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Read & Download The Year of Shadows 104 º Olivia wants a new life—and her wish might be granted by the unlikeliest allies A heartfelt gently Gothic novel from Claire Legrand that School Library Journal calls a “not too scary ghost story”Olivia Stellatella is having a rough year Her mother’s left her neglectful father—the maestro of a failingElp if the hall is torn down they’ll be stuck as ghosts forever never able to move on Olivia has to do the impossible for her shadowy new friends Save the concert hall But helping the dead has powerful conseuences for the livingand soon it’s not just the concert hall that needs saving. Middle grade books always get to me Why Because childhood and innocence are sacred to me and when injustices are done to either of these two precious things it's difficult to acceptClaire Legrand's The Year of Shadows is not a walk in the park It is not an action adventure that you can read on and off for a few giggles This is a story of loss Many losses Olivia and her Nonnie and her maestro father have moved into the music hall because money is tight and they've had to sell their belongings This is of course after Olivia's mother left them about a year ago having just given up on their life changing for the better Olivia's life is hard practically homeless lost cause of a father senile grandmother absentee mother friendless weirdall at 12 years old And because of this Olivia is a little punk She's abrasive stone cold and desperately lonely All she really wants are things to go right and I feel that that was one of the things that kept gently snagging at me gripping me Such a simple wishOlivia was an intriguing little thing; snapping at people with witty remarks then simmering down to a whisper whenever she felt like crying but tried not to She may come across as impressively mature for her age but then I think of children around the world dealing with such extraordinary circumstances and thought no never underestimate children I think their ability to observe and absorb is one of the key elements of her characters It's part of what Olivia symbolizes Understanding of life and the world is also portrayed in Henry and Joan Henry has a secret one that is just as dramatic and harrowing as Olivia's but his path towards acceptance and moving forward is movingly admirable And Joan oh I can't wait for you to meet Joan Intelligent strong willed and stubborn she is comic relief in all the dramaI found these supporting characters thoroughly refreshing Henry is one of the populars but for once in any book I've read he's popular for a good reason Not because he's good looking or rich but because he's smart talented and not afraid to make decisions for himself And Joan who is pretty and rich who Olivia notes would've been popular if she chose; except Joan chooses to be true to herself and her values and sod the student body if they think she's a nut job Applause One complaint not enough of eitherAs I mentioned this book deals with some intense subject matter The premise is that of a girl who meets ghosts who seek her help in moving on This new representation of life and death heaven hell and limbo is new to me There is a twist in the legend of spirits being held back because of anchors keeping them tied yet powerless to the world of the living It involves shadows and shades and portals to another dimension But the ghosts and their stories Of Tillie and Jax and Mr Worthington Each of these individual stories is enough to threaten my tear ducts They highlight suffering through actual dangerous and saddening moments in history They were brief but Legrand's expert writing goes straight through the flesh the bones and the heart Perhaps a little back story would be helpful for the younger readers who might not catch the signs as easily as an adult already familiar with the topic but nevertheless it was effectiveAnd that would probably be my only real criticism This is very clearly a middle grade book written with an adult audience heavily weighing in the mind which isn't a bad thing I say this because near the end Olivia begins to deal with the concept of forgiveness and while forgiveness isn't necessarily a difficult idea to comprehend the context in which it manifests is arguably mature I just hope the children who pick this up which I'm sure they will because it's a great title and an awesome cover will have just as a fulfilling experience as an adult would undoubtedly have Good though Real good This review also appears on The Midnight Garden We are also part of the Blog Tour Check out our interview and giveaway

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Olivia wants a new life and her wish might be granted by the unlikeliest allies A heartfelt gently Gothic novel from Claire Legrand that School Library Journal calls a “not too scary ghost story”Olivia Stellatella is having a rough year Her mother’s left her neglectful father the ma. See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThis is another book that I read on my hiatus way back in July but once again a novel that really stuck to the back of my mind The Year of Shadows is a MG novel and a particularly beautiful one It explored some pretty dark themes literally and non literally and had the best charactersI honestly loved all the characters in the end The book starts with Oliva and she's had a really tough year her mother left her without a word and money started to become scarce in Olivia's family Her father who Olivia calls the Maestro made the decision to leave their old home and to live in the concert hall instead so Olivia's family can save money as the Maestro tries to earn money through conducting the local orchestra Because of the Maestro's absense Olivia is alone in the back of the concert hall on most days after school Her grandmother and a mysterious black cat are her only companions It's easy to feel sorry for Olivia all alone and in not the best situations She soon meets some people dead and alive that begin to change her world howeverIgor the cat was my favourite supporting character by far His no nonsense and blunt remarks did brighten up the novel a fair bit He's such a smart cat and now I want an Igor as well Olivia also gains a partnership with Henry as they try to help the ghosts of the Concert Hall Henry and Olivia's dynamic was heart warming and Henry's character didn't go to waste either there's a lot of depth that is spent in his past and his own family lifeThis book was as beautifully written as every other reviewer has stated I wanted to eat all the words up but uite frankly it's not possible in today's world Though when I grow up I plan to invent some machine that can turn books into edible food and taste all the beauty and magic Sounds totally possible yeahJust watch meWe explore a fair bit of themes in this novel The main story line is Olivia and Henry trying to help the ghosts leave the world by finding the one thing they left in our world that anchors them And the only way for Olivia and Henry to help the ghosts is to let them 'possess' them as they relive their last moments before death and seek out the thing that makes them unable to leave It got pretty dark when the tweens were possessed because there's a bit of murder a lot of death and was rather remorseful But it all was handled ideally for an MG read There's also the constant nagging uestion of why Olivia's mother left Olivia and the exploration of how Olivia comes to terms with itThe Year of Shadows was a mesmerizing read that was beautiful and absolutely magical If you love MG and haven't read this WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE

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The Year of ShadowsEstro of a failing orchestra has moved her and her grandmother into the city’s dark broken down concert hall to save money and her only friend is Igor an ornery stray cat Just when she thinks life couldn’t get any weirder she meets four ghosts who haunt the hall They need Olivia’s h. See the cover OK it is dark in color but aside from that the illustration style seems pretty cute and juvenile This led me to expect a light and fluffier novel than this actually is That's not a complaint I would probably have read it sooner had I not feared it would be too twee for me as many recent middle grade books have been In fact this story is pretty serious and rather dark Legrand accurately portrays the anger and confusion of people who are facing serious life issues And the ghosts have some pretty sad backstories too I appreciated that this ghost helping process was difficult for all involved and was an active process rather than just a mediumistic type deal Since much is made of Olivia's artistic talent and how dark her sketches are it would have been nice had the illustrations reflected that I would have loved to have them be Olivia's drawings actually I didn't dislike the ones that were used please don't be hurt illustrator I just thought they weren't the best match for the tone of the book