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EBOOK ã EPUB Hunt for the Bamboo Rat è Prisoners of the Empire FREE Î “A gripping saga of wartime survival” — Kirkus Reviews Starred Based on a true story this World War II novel by Scott O’Dell Award winner Graham Salisbury tells how Zenji 17 is sent from Hawaii to the Philippines to spy on t“A gripping saga of wartime survival” Kirkus Reviews Starred Based on a true story this World War II novel by Scott O’Dell Award winner Graham Salisbury tells how Zenji 17 is sent from Hawaii to the Philippines to spy on the JapaneseZenji Watanabe was born in Hawaii He’s an American but the Japanese wouldn’t know it by the look of him And that’s exactly what the US government is counting on  Because he speaks both English and Japanese perfectly the army recruits Zenji for a top secret mission to spy on the Japanese If Zenji Watanabe is 17 years old in the summer of 1941 a Nesei born on Honolulu to Japanese parents Naturally he is fluent in both Japanese and English He has also just graduated from high school and is thinking about studying Buddhism in Japan Meanwhile he was working to help support his family mother older brother Henry younger sister Aiko father deceasedAll that changes when Zenji's JROTC commanding officer Colonel Blake shows up at his house one day He wants Zenji to be interviewed and tested but for what? To travel to the Philippines to translate some documents from Japanese to English But when Zenji arrives in Manila he is instructed to stay at the Momo a hotel where Japanese businessmen like staying to befriend them and keep his ears and eyes open He is given the key to a mail box that he is reuired to check twice a day to be use for leaving and receiving information and instructions Zenji is also given a contact person Colonel Jake Olsten head of G2 the Military Intelligence Service and even a code name the Bamboo RatIn December 1941 the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and the war in the Pacific begins It isn't long before the Americans are forced to withdraw from Manila Zenji chooses to remain giving his seat on the last plane out to another Japanese American with a family Not long after that he is taken prisoner by the Japanese who torture and threaten him trying to make him admit he is the Bamboo Rat and considering him a traitor to his county Japan Eventually the Japanese give up and Zenji is sent to work as a houseboytranslator for the humane Colonel Fujimoto Fujimoto seems to forget that Zenji is a prisoner of war and begins to trust him and By late 1944 it's clear the Japanese are losing the war in the Pacific They decide to evacuate Manila and go to Baguio Even though food is in short supply Zenji starts to put some aside for the day he may be able to escape into the jungle and wait for the war to endBut of course the best laid plans don't always work out the way we would like them to and that is true for Zenji Will he ever make it back to Honolulu and his family?WOW Graham Salisbury can really write an action packed exciting and suspenseful novel Salisbury was born and raised in Hawaii so he gives his books a sense of place that pulsating with life Not many authors explore the Japanese American in Hawaii experience during World War II and not many people realize that they were never for the most part interned in camps the way the Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians on the west coast of the US and Canada were And although Hawaii was only an American territory until it became a state in 1959 if you were born there you had American citizenship just like Zenji continuously tells his Japanese captors throughout Hunt for the Bamboo Rat At first I thought Zenji was too gentle too innocent and too trusting for the kind of work he was recruited to do which amounted to the dangerous job of spying But he proved to be a strong tough character even while he retained those his aspects of his nature Ironically part of his survival as a spy and a POW is based in what his Japanese Buddhist priests had taught him before the war One of the nice elements that Salisbury included are the little poems Zenji's mother wrote Devising a form of her own and written in Kanji it is her way of expressing her feelings They are scattered throughout the book Zenji receives one in the mail just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and keeps it with him as long as he can deriving comfort from itLike the first novel I read by Salisbury Eyes of the Emperor one kept me reading straight through until I finished it It is the fourth novel in his Prisoners of the Empire series and it is a well crafted well researched story but it is a stand alone novel Zenji's story is based on the real wartime experiences of Richard Motoso SakakidaTrue to form Salisbury brings in a lot of history along with real people and events but be careful fact and fiction are seamlessly woven together He also includes the tension between the Filipino people and the Japanese after the Philippines are occupied by the Japanese and the cruel treatment of the Filipino people And included is the tension between Chinese and Japanese in Hawaii because of the Nanjing massacre of Chinese civilians in 193738 All of this gives Hunt for the Bamboo Rat a feeling of authenticity There is some violence and reading the about Zenji's torture isn't easy so it may not appeal to the faint at heart Hunt for the Bamboo Rat is historical fiction that will definetely appeal to readers whether or not they particularly enjoy WWII fiction And be sure to look at the Author's Note the Glossary and additional Resources at the end of the novelThis book is recommended for readers age 12This book was purchased for my personal libraryThis review was originally posted at The Children's War

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They discover his true identity he’ll be treated as a traitor and executed on the spot As World War II boils over in the Pacific Zenji is caught behind enemy lines But even though his Japanese heritage is his death warrant it’s also his key to outwitting the enemy and finding the strength to face the terrors of battle the savagery of the jungle and the unspeakable cruelty of war The riveting Hunt for the Bamboo Rat is based on a true story and follows in the path of author Graham Salisbury’s other highly acclaimed Prisoners of Hunt for the Bamboo Rat by Graham SalisburyWritten by Adrian Keller MillerHunt for the Bamboo Rat is a story about Zenji Watanabe and his experiences of being a spy for the United States during World War II Zenji’s family immigrated to the United States from Japan and settled in Hawaii before the bombing of Pearl Harbor Zenji was 21 years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor Zenji because of his age and the fact that he was a United States citizen was recruited by the Army to become a spy against Japan Because Zenji could speak both English and Japanese very well his skills were of value to the US ArmyThe Army decided to send Zenji to the Philippines to spy for them Though he was not in combat he was eventually captured by the Japanese Army and put into prison After a couple of years he was released from prison and sent to be a servant to an important General of the Japanese Army Eventually the island where he was living came under attack by the Americans The Japanese General fled leaving Zenji and a couple of other servants behind Zenji went into the jungle to avoid being captured by the Americans who would have thought he was enemy Japanese He got lost in the jungle where he had to struggle to survive His life was likely saved as a result of help he received from a native tribe living in the jungle Eventually they were able to show Zenji the way out of the jungle and he was found by a US Army patrol He was taken to a US Army base and recognized as the spy for the United States who had been given the code name Bamboo Rat It was believed that Zenji had not survived the war but indeed he hadI think the author did a good job of telling the story and keeping the readers in suspense I would recommend Hunt for the Bamboo Rat to anyone interested in historical fiction

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Hunt for the Bamboo Rat Prisoners of the Empire #4 The Empire titles which began with the award winning  Under the Blood Red Sun Salisbury has once again crafted a fine novel based on an actual person about first generation Americans of Japanese descent and the clash of culture and national identity that World War II accentuated  The story will leave readers spellbound Kirkus Reviews StarredFast paced and compelling this title will be enjoyed by voracious and reluctant readers SLJThe history is fascinating and Zenji is a fictional hero readers will long remember The Horn Bo Hunt for the Bamboo Rat is a action packed story written by author Graham Salisbury This story is based off a teenage boy who is Japanese American that was born in Honolulu Hawaii Zenji is then asked to join the US army and translate all messages and artifacts the army receives in the war with Japan Zenji is then troubled to leave as everyone is worried about him until eventually he leaves to make money with the army Zenji arrives to Manila and becomes the Bamboo Rat along with a new hotel that he stays in Zenji is taken by the Japanese army and is beaten nearly to death to reveal himself Zenji stays in it and eventually becomes the translator before escaping and returning home to his family The backstory is nothing special but Zenjis progression throughout the story is Zenji being a shy nervous guy that becomes confident and a leader is very compelling The continuous mentioning of the Bamboo rat and Zenjis reaction were very dramatic and nice storytelling moments The beating the Japanese army gives Zenji and his feud with them and Colonel Fujimoto is written well This book is really nice to pass time and very fast paced but also gives us a very nice story line Zenjis progression and journey is amazing to be apart of and some parts make you believe he will die The backstory isn't really told which i was not a fan of but did not affect the plot The ending is good and emotional as Zenji is reunited with his family and no longer held captive by the Japanese I would give this book a 4 out of 5 to people who love fast paced and action packed books along with a amazing story line that makes the reader sympathetic for Zenji This book will never make a top 100 or 1o amazing books and will never be considered a classic but is still a fun book to read to pass time