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Gracie McKay is terrified lost and alone in the desolate mountainous wilderness One thing she knows for certain her demise is imminentWhen Gracie a shy city girl of sixteen accidentally strays from a group of seasoned hikers panic overwhelms her She believes all is lost that is until she's rescued by an ancient race of humans The forest people have remained hidden from civilized society throughout the ages by using their mystical powers Brought into the primitive yet magical world of these antediluvian people the teen is befriended by Telacki a forest girl her age Telacki ushers her into a secret realm of supernatural creatures and untamed wilderness fraught with dange. This is possibly the worst book I have ever wasted my time reading I was laughing and cringing almost simultaneously as I slogged through character and plot inconsistencies poor grammar there was no editing judging by the elementary mistakes and a general lack of excitement to actually drive the plot The author gave away the end in chapter one; that's a big no This made the conflict or cliffhangers feel silly and childish They were usually resolved within a page or two you know an attempted murder by supernatural powers an almost cougar attack and then an almost bear attack slavery a rattlesnake bite conveniently stumbling upon some penicillin and so on The love story the heroine whose age is sometimes fifteen almost sixteen or is actually sixteen loves the Bigfoot esue character with a woman's love happened unrealistically in like fifty pages and this is after she's emotionally underdeveloped the entire time These forest people and Gracie fall in love with each other with the true bonds of sisterhood and family after about twenty pages Plot lines are dropped characters literally change appearance and unrelated anecdotes about mermaids kept popping up Ridiculous all of itI also hate when authors tell me everything in the most dry and boring fashion Show me Let me figure it out on my own instead of laying it out It makes me less invested in your book The writing was clunky and unpolished and too expository for its own good And somehow she ends up with a horse at the end Still confused

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Mystic ForestR But not all of Telacki’s people welcome Gracie Some want her deadWhen the girls are captured by an evil clan help comes in the form of Zari a fierce teenager Hardened by his life with the archaic monsters Zari is surprisingly sympathetic to Gracie’s plight but he’s in for a shock Beneath her shy demeanor lies a warrior of epic proportions An unexpected love blossoms between them as they battle everything from snakebites to deadly tunnel monsters on the daunting journey through strange lands But will their love endure Can they merge seemingly incompatible worlds to build a future together First they must surviveSet against a backdrop of lush evergreen forests an. This teen fiction book has an amazing subject the giant but elusive forest people recently recognized as Homo sapiens cognatus a species we share our country and planet with If you already know anything about them you will be amazed to see some of this knowledge incorporated into this story One example that although they hide from us like other animals but having human intelligence they are extremely good at concealment they will aid lost and injured humans in their territoriesIn this work of fiction the author leaves it up to the reader to distinguish between the probable and the improbable You can't assume particulars of the account to be improbable Be aware that most creatures have some abilities we don't and which seem mysterious and magical to us Have funThe novel teaches young people some important lessons respect for life in its varied forms the possibility of kinship and relationship with another species the existence of a closely related species and much Be aware that earlier versions of the book inadvertently contain some ideas that lighter finer featured people are intelligent civil and fit for leadership Later printings of the first edition have eliminated these elements which would have unintended implications The author had been drawing on accounts from some Native American sources but they happened to reinforce some imbedded racist ideas we tend to haveOther than that it is a totally good read full of love loyalty enjoyment of nature and high ideals as well as the reuisite excitement danger narrow escapes etc

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Review í Mystic Forest 108 Î Gracie McKay is terrified lost and alone in the desolate mountainous wilderness One thing she knows for certain her demise is imminentWhen Gracie a shy city girl of sixteen accidentally strays from a group of seasoned hikers panic overwhelms her She believes all is lost that is until she's rescued by an ancient race of humansD majestic mountains MYSTIC FOREST WISHES is a coming of age novel about love loyalty and high ideals Its characters experience every emotion from heartrending sorrow to euphoric joy as they face adventures mortal danger and narrow escapes A serendipitous love story WISHES embraces the old adage that love truly can conuer allAvailable on Forest Wishes is the first book of the Mystic Forest SagaPraise for Wishes Award winning Fantasy Author Frank Tuttle writes An inspiring thought provoking glimpse into a world and a people that inhabit a space a stone's throw from our own Entertaining yes but also full of heart Highly recommended Frank Tuttle author of the Markhat File. Mystic Forest Wishes is the most uniue book I have read in a long time It is packed with adventure danger and action but has a love story in it also The story revolves around a teenage girl who gets lost in the forest When she thinks she's going to die she gets rescued by the forest people who are an ancient race of people that have supernatural skills to remain hidden from the modern world They take Gracie in and try to help her find her way home but along the way a teenage forest girl befriends her They have all kinds of adventures that are lovely but then they are captured by an evil clan of forest people This is where she meets her love interest I think this book is every bit as good as some of the top YA books out there It has action and adventure than most I couldn't put it down because when you think everything's going to be OK danger or roadblocks pop up I finished all 400 plus pages in one night I hightly recommend this book