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La Part maudite Essai d'économie générale La ConsumationNtre la utilidad y el gasto revisar la situación presente del hombre involucrado en las operaciones de gastos útiles oinútiles serviles o soberanos; y postular. The overall thesis of the book seems to me to be that as organisms we get energy than we need surplus excess and must profitlessly needlessly uselessly expend this excess and that while other theories of economy focus on production his general economy focuses on this expenditureconsumption Everything in this book seems to build off these ideas and it goes in pretty bizarre directions The chapters on the Aztecs and Soviet Industrialization were very good The last section of the last chapter talks about self consciousness and how it is a different kind of consciousness because it is not a consciousness OF anything but of pure interiority He likens this not yet realized development as the euivalent of the transition from animality to humanity He also admits it associates him with mysticism It was a very strange ending and I can't say I totally understood where he was going with it or if I'm even interpreting it right Still a really enjoyable read and I'm interested to read volumes 2 and 3

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La Part maudite : Essai d'économie générale. La Consumation characters À eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¹ La parte maldita puede leerse como clave para estructurarun proyecto mayor dar cuenta por un lado de los procesosde formación de la subjetividad humana escindidaentre la utilidUna programáticarecuperar la soberanía no ya como prerrogativa de los estados sino como la conuista de todos auellos ue algunavez poseyeron la magia de lo sagrad. Not gonna be a long review here because I think I'll need to read Volumes 2 and 3 before I can really say I understood this book Bataille's general economy is based on a simple premise the Earth receives essentially unlimited energy from the sun Living beings use this energy to grow and compete with each other but humans specifically can use this energy to accumulate wealth that is capital or whatever you want to call it The problem is that there is always what Bataille calls the accursed share the surplus of energy that is destined to be suandered wastefully Earlier societies engaged in grand festivals of sacrifice or ostentatious gift exchanges but nowadays what with all our modern industry and lack of interest in eating one another we're poised to suander the excess by exterminating each other in grand acts of war instead unless we come up with an alternative solutionWhat makes it hard to judge this text is ultimately the fact that I can't tell if Bataille is being serious about his proposed solution which is basically to look to raise everybody's living standards and redistribute wealth instead of directing economic activity towards profitaccumulation of military weapons The idea that a radical economy of solar flux and Dionysian excess gives way to a feeble endorsement of social democratic globalism rubs me up the wrong way even if the idea is nice After all does this not just kick the problem of accumulation down the road There's no way that states will sit in peaceful euilibrium or dynamic peace by which Bataille means that everyone is scared of fighting each other because they'll all die forever Human error or just good old fashioned irrationality or the contingencies of nature guarantee that things eventually break down However just as the book was winding up leaving me with a vague sense of disgust and disappointment the final line seemed to suggest that Bataille was in on the joke In the end everything falls into place and takes up its assigned role Today Truman would appear to be blindly preparing for the final and secret apotheosis But that is obviously an illusion More open the mind discerns instead of an antiuated teleology the truth that silence alone does not betraySo then what is that truth Could it be that we ourselves are the excess to be spent That we are the accursed share

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La parte maldita puede leerse como clave para estructurarun proyecto mayor dar cuenta por un lado de los procesosde formación de la subjetividad humana escindidae. Georges Bataille’s book of um ‘political economy’ begins “That as a rule an organism has at its disposal greater energy resources than are necessary for the operations that sustain life is evident from functions like growth and reproduction” and follows this energy surplus of the terrestrial host animal through to its dissolution “willingly or not gloriously or catastrophically” We receive energy from the sun than can be spent productively; so it must be expelled unproductively Bataille asserts with characteristic puissance that the excess of energy the onanistic inferno of its disposal is the primary process which pulsates through economic systems and activates productive forces rather than demand capital labour power etc This doesn’t necessarily contradict orthodox theories of the market but insists that we understand them as epiphenomenal functions to a solar metaphysics of thermodynamic circulation The energy surplus itself is ‘The Accursed Share’ because its disposal is a volatile process; for every beneficent carnival potlatch and festival amid tight knit social bonds there is also opulent religious wastefulness human sacrifice and the evil wars of bloodthirsty empires special mention to WWI and WWII And this ritual euthanasia of unspent energy is not merely primary to our survival; disbursal of the explosive plethora of solar residue flows into joy art eroticism and transcendence There is uite a lot of historical anthropological data used to support the slightly exorbitant claims which are impossible to prove but interesting to observe in context Still for all its research The Accursed Share will never be taught in an economics class and cannot be arbitrated except by the stiffest criteria of falsifiability which would be seriously missing the point Bataille brought this to speed with the contemporary post war environment and you could continue to do so long after his death Think of our depraved piracy of smaller nations seizing the glut of resources interred there; energy sources converted into a surfeit of corpulent exuberance which are binged to resource our next imperial adventure Only slightly further afield think of modern consumerism proxy drone warfare and I would say certain developments in technology; nanotech automation the AI singularity and other shades of posthuman silicone fetishism may be the final jailbreak of the accursed share My only gripe is stylistic The sentences are really choppy in some places flip flopping between clauses arbitrarily an infelicity which frustrated me with Eroticism and Literature and Evil I don’t know if this is a problem with the translations or is being faithfully reproduced from Bataille’s French but the translations of his literary works especially The Story of the Eye are very lyrical and pleasant to read on the level of style anyway So what gives