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Showcase Presents Supergirl Volume 1 Showcase Presents Free download ↠ 105 ò Collected in this volume is the story that launched the Supergirl concept as well as the history and first appearance of Kara Zor El the teenager who would become Supergirl From her escape from Argo the city that was spared KrytoCollected in this volume is the story that launched the Supergirl concept as well as the history and first appearance of Kara Zor El the teenager who would become Supergirl From her escape from Argo the city that w. This book collects the first two and a half years of the print career of Kara Zor el the first and best known Supergirl starting in 1959 with Action Comics #252 where she uickly got her own back up feature In the book Superman discovers after than two decades in comics thinking he was the last survivor of Krypton at least who wasn't shrunk by Brainiac that another member of his species survived his cousin Kara Zor El and he responded how any caring big hearted hero would by thrusting his cousin into an orphanage where she would hide her powers and ensure that she lived a life of loneliness and isolation for fear that she might be adopted And she must remain in this state so that Superman can use her as his secret weaponOftentimes in order to enjoy older comics you have to take off modern blinders and enjoy the books for what they are and I've been able to do that with multiple books but not this one Because Superman's treatment of Supergirl at this point in her career is the most unSupermanlike thing he does in the Silver Age Stories often end with Supergirl sad or upset and almost always it's directly or indirectly caused by Superman making her hide in silenceAnd because of being unable to reveal herself Supergirl gets to do very little actual crimefighting mostly swooping in to stop a natural disaster secretly or travelling somewhere where she can actually be seen either in time or on another planet I think that probably the editors got feedback from kids wondering why Superman was being so mean to Supergirl because there was actually an issue that showed Superman was rooting for her and planned to give her her own fleet of Super robots You would have never known Superman was rooting for her reading the book before that point as he came off as very mean We're also treated to a few stories that seek to redo SuperboySuperman stories with Supergirl including her getting a merman boyfriend and other such rip offsThat's not to say every story is bad The book not only features Supergirl in Action comics but also some of her guest appearances and the ones in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen were actually fairly good We also do get to meet Streaky Supercat Supergirl's Cat who sometimes has superpowers and then loses them until they randomly return Also in the initial book in her orphan identity as Linda Lee Supergirl wore pigtails but by the end of the book had a new hairdo that was actually voted on by fans and you can actually see the original ad The book does have one really good storyline that a five part story over sixty pages which was very unusual for 1961 and for the Supergirl strip In it Superman has finally decided to reveal her to the world but then she loses her superpowers because of an evil scheme of a female Kryptonian scientist who figures out how to escape from the bottled city of Kandor She manages to replace Supergirl and pretend to be repowered and hatches an evil scheme to use Luthor to kill Superman and then kill Luthor in order to avoid detection It's an amazingly good plot for 1961 DC Comics It also managed to change the status uo for Supergirl as she finally can stop avoiding adoption The whole plot does get resolved with a bit of a deus ex machina by a well known Superman guest star popping out of nowhere still it's a very good story You just have to go through a lot of so so material to get to it at the back of the book

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As spared Kryton's doom to her adoption of the secret identity of Linda Danvers to her first meeting with Supermanthese tales capture the magic of the Silver AgeDiscover the sense of wonder in these stories written. It's bland and boring adventures from Superman now with Supergirl The only thing that prevents this from getting a lower score is Supergirl's effect on the storytelling Even though sometimes the reasons for her to be chastised and not be presented to the Earth as a real superhero are kind of dumb there is a clear and strong emotional pathos of Supergirl having the world pick on her for being well meaning and stuffThe Jimmy Olsen storylines weren't as crazy as some Jimmy Olsen storylines but they were diverting enough and the one Lois Lane issue was good It gets pretty tiresome for all of those other issues where Supergirl's like look a benign obstacle and then she's pouring dirt into a hole or gathering a lot of tropical fruit For some reason Otto Binder Jerry Siegel and the like hate giving people supervillains In the last 4 or so issues of Action Comics from here give Supergirl an evil Supergirl from the bottled city of Kandor There were clear flaws in the story but at least there was a clear antagonist It's like story writing 101The crossovers with the Legion of Superheroes was good but that was also always much better than old school Superman stories so duhA pity 45

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Showcase Presents Supergirl Volume 1 Showcase PresentsBy such comics legends as Jerry Siegel and Otto Binder and with art by Jim Mooney and Al Plastino among others as the Girl of Steel goes from being Superman's Secret Weapon to one of history's greatest female hero. A lot of overlap between this and Superman vol 2 But that's not a bad thing as the stories are about both Supergirl and Superman and so should be in bothThese stories start with a couple of Supergirl preludes where they tested the waters with a Supergirl like characters before her actual introductionSome silly stories of note here includeA dying rich man convinces Clark Kent to reveal his secret identity as Superman to him since he is about to die Turns out he was faking and is the leader of an anti Superman gang Oops It takes both Supergirl and the Superman Emergency Suad to get Supes out of this oneSupergirl travels into the past to live with Ma and Pa Kent for a week to prove she can keep her secret identity secret even from Superboy