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read kindle ☆ Eastland Ø ¹ marian manseau cheatham ä WOULD YOU RISK YOUR LIFE FOR JUST ONE DAY OF FREEDOMFor hardworking teen Dee Pageau the annual employee picnic will let her escape the drudgery of work and possibly find love with her best friend Mae’s older brother Karel But in 1915 Chicago girls donGo on picnics without their mother’s approval Unfortunately for Dee Mama has had a premonition of disaster and forbids Dee from going Forced to watch as Mae and Karel leave without her Dee defies Mama and rushes off to join her friends But Dee’s joy so The SS Eastland capsized in the Chicago River at 730am on July 24 1915 killing 844 passengers This novel follows the horror of the event and its gruesome aftermath through the eyes of Dee Pageau a seventeen year old employee of the Western Electric Company who had hired the steamer to transport workers and their families to Michigan City Indiana for the company’s annual picnic While many stories take the reader to new and exotic worlds this captivating historical novel recounts the tragedy of the SS Eastland in a way that transports the reader to a world before house phones a time when ice boxes streetcars and milk delivery was the norm Dee is aboard the Hurricane top Deck of the Eastland chatting with her best friend Mae’s brother Karel when the ship lists and then capsizes Mae was trapped belowdecks and Karel—after ensuring Dee is safely settled on the ship’s hull dives into the putrid water to find his younger sister Hours later having witnessed dead bodies than survivors recovered shock has set in for Dee Desperate without her childhood friend she nearly topples into the murky depths but is rescued again by a crewman—Lars Dee is whisked off the boat and driven back to the grief ravaged streets of suburban Cicero—home to Western Electric’s headuarters and many of its employees Then the long hunt begins to track down the missing Mae This meticulously researched work provides a rare glimpse into a tragedy that consumed Chicago Dee and Karol search hospital after hospital only to be ushered ever closer to the makeshift morgue Days of mourning and wakes enormous funeral masses presided over by the Bishop Through this melancholy Dee realizes that she must remain strong Stronger than she ever had to be before At times she is bolstered by Karol and Lars—both men who survived the harrowing ordeal and recognize the need for moving on with life In the week following the tragedy Dee returns to work—finding that only one other woman in her 30 person division had survived The loss of so many workers propels Dee into a managerial position—but she struggles to get over the loss of so many of her friends The development of not one but two potential romantic entanglements allows Dee to grow further out of her meek shell Being a survivor will do that too Dee learns like Karol and Lars to appreciate the best things in life Despite the gruesome event and realistic setting the hopeful ending and clear promise of love will resonate for young and old alike I loved this book and recommend it to all fans of romance historical fiction and YA romance

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WOULD YOU RISK YOUR LIFE FOR JUST ONE DAY OF FREEDOMFor hardworking teen Dee Pageau the annual employee picnic will let her escape the drudgery of work and possibly find love with her best friend Mae’s older brother Karel But in 1915 Chicago girls don’t This book starts so very excitedly with our protagonist Delia or Dee as her friends call her is excited to go on a company picnic but how they are meant to get there is the talk of the town The SS Eastland Her mother has a premonition and forbids her to go along ruining her plans to get closer to her crush She considers what her mother says and runs off anyways to be with her friends If something bad was going to happen she wanted to be there to help them It's all good after a defiant Dee gets on board she even manages to locate her friends Mae and Mae's brother who is Dee's crush Karel The descriptive nature that Marian Cheatham captures the scenery had me right there and covering my nose I might add on the streets of Chicago 1815 The entire experience of the extravagence of the boat and the excited atmosphere was beautiful that is until things go very wrong very fast Not even away from the dock completely the tottering Eastland topples over and Dee and Karel barely escape with their lives Karel goes looking for his sister who was below in the dancehall leaving Dee standing on a now sideways surface It takes so long for him to return and despair overcomes Dee She is saved once by Lars a young engineer and Merchant Marine The story plummeted me emotionally on a roller coaster ride for the rest of the read It was so hard afterwards and no I am not going to spoil the story at all but it was tragic and beautiful and would win an Academy award if it were a movie I wasn't sure how I would like the book seeing as Historical Fiction but I really liked this book alot I think the depth of the story kept me tuned in than anything I am a sucker for an emotional readview spoilerI was so extremely sad when the ship was going down all of those innocent victims taking me back to bawling my eyes out watching Titanic But this was even gripping and tragic I think because of the lack of warning and knowing that Mae and Johnny were down in the lower deck was nearly gut wrenchingOh and when they went to the morgue I had to literally chew my lip to keep from blubbering like a baby I am not crazy about love triangles but this seemed different like she was just a somewhat fickle and naive girl I mean it was clear to me that Karel wanted to basically make Delia his wife but the handsome Lars swooped in all smitten and complicated matters You would think it'd be a no brainer for her to focus on Karel considering how much she liked him and how long too I both hated and loved Lars' character and ditto for Karel eventually They were well written and swoon worthy nonetheless hide spoiler

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EastlandOn turns to terror when the ship ferrying them to the picnic capsizes Rescued not once but twice by Karel and a mysterious sailor Dee finds herself tested in unimaginable ways What happens next turns out to be worse and better than anything Dee ever expecte The author's historical research in this work is top notch The reader is drawn into a tense story of survival and a community's struggle to overcome tragedy and sorrow I had personally never heard of the Eastland and the vast scope of the loss of life was staggering I'm actually surprised there's not out there on a tragedy of this size fictional and non I really enjoyed how the author also shows us the aftermath of the Eastland disaster; it's actually the focus for most of the novel We get to see how the loss of family members affected those behind both emotionally and financially However I do wish that the main character who the story is pretty much completely told through was relatable to me or even likable overall I could feel the pain and scope of the story as told through her eyes; she did feel like she really mourned her friend and fellow co workers Yet there seemed to be a very real lack of maturity to her For parts of the story she juggled two men relationship wise even doing so right in front of both at the same time It almost felt like she was playing one off the other and I hate that in female characters She also seemed to be very focused on how everything was affecting her rather than everyone elseI'm definitely giving this book a solid four because the historical research and world building are incredibly done The reader experiences the tragedy and aftermath vividly and learns at the same time Yet I really wish the main character won the hearts of readers as uickly at least this reader She felt very shallow and immature even after the Eastland disaster happened But give this book a read if only for the historical and emotional experience It's a doozy