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Heir of Fire Free read ´ 100 É Consumed by guilt and rage Celaena can't bring herself to spill blood for the King of Adarlan She must fight backThe Immortal ueen will help her destroy the king for a price But as Celaena battles with her darkest memories and her heart breaks for a love that could never last can she fulfil the bargain and head the almighConsumed by guilt and rage Celaena can't bring herself to spill blood for the King of Adarlan She must fight backThe Immort. This is going to be a book that I will constantly be thinking about until I'm able to get my hands on the next book It was incredible and I'm so happy with the way this story is evolving NOW GIVE ME UEEN OF SHADOWS full video review coming soooooon

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Al ueen will help her destroy the king for a price But as Celaena battles with her darkest memories and her heart breaks fo. ”She has no hope Prince She has no hope left in her heart Help her If not for her sake then at least for what she represents – what she could offer all of us you included”“And what is that” he dared askEmrys met his gaze unflinchingly as he whispered “A better world”First of all YES the rumour is true This series really gets better and better with each and every single book ; Just thought I’d let you know lolTo be honest after “Crown of Midnight” all I hoped for was that “Heir of Fire” would be able to keep the pace And tell you what It actually exceeded my admittedly already high expectations Yes Sarah You did an amazing job with this one I was hooked right from the beginning and I didn’t want to stop to read this damn bookI loved this book I loved it so freaking much It was so so so so SOOO good And I was happy with it I was SO happy with itUNTIL UNTIL the last 20 pages hit me ARGH TTI thought I’d be able to write about “Heir of Fire” without getting all too emotional but as it seems all my plans and good intentions just went out of the window I can’t write about this book without getting emotional I just can’t It was too much That ending was too much WHY WHY THE FREAKIDY FREAKING HELL SARAH How could you do this to meHOWI LOVE THIS BOOKBUT I HATE THIS ENDING SO MUCHI hate itI love it I hate that I love it I love that I hate it ADSFJKLMNÖ ADKFASLDFJASDKFASDKthrows book against the wall a second time for good measureOkay I think I’m ready to continue now takes deep breath and collects herselfAll right Let’s do thisJust like with “Crown of Midnight” I won’t waste your time by writing about the plot It’s way too complex to explain it without any spoilers and because of that I guess it might be best if I just go for another round of “Keyword Boggle” It was so much fun the last time around wasn’t it ; PSo here I go Celaena Dorian Chaol Rowan Aelin Manon Abraxos Sorscha The King magic faeries witches darkness fire ice wind a kitchen a healer an apartment blood murder and let’s not forget about the black stones XDI guess by now you could write your own book lolWe’re still speaking about Sarah’s book though so I’ll head directly into the characters section and won’t keep you in suspense any longer The characters Do I still have to say it Yes Okay Beware of my characters section because it’s known as the spoilery spoiler section of my reviews Don’t read on close your eyes eat an ice please think twice I’m not nice my reviews have spice And spoilers lots of spoilers but you already know that or you wouldn’t have continued to read that bad rhyme ; P Celaena ”So you’d save another land but not yours Why can’t your friend save her own kingdom”“Because she is dead” She screamed the last word so loudly it burned in her throat “Because she is dead and I am left with my worthless life”sighs deeply Oh Celaena How much pain does this poor girl have to endure It hurt to read about her feelings after Nehemia’s death it hurt to read how much she ached and wished she could have been someone else That she could have saved her friend That Nehemia would live instead of her That Chaol would have trusted her That he would have told her Oh boy Celaena’s heart was a black void of desperation and pain that only seemed to get worse before it even got a chance to get better In the end it did get better though and I’m so happy about that She finally found her inner strength and she accepted her heritage Which is awesome because I really can’t wait for her to kick some ass lol Heaven knows the King’s behind is already a formidable target and please Sarah if there is any justice in your world you’ll let him burn for what he did You’ll let him suffer for all the pain he caused I can’t wait to see Celaena’s power unleashed Guess the palace is going to be “hot stuff” soon ; P ”He had chosen the king Even though he’d claimed he loved her he still loyally served that monster Maybe she had been a fool for letting him in for dreaming of a world where she could ignore the fact that he was captain to the man who had shattered her life again and again” ”No all she could see were the slaves she’d left behind the ashy mountains and those mass graves they dug every day the faces of her people who had worked beside her – her people whom she had left behind Whom she had let herself forget had let suffer; who had prayed for salvation holding out hope that someone anyone would remember themShe had abandoned them – and she had been too late” ”She would not let that light go out She would fill the world with it with her light – her gift She would light up the darkness so brightly that all who were lost or wounded or broken would find their way to it a beacon for those who still dwelled in that abyss It would not take a monster to destroy a monster – but light light to drive out darknessShe was not afraid”Chaol ”He was afraid of what they would do to his kingdom Because this was still his kingdom He was working for Dorian not Aelin – not Aedion And he didn’t know where all of this put him”YESH I know it was a long and hard way for Chaol but as it seems he’s finally on the right track I loved that he began to uestion everything He was so insecure and hurt that he had no other choice than to face his outlook on things and in the end this eventually forced him to see behind the kings carefully kept façade Which is awesome because I know deep down within him Chaol is a very good man He was just completely oblivious to the fact that the served a monster Still I’m glad he decided for Dorian and I swear if Celaena and Chaol don’t do anything about this damn ending I’m going to riot CHAOL you gotta help your Prince and rightful king ”I will not turn my back on my kingdom or my prince” Chaol snapped “I will not fight in your army and slaughter my people And I will not break my vow to my father” His honor might very well be all he would have left after the end of this Aedion was uiet long enough that Chaol got up to leave But then the general said “What would you have given – just to see her again”Chaol couldn’t turn around as he said “It doesn’t matter now” Chaol kept his sword drawn “I will not go to Anielle” he growled “And I will not serve you a moment longer There is one true king in this room – there always has been And he is not sitting on that throne”Dorian ”Once Dorian might have already said something about it But having magic getting drawn into whatever mess Celaena was in seeing that other world in the secret tunnels all of that had changed everything The best he could do these days was maintain a low profile – to keep his father or anyone else from looking too long in his direction”WHY SARAH WHYYYYY breaks down and sobs Why do you have to use him as a human punching bag Dorian is so decent and compassionate; he doesn’t deserve to be broken First you hurt him by finding out about Chaol’s and Celaena’s secret then you kill off his girlfriend and in the end you even let him be forced into the Kings slavery LIKE SERIOUSLY WTFH WTF I CAN’T WITH THIS ENDING I JUST CAN’T HE SUFFERED ENOUGH I don’t even want to know what is going to happen now that he’s wearing this freaking collar He saved Chaol’s life GODDAMNIT GIVE MY BOY A BREAK Sarah I swear it here and now if Dorian isn’t saved by the end of book 4 I won’t continue to read this series I just won’t I know it’s the author’s right and decision to kill off characters or to make them suffer as they please but I just can’t take it any Dorian is my cutiepie and cinnamon roll and I think my heart hurts enough I survived 3 books of ACOTAR watching how my precious Lucien went through hell and I just can’t take this any Lucien never got his happily ever after and it still hurts So no sorry but no If Dorian isn’t at least halfway alright after “ueen of Shadows” then I’m uitting this series Period I made up my mind There was so much potential to give Dorian’s character a chance to evolve and to be awesome and interesting So much raw magic that could have been used but all that happened was that Sorscha died and Dorian sacrificed himself for Chaol I’m pissed I’m majorly pissed And coming from me that means a lot So yeah this wrong is better set right or I’m uitting I’m serious and I mean it This said #TeamDorian forever and for always 333 ”He’d been a fool once swearing he would tear the world apart for Celaena A boy in love with a wildfire – or believing he was in love with one” ”Because you’re not really scared of those things are you No – it’s what they represent The change But let me tell you” Dorian breathed his magic flickering and then subsiding in a flash of pain “things have already changed And changed because of you I have magic – there is no undoing that not getting rid of it And as for Celaena ” He clamped down on the power that surged as he imagined – for the first time he realized – what it was to be her “As for Celaena” he said again “you do not have the right to wish she were not what she is The only thing you have a right to do is decide whether you are her enemy or her friend” ”We’re all risking something” There was so little of the friend he’d grown up with The prince glanced at his pocket watch “I need to go” Dorian stalked to the stairs and there was no fear in his face no doubt as he said “You gave me the truth today so I’ll share mine even if it meant us being friends again I don’t think I would want to go back to how it was before – who I was before And this ” He jerked his chin towards the scattered crystals and the bowl of water “I think this is a good change too Don’t fear it”Aedion Ashryver ”Handsome was a light way of describing what Aedion was Overwhelming was like it Towering and heavily muscled Aedion was every inch the warrior rumor claimed him to be”I like Aedion I like him a lot He’s such a tortured soul and he tried everything possible in order to protect his people He was an intriguing new character and I can’t wait to see of him I really liked his interactions with Dorian because they were so much fun lol Those two have a lot of potential to become close friends but I guess the ending of this book kind of nullified that possibility Still I want Aedion’s noble and brave soul to be rescued as well and I don’t even want to know what the king is going to do with him TT I hope Aelin returns soon because her boys definitely need her right now Poor Aedion he waited for so long And if I’m already at it He saved Chaol’s ass too so Chaol better get his groove on He needs to make plans to save him as well XD ”Cousin – that had been his most beloved title Cousin kin protector Those were the secret names he harboured deep within the names he whispered to himself when the northern wind was shrieking through the Staghorns” ”Aelin would come back from Wendlyn no matter what the captain believed Aelin would come back and when she did With every breath Aedion felt that lingering scent wrapping tighter around his heart and soul When she came back he was never letting her go” ”All you monsters can burn in hell Because my ueen is coming – and she will spike you to the walls of your godsdamned castle And I can’t wait to help her gut you like the pig you are” He spat at the king’s feet right on top of the fake ring that had stopped bouncingRowan ”She noticed then that his arms were bandaged and bandages across his broad chest peeked up from beneath his shirt She’d burned him again And yet he had held on to her – had run all the way here and not let go once”The fierce broody and intense warrior I like him even though I have to admit that his abilities as a teacher kind of lack experience lol Still he’s a decent fae and despite the way he acted at the beginning of the book his heart actually seems to be in the right place I loved that he took care of Celaena once he realised why she’s so broken and I suppose their fight at the beginning was kind of necessary They both needed to let off some steam XD I genuinely hope we’ll see of him in the next book because I feel like there is so much to tell ; ”How – how did you come back from that kind of loss”“I didn’t For a long while I couldn’t I think I’m still not back I might never be”She nodded lips pressed tight and glanced toward the window “But maybe” he said uietly enough that she looked at him again He didn’t smile but his eyes were inuisitive “Maybe we could find the way back together”Manon Silent as death Manon slid up behind him The fool didn’t even know she was there until she brought her mouth close to his ear and whispered “Wrong kind of witch”I’M IN LOVE WITH MANON BLACKBEAK This woman is so savage and fierce I love it lol As it seems for once my prayers were answered I got of the iron teeth witches and I loved every single chapter XD Manon is so damn amazing I just couldn’t get enough of her and followed her storyline closely Truth be told I just want to lean back and watch how her and Abraxos change the world Haha I disliked Manon’s grandmother a lot though and even though she became Wing Leader I’m pretty sure there will be some major estrangement in the future Still I loved Manon’s connection with Asterin and her Thirteen and I really hope they’ll always be at her side Maybe Petrah will join them one day Idk I truly hope she’ll be fine some day because I really liked her too ”You’re mine” Manon said to himThe wyvern blinked at her Titus’s blood still dripping from his cracked and broken teeth and Manon had the feeling that he had come to the same decision Perhaps he had known long before tonight and his fight with Titus hadn’t been so much about survival as it had been a challenge to claim her As his rider As his mistress As his” ”And Manon because no one was watching because she did not care flung out her arms as well and savoured the freefall the wind now a song in her ears in her shriveled heart” ”You touch him again” Manon said “and I’ll drink the marrow from your bones”The friendships shipsChaol Dorian He met Dorian’s gaze There was nothing kind in it But Dorian said “I’m trying Chaol”Trying because Chaol’s not consulting him on the plan to get Celaena out of Adarlan had been a breach of trust and one that shamed him though Dorian could never know that either “I know”Oh those two broke my heart I really wanted them to solve their problems and then this damn ending came along ARGH They need a chance to fix all this Sarah give them a chance please They deserve it And OMG Chaol told Dorian that he loves him Way too late but he did it 33 I just want my two boys to be happy and friends again sobs They both suffered enough in those last two books they really deserve some peace And to take away their chance to make amends So mean Sarah So so mean ”You think I’d run to my father” The words were barely than a strangled whisper as the temperature plummetedChaol stepped forward putting himself between Aedion and Dorian his palms exposed Placating “I can’t afford to guess – to hope Even with you” ”You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love” He pitied Chaol he realized His heart hurt for his friend for all that Chaol had surely been realizing these past few months “Just as you cannot pick which parts of me you accept” ”He looked at his friend perhaps for the last time and said what he had always known from the moment they’d met when he’d understood that the prince was his brother in soul “I love you” Dorian merely nodded eyes still blazing and lifted his hands again towards his father Brother Friend KingSorscha Dorian ”She usually talked like this when she was nervous Which Dorian had noticed with some satisfaction was when he came near And not in a bad way – if he’d sensed that she was truly uncomfortable he’d have kept his distance This was flustered He liked flustered”I suppose their relationship was doomed right from the beginning but I still would have liked it to work out They were so sweet together but I can’t shake the feeling that I missed some major parts of their plot I really wish Sarah would have given us of them because to me their entire storyline felt kinda rushed Still I was glad Sorscha helped Dorian to hide his magic and her being a spy was such an unexpected plot twist It really killed me when the King ordered her death and I can’t even describe how much Dorian’s pain hurt me TT I’m still not over this probably I’ll never be ”Yes” he breathed and kissed her It was fast – but her face was flushed and her eyes wide as he pulled back His own eyes were wide gods be damned and he was still rubbing his thumb against her soft cheek Still contemplating going back for because that hadn’t been nearly enough”Celaena Rowan ”Why don’t you just bite me again”“Why don’t I give you the lashing you deserve”He looked so dead set on it that she blinked “If you ever take a whip to me I will skin you alive”Oh ho ho Those two So much passion so much pain They were uite a sight to behold lol I loved how their initial animosity turned into a solid friendship and I was so glad Celaena finally told someone about her past This was so damn necessary and I’m glad Rowan was there to listen to her troubles and fears 3 I’m sure they’ll become lovers in the future but as it seems Sarah just wants to torture us a little bit ; P After all she’s good at that torture seems to be her middle name XD Bet the J is just a fib Haha ”It was a selfish wish and a fool’s hope” She read the rest of it in his eyes But it came true “Dangerous for a prince of ice and wind to pray to the Fire Bringer” she managed to sayRowan shrugged a secret smile on his face as he wiped away the tear that escaped down her cheek “For some reason Mala likes me and agreed that you and I make a formidable pair”Okay I think I ranted enough now lol So yeah I hope I’ll get my hands on “ueen of Shadows” soon and that my precious Gem will continue this journey with me I even wrote nice things about Chaol That’s got to count ; P

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Heir of FireR a love that could never last can she fulfil the bargain and head the almighty court of Terrasen And who will stand with h. i love rereads i love taking the risk and seeing if a story is as good as you remember it being or if your feelings have changed in this case i enjoyed this book and series in general so much my second go around feelings that stayed the same gratitute for the information given about celaenaaelins past love for chaols character development appreciation for the insanely effective writing and world building feelings that changed i was no longer bothered by the characters being split up and sent different directions i immediately bonded with rowan whereas it originally took me until book #4 to do so manons chapters bored me for some reason this time aroundi am running out of ways to praise the masterpiece that is SJM storytelling she tends to be simple in her writing but a rawness and vibrancy comes through in that simplicity which makes the story easy to devour and this third installment is no exception; if anything its even better i loved learning about celaenas past which i have been desperate for since book one and i enjoyed seeing chaol develop as a character if i could change anything about this book however it would have been to not separate the main characters i hate it when the plot of a book allows for a separation because i spend the entire book waiting forever for everyone to be reunited again so i am very much looking forward to that reunion in the next book ↠ 45 stars