too old to make the changes we need to make to have a chance at being happy When an ounce dealer is murdered in cold blood in the street and the only guy in the frame is Vincent Dunham a hard working father husband and son who is the most unlikely of murderers Rocco finds a cause that can finally reinvigorate his life He knows in his gut that Vincent didn’t kill that man and that Vincent’s brother Strike did With this ounce dealer out of the way Strike is finally going to get a chance to get off the benches There are of course inevitable comparisons with the hit series The Wire This book has a lot of that authenticity that viewers feel when they watch the TV show I haven’t seen the new movie based on this book by director Spike Lee but I feel that the story is in the right hands The paranoia that is rampant among the drug dealers and cops is like a cluster of trapped flies buzzing against a window When a stone cold killer named Buddha Hat befriends Strike it is a scary thing Having friends is way dangerous than having enemies His boss Rodney the pontificating showboat is proving to be and vulnerable as the cracks grow larger in his bombastic persona When he goes down is this an opportunity or does Strike need to scoot to greener pastures On the other side of the blurred line Rocco is pushing the boundaries of the investigation and the deeper he digs the unsure he becomes that his partner or the system will have his back This is a redemptive moment for Rocco and it feels like any risk is worth a chance to really feel like he is one of the good guys As to be expected with Richard Price there are some unexpected lyrical moments ”The shards of bottle glass that studded the chained in grass island behind the benches

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ClockersE drug murders blur together until the day Victor Dunham a twenty year old with a steady job and a clean record confesses to a shooting outside a fast food joint It doesn't take long for Rocco's attention to turn to Victor's brother a street co. Extraordinary The story of a uniuely talented scrupulously clean and intelligent teen aged dope peddler in the projects in some city in the north east Spike sits on the benches with a bleeding ulcer tolerating the daily inconveniences of thuggish cops and pondering his future He is totally alone caught between the urge to be upwardly mobile in the ultimately fatal drug trade tutored by a hardened old 30 something psychopath who runs an unending number of scams This is a how to about the drug trade from the connections coming in the turf skirmishes the “cuts” tailored to the clientele the supply chain mechanics on the street and the complex system of police payoffs Every other chapter is from another point of view a homicide detective who is nearing the end of his career and is eually competent and empathetic to his impoverished community despite shocking instances of tactical brutality as the cops and drug dealers conduct their orchestrated dance in an insane ritual Richard Price displays an intimate knowledge of both ends of these spectra law enforcement street crime and somehow gets deep into the heads of the entire distribution of individuals He does not attempt to describe any female points of view conseuently this is a very masculine book It deals with race in a frank and realistic way without a shred of politeness as I imagine it would have played on the street in 1992 somehow my last 2 novels were published in this year I had to give this my top rating because the characters were so real and made me care deeply about their destiny as the frightening plot was revealed I could have read this in one setting if my schedule permitted – it is not a short book but every word every sentence crackled with realistic dialogue and constant fear and motion I recall seeing this movie back in the day with Spike Lee as a character and that it struck me as deeply meaningful and complex than most movies but I don’t remember much else thankfully so my mind was not contaminated as I read the book The book was down and dirty in the streets and rich with detail the complex management reuired to be a middle man dope peddler is a mean feat beyond the capabilities of most white collar safe jobs and 1000% perilousI’ll be reading Richard Price I seem to be reading about cities cops thieves black culture crime and humans trapped in circumstances they cannot control This book was not heroic in any sense and far less stereotyped than others of its ilk LeHane eg But it is the dialogue that really stands out as exceptional building the characters into the true complex beings they are

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Clockers Free read Ë 9 Ü Award winning author Richard Price here offers a viscerally affecting and accomplished portrait of inner city AmericaVeteran homicide detective Rocco Klein's passion for the job gave way long ago His beat is a rough New Jersey neighborhood where the drug murders blur together until the day Victor Dunham — a twenty year old with a sRner crack dealer named Strike who seems a likely suspect for the crime At once an intense mystery and a revealing study of two men on opposite sides of an unwinnable war Clockers is a stunningly well rendered chronicle of modern life on the street. Awesome Price has got the inner city down This novel which switches back and forth between two points of view Strike is an inner city 🌃 drug dealer who lives in the projects and sits at the benches slinging “bottles” crack vials hiding his cash in safe houses and thinking someday he’ll have the balls to walk out of the life still breathing His mother told him never to come back and his brother Victor works the straight life with two jobs and a dream of getting out of the projects and a wife and two kids The other point of view is homicide detective Rocco who is not completely jaded even after working these mean streets There’s an unsolved homicide tying these two characters together What makes this 610 page behemoth sing is how well Price captures the language and the rhythm and the attitude of the two worlds that Strike and Rocco inhabit The dialogue and the narrative is real It’s genuine It’s authentic Strike is not completely bad at least compared to some of the hard cases he deals with He’s maybe in the wrong game but can’t walk out But he recruits younger kids sells dope and plans a murder You not only get the juxtaposition of Strike and his hardworking brother but the contrast with Rocco who really wants to do right and not sacrifice a lamb to the wolvesAll in all Price gives us one helluva top notch crime fiction novel here