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Holiday AUTHOR Stanley Middleton Free download æ 106 Ô Edwin Fisher is on holiday at the English seaside but this revisiting of childhood haunts is no ordinary holiday Edwin is seeking to understand the failure of his marriage to Meg but it turns out that her parents are staying at the same resort whether by accident or design aEdwin Fisher is on holiday at the English seaside but this revisiting of childhood haunts is no ordinary holiday Edwin is seeking to understand the failure of his marriage to Meg but it turns out that her parents are staying at the same resort whether by accident or design and are keen to patch up the relationship As. So it cannot be easy to share the Booker with Nadine Gordimer and it is perhaps that misfortune that has caused Holiday to fall into some obscurity It is a uiet book not that The Conservationist is loud and has an entirely narrow focus the inner workings of a single man’s mind on holiday in the English seaside as he tries to sort out why his marriage failed He meets fellow holiday goers deals with the machinations of his ex in laws who are trying to force a truce and piece the marriage back together but ultimately the story is inside his head The only glimpse that we get of the larger world is Middleton’s references to the cyclical nature of the holiday season What is perhaps most interesting about this book is how very not interesting Fisher the main character is; there is nothing overly attractive or different about him that would seem to merit an entire novel dedicated to the inner working of his mind as he sifts through a failed middle class life But this is exactly why it warrants attention It is an intimate portrait of a man who might otherwise not merit much attention from anyone at all I will say that the writing style doesn’t fall into one of the two very different categories I like it is neither crisp simple and precise; nor lyrical and beautiful It sometimes veers toward lyricism but does not stay there long; it lazes in description and but then it is a bit staccato when people and conversation enter the picture And this matches the novel’s psychological focus a man who is in some ways – many ways – an observer in his own life even as it happens to him In the end Holiday certainly wasn’t one of my favorite Bookers but it ended up being better than I will admit that I expected it to be during those first few chapters Spoiler It is a book that goes nowhere but in the end that is exactly what is masterful about it

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The past and his enigmatic wife loom larger deeper truths emerge and the perspective shifts in unexpected ways This is an extremely subtle story a consummate portrait of English provincial life told with all Stanley Middleton's artistry and depth of feeling It was joint winner of the Booker Prize in 1974 Review uotati. I'd really looked forward to this as it was an article in the Guardian earlier this year on the book's release in paperback that I first became aware of Middleton's work Surprisingly I couldn't get this book in either library I use but they did have some other novels of his which I thought were terrific Though this has its moments I never felt very connected to it I found the character of the wife Meg very sketchily developed and uite irritating whereas in other books I'd thought Middleton had written complex interesting female characters Worth a read but not in the same class as other books of his

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Holiday AUTHOR Stanley MiddletOn At first glance or even at second Stanley Middleton's world is easily recognizableThe excellence of art for Middleton is an exact vision of real things as they are And because he is himself so exact an observer his world at third glance can seem strange and disturbing or newly and brilliantly lit with colour AS Bya. In an effort to expose myself to a broader range of authors I began many years ago to read my way through the list of Booker Prize winning novels Holiday is one I picked up a while back and this past week I brought it with me on my vacation figuring it would be an appropriate read Bad moveI have read many overly literary books that I was at least able to appreciate even if I didn't really enjoy them This was not one of those books This was painful Every few pages I'd put it down and read or do something else and it felt like a chore to pick it up againI've since read a few reviews in which it was criticized for going nowhere or being about nothing But Seinfeld was about nothing and still managed to be entertaining This was about a man's inner struggles after separating from his wife and coming upon his in laws who are pushing a reconciliation Except that the man didn't struggle much except with whether or not to have a fling with a married woman despite them having no apparent chemistry he didn't seem to come to any great epiphanies over the course of the novel and one can't really tell why he bothered to get back with his wife at all Sorry I gave away the ending but consider it a blessing because now you don't have to read itThis book was widely defended after a recent newspaper stunt in which the first chapters were sent to 20 publishing houses and only one was vaguely interested But frankly I think the rejections were spot on and the people who awarded it a prize in the '70s should be examined