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READ Surprised by Love The Heart of San Francisco #3 107 Ô Shy and unattractive as a child Megan McClare has always been teased by her classmates But when she returns home from her senior year in Paris the wallflower has suddenly blossomed into a beauty With ambitions to become a lawyer or doctor Megan accepts an internship at the disAccepts an internship at the district attorney's office only to discover that she will be working with Devin Caldwell a boy who mercilessly mocked her at school and with whom she was hopelessly enad She turns to her dear friend Bram Hughes for. I've heard about Julie Lessman for the longest time but never read any of her books I admit I didn't know that Surprised by Love was the third book in a series; granted I did think that it was the second so I knew I wouldn't be starting the series in order Still I wasn't really planning on starting at the end eitherAside from some expected confusion at the beginning all of those relatives and who's related to whom and who's engaged or married to whom I didn't find it terribly hard to followWhat I have to say the most about this book was that it wasn't bad; it just wasn't my taste I love historical fiction and even a good romance at times but this wasn't written in a way I particularly enjoy I like plot and development and this story mostly consisted of emotional drama Though I did like Meg and Bram very much I downright disliked the storyline between Cait and Uncle Logan Though I do understand that I didn't have all the backstory of the previous books so much of the drama surrounding their relationship just seemed unnecessary Cait drove me up the wall and though Logan made some bad decisions that disappointed me I'm not surprised he lost his temper with her I would have too Also SPOILER though I didn't care for Andrew I found his involvement with the brothels a little difficult to believe given the way he was helping to shut them down Again take my view with a grain of salt because maybe his previous appearances in the other books portray him differently but based on Surprised By Love alone it seemed a little contrary to his character and seemed like a convenient excuse for Cait to break her engagement to him one that I hoped wouldn't happen as soon as I saw it hinted at when Meg first got the list It just seemed like an easy way out for me END OF SPOILERThat's not that there weren't good things about this book Hey I learned that contact lenses existed back then but the style of writing seemed a little ordinary to me It felt just like the typical Christian Fiction Romances that I read so often in my early teenage years ; Still I did like Meg and Bram's relationship for the most part and I liked how close the McClares were as a family and how that was portrayed I was also thankful that Meg's story at least was much less of a love triangle than the book description seemed to suggestSo this books was just OK for me which is why it gets only two stars Objectively speaking and my personal taste put aside I'd say it was really probably like a 3 star book but for me it wasn't a favoriteI received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

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Support and advice But Bram's vision is clouded by his sudden unwelcome attraction to a girl he had always thought of as a kid sister He advises forgiveness but can he forgive himself for pushing the woman he loves into the arms of another man. The ueen of sweet sass and romance has done it again Surprised by Love follows the middle daughter in the McClare family Megan Once a shy girl bullied by her classmates Meg finishes her final year of school in Paris where she undergoes a transformation that leaves her family stunned But no amount of exterior tweaking could fully erase the hurts from her past Abraham “Bram” Hughes was always Meg’s council and closest friend but when she returns home there are many changes in the works and not only the ones Meg has brought Bram’s developing feelings are as unwelcome as they are surprising because he has his own hurts that he must faceCue the sweet agonizing ride Ms Lessman has done a fabulous job as always building a story filled with love forgiveness intrigue laughter and a deep faith in God The uestions of how it will all turn out made this a book to be devoured for me I finished Surprised by Love in less than 7 hoursThe family dynamics and fireworks were definitely booming in this book With Caitlyn and Logan’s relationship finally reaching that critical point of will they or won’t they I was surprised to find myself rooting for Logan The angst of being denied his one true love definitely worked a number on him both mentally and spiritually After not liking his autocratic ways in the two previous books he became a favorite of mine in Surprised by Love I’m going to put my hope out there into the virtual universe with the hope that Ms Lessman sees this Please please please let Jess and Blake end up together 5 well deserved stars or hearts or cupcakes or cute dancing penguins whatever works for the ueen of sweet sass and romance

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Surprised by Love The Heart of San Francisco #3Shy and unattractive as a child Megan McClare has always been teased by her classmates But when she returns home from her senior year in Paris the wallflower has suddenly blossomed into a beauty With ambitions to become a lawyer or doctor Megan. The Heart of San Francisco series consists of Love At Any Cost Dare To Love Again and Surprised by Love The latest in the series does not stand alone so be warned When you pick it up you'll find yourself reading about the couples from the first two books If you've read Lessman before you probably know what to expect from Surprised by Love The further along in the series you get the couples there are to keep up with and Lessman seems to have a hard time letting go of her characters That isn't a bad thing by the way And if you've connected with these characters in previous books then you might find it only right to reconnect with them again to catch upIn previous books readers have met Cassie and Jamie Caitlyn the mom and Logan Uncle Logan and Alli and Nick This book focuses on another McClare Megan McClare and the men in her life who are pursuing herLove Triangles Some readers like love triangles or at the very least tolerate them well Surprised by Love features two love triangles One love triangle is between Caitlyn Logan and Andrew Turner The second is between Megan and Bram Hughes and Devin Caldwell Do I like love triangles Not especially I think there are times they can be done well But usually the characterization is such that the reader knows from the earliest chapters which one will be the one and which one is just wasting the reader's time I hate wasting my time with characters that I know serve no actual purpose except to be an obstacle or complication of true loveCompliments that aren't compliments The biggest issue that I had with Surprised by Love however has to do with the oh so dramatic transformation of the main character Megan Readers are to believe that Megan was without a doubt an ugly duckling A picked on and bullied ugly duckling She goes to Paris for one year She returns amazingly stunningly BEAUTIFUL The transformation is so complete that her very own family her very own friends that she's known for half her life cannot recognize her We're to believe that I can't believe that It's one thing for a stranger an acuaintance that you barely ever see to not recognize you if you've lost a lot of weight or something It's another for a friend or family member to not recognize you Perhaps we're not supposed to take all the I didn't recognize you and I barely recognize you and Is that you and I wouldn't have known you in a crowd stuff seriously Perhaps we're supposed to see it as well intentioned exaggeration Megan receives hundreds of compliments throughout the book but to me each one seemed to hide an insult Wow You're so beautiful now I can't believe it's really you and I never expected to find myself so attracted to you You're so beautiful and It's amazing You've always been beautiful on the inside but now you're actually beautiful on the outside too or Isn't it wonderful that you're pretty now It wasn't uite as obvious as You've always been nice to spend time with but now you're nice to look at too But still part of me cringed whenever she received a compliment Looking past the flattery I heard the unintentional insult I don't believe the author intended any of her compliments to be veiled insults I really don't If it had just been the love interest and it was along the lines of Wow you're not a child any You're a beautiful woman I don't think it would have bothered meThe transformation happened before the novel opens We're not part of it for the most part we just see the results After having reread the first chapter the transformation includesdyed hairwearing mascara rouge and lipstickwearing powder to cover freckleswearing contacts instead of glassesremoval of bracesgoing from thick to thin in a yearIs this transformation being made too much of by all the characters in the book Perhaps I think so at leastMegan is not vain I want to stress that Others may be making much of her