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CHARACTERS Þ c3 By Sherrie R. Cronin ë Celebrate those who light a candle in the darkness in this compelling and eye opening taleTeddie is into country music her old pick up truck and getting through high school with as little drama as possible Yet somehow her best friend Michelle talks her into spending a semester in Darjeeling India The thrilT and summon courage than she thinks she has And there will be no going backGiven the choice between this and abandoning her friends to their horrifying fate the decision is simple She must rise to the challenge But how can she make such a commitment when she doesn't understand what it is she can d. Thirteen year old Zane Zeitman fumbled with the cork of the bottle of an exotic liuor he took from his parents liuor cabinet days before Zane’s best friend was Bhadra who was an only child and suspicious of siblings Bhadra sat alone in her family’s upstairs game room She’d only been able to sneak one unopened can of beer She and Zane needed to get this party going Bhadra and Zane toasted and Bhadra closed her eyes and made herself swallow As did Zane the second and third gulps weren’t so bad This whole party by phone thing was clever He had to stay home with his sister and Bhadara had to stay alone on New Year's Eve Za huddled with her four year old twins where the borders of China India and burma all met Tomorrow they were leaving with her family to a protected valley holding her first born boy and girl close to her body Then she heard the harsh war cry and knew they’d been discovered Four year old teddie Zeitman was in a light sleep with an overactive imagination Ariel was her wise eleven year old sister and her big brother was Zane Then she heard Zane throwing up She didn’t stand up because she didn’t have to She floated up without thinking about it then floated through her door and down the hall She came to Zane’s door and floated through the wood It tickled and made her giggle Then it hit her she was floating in Zane’s room while her body was back in bed Then she saw a thin green sparkly cord running from her floating self back down the hall She headed for the pretty cord and felt herself snap back in her body no floating reuired They killed the adults but took the twins with them The older brother said now they are ours Teddie’s parents treated her like an adult when she was thirteen Teddie was to get her homework done and than make dinner also Teddie was to stay at Shawn’s while her parents went on a canoeing trip for the weekend Shawna had once been a friend but there are a dozen good reasons Teddie no longer wanted anything to do with her She thought Shawna’s creepy dad was one of the reasons they grew apart Amy Levitt liked to wear froeign looking clothes and she had a passion for wanting to help her sisters who’d suffered violence Her fever was fueled by some internal sense of justice that was outraged from monsters she personally hadn’t encountered Amy had a Masters degree in Social Work At twenty six she worked for NGO dedicated to stopping human trafficking She was being sent overseas to run an office of six people three were volunteers She was going to Darjeeling india Jampa was a young monk in training and he knew meditation was important He slowed his breathing and slipped into a deep trance He had been doing it as long as long as he could remember Jumpa had little memory of living with the traveling caravan that dumped him at the monastery door He thanked them every day for their mercy He was told he was purchased at the age of six or seven at the time He had been purchased by the caravan to fetch water and do shores The caravan said he was useless because he’d go into deep trances They offered him to the monastery as a gift The monks accepted him and made him one of their own named him making him a Buddist and a citizen Of Bhutan before he was eight For five years now he had hidden his real secret behind his meditative abilities from the monks Vanida curled up on her sleeping palette and hoped she'd get to see her friend tonight She’d known him since befor


Celebrate those who light a candle in the darkness in this compelling and eye opening taleTeddie is into country music her old pick up truck and getting through high school with as little drama as possible Yet somehow her best friend Michelle talks her into spending a semester in Darjeeling India T. First of all I'd like to give a huge shoutout and thanks to the lovely Sherrie Cronin who chose me as a beta reader for this book back writing this review in July 2014 It is the first ever opportunity like this for me and it was a really amazing experience to be kind of a part of a process to publish a book let alone a book that is not written in my mother tongue and yes I am a child at heart and I screamed out in joy when I saw my name in the thank you section I am giving nothing but my honest opinions but honestly I did love this book even than I liked z1 the first book of hers I have read Also Sherrie is a sweetheart really she was really responsive to criticism she really appreciated when I pointed out some editing mistakes typos and things like thatHere are the main things I loved about c3 how it dealt a serious topic like human trafficking most paranormal ish books do not deal with anything but love and friendships it is a refreshment to read something like c3 and Sherrie's other books in this series how again a different uniue superpower was chosen not something boring or overused like flying or being invisible for the main character I loved how Teddie's character was executed she felt real like how she was uestioning her skills how she wasn't brave enough and was scared sometimes I also loved how a modelesue blond tall slim athletic bombshell character wasn't immediately an evil fame obsessed mean girl and she kicked ass D which is uite rare from really attractive characters in fiction they are usually either dumb or the human devilso all in all I loved how there are no stereotypical characters in the book I loved how the love stories were real and not cliché like someone struggling with some beliefs of theirs about love and passion and how the 2011 story didn't end with a monumental kissing seen for Teddie with an unbelievably hunky man and I love how there was no insta love just slowly emerging emotions again I love the structure and I love how every little puzzle piece is coming together as a whole also it was interesting and fast pace a book that made itself read also with a series like this where every book is someone else's own story and is not an arch type series with the same characters I like it when an author does not rely heavily in information used in the previous books Of course it makes sense and it is not anything outrageous to do so but I like it when the information pieces used are not complete spoilers yet tell the story clear enough for a newbie reader without reading the preceding books and Sherrie did an amazing job at that loved the family dynamics also that there is a family existing and living in this book

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c3 By Sherrie R. CronHe thrilling adventure turns treacherous when a seedy underworld threatens her friendsAs she fights to understand a depravity she never dreamed existed a stranger makes her an unexpected offer He'll train her to find the missing girls but she will have to trust in abilities she barely believes exis. Ok first of all I was a beta reader for this book if that somehow skews your opinion of my reviewThis is a hard book Not hard to read hard subject It left me in tears in several spots I've read all of the books in the series and I find it to be an interesting concept kind of a evolution of senses so to speak Each book focused on a different sense or ability and I use that word loosely because this is not an Avengers or X Men type of ability but as if we were slowly evolving or even as if these things were inherent in all of us but keenly developed in some people than others rather like the ability to mentally compute uantum physics or perform incredible gymnastics feats In this case the element is astral projection with a bit of the mental telepathy back from a previous bookAnyway back to the subject slavery prostitution Young girls kidnapped and sold into prostitution rings There would be no actual way to write about this subject without hitting some painful and graphic details Now I'm a person who watches my R movies and most PG 13 edited I don't like books with a lot of sex or swearing or graphic violence if there aren't some characters with some moral integrity something to make me want to invest my time into them I'm not interested So that all being said this book has some subject matter that is hard but it is relevant and it is true The R rated movies I do watch unedited are the historically accurate etc the ones you can't possibly learn the truth from without seeing some ugly So this fits in that category It's not graphic nastiness all the way through don't get me wrong there is a lot of other story going on as well I just want to forewarn you about the hard stuff but also say that it's not in there for splash or impact it's because it's true and it's worth reading to know and to understand Aside from that part of the story there is another major plot line going on and of course some smaller bits and they all eventually twist and meld together nicely Great characters interesting premise I like that her characters abilities again I just haven't come up with a term that works for me yet aren't superheroish They're real feeling You could see this being something that actually is possible and they're not perfect just because someone has mental telepathy doesn't mean they're reading minds right and left or having long chatty conversations with anyone anywhere It's very nicely doneI'm not sure if I would say start here or get the first one from ebook and start there They're all available as ebooks and most or all are paperbacks also nice saves on cost and I think they're all definitely worth reading If you start with this one there will be little things you miss that are from the first books but you probably won't know you missed them the books go together but nearly stand alone as well