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She listens to everyone else's story but can she find her ownJenni is 'ghost' writing the lives of other people It's a job that suits her well still haunted by a childhood tragedy she finds it easier to take refuge in the memories of others rather than dwell on her ownKlara wa. The story begins with a prologue from 1987 before the story starts in the present time where two small children Evie and Ted are playing on a beach From this is it is clear that something terrible has happened although nothing is actually confirmedIn the present day we meet Jenni a ghostwriter Jenni’s relationship with her boyfriend Rick is in trouble and after a chance introduction at a wedding Jenni accepts a commission to ghostwrite the memoirs of an elderly lady Klara The only problem is she has to travel to a place that she has tried desperately to avoid all these years Polvarth in CornwallOnce Jenni meets Klara and gains her trust Klara’s memories of her young life spent in the Japanese internment camps during the war years start to spill out These memories are hard for Klara to share she has never spoken of them before and they are so painful to remember However as Jenni becomes involved in transcribing Klara’s words it is clear that the two women have in common than they might at first have thought and it is just possible that they might be able to help each other to come to terms with past eventsI’ve read and enjoyed books by Isabel Wolff in the past but this dual time frame story was something a little different I read it over a few days and was completely engrossed in the story Often with time slip novels I find one era interesting than another and it was the case here Whilst Jenni was a likeable enough character it was Klara’s story that I found the most compelling Klara was a very strong character and the memories of her time in the internment camps in Java made for harrowing reading I have read previous books about the Japanese prison camps and of course many years ago there was a TV series called “Tenko” which means ‘roll call’ by the way I didn’t know this but the needless cruelty shown by the Japanese soldiers still makes for difficult reading Klara’s memories of the torture deprivation and starvation suffered by the women were very powerful – you had to be very strong both physically and mentally to surviveIsabel Wolff has written a wonderfully well researched novel which is not only very interesting to read but also extremely moving and poignant Excellent characterisation and a sense of place made this a 5 read for me I loved it and would certainly recommend it

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GhostwrittenHer childhood and a neglected part of world history she is forced to explore her own past too Can Jenni and Klara help each other to lay the ghosts of their pasts to restGripping poignant and beautifully researched Ghostwritten is a story of survival and love of memory and hop. As a ghostwriter Jenni's job involves writing books for people who are unable or unwilling to do the writing themselves Many of her projects include celebrity biographies and self help guides but some of her clients are ordinary people with extraordinary tales to tell At a friend's wedding she is introduced to a man who tells her about his mother Klara a Dutch woman who survived the Japanese internment camps in Java during World War II Klara has said very little to her family about her wartime experiences but as she approaches her eightieth birthday she has decided that the time has come for her story to be told Intrigued Jenni agrees to visit Klara at her home in Cornwall and help to put her memories down on paperThe only problem with this new project is that the little Cornish town of Polvarth where Klara lives is a place that holds traumatic memories for Jenni but although she is not very happy about returning to Polvarth the temptation of hearing Klara's story is impossible to resist After meeting Klara and listening to her talk about her childhood her family's rubber plantation in Java and the unimaginable horrors of the internment camps Jenni is both moved and inspired She has been going through a difficult time with her boyfriend Rick he wants children and she doesn't and she is still haunted by her own tragic past – but being with Klara gives her the strength to start facing up to her problemsI enjoyed Ghostwritten and while I was initially drawn to it because of the Java storyline I thought the balance of the contemporary and the historical was just right I did prefer Klara's storyline to Jenni's but ghostwriting sounds like an interesting career and I loved reading about Jenni's work I was also curious to find out about the secret Jenni had spent her whole life trying to hide and her connection with a little girl called Evie who visited Polvarth years earlier in 1987Klara's story though was fascinating especially as I knew very little about Japanese internment camps and what conditions were like for people in Java during the war As you would expect some of Klara's tales of the suffering she and the other prisoners experienced are uite upsetting to read There are descriptions of what it was like being packed onto an overcrowded train for twenty eight hours to be transported from one camp to another living crammed into a house with up to one hundred other women and children being made to stand outside in the relentless heat of the sun for hours with no shelter and nothing to drink and worst of all finding yourself separated from a parent a spouse or a child with no idea where they are and whether they are alive or deadI've never read anything by Isabel Wolff before but looking at her previous work it seems that this book is a bit different from her others I was so impressed by it It's not just a book about ghostwriting or Japanese internment camps but also a book about friendship and love about learning to forgive and to move on with life

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review Ghostwritten × eBook or Kindle ePUB Ù She listens to everyone else's story but can she find her ownJenni is 'ghost' writing the lives of other people It's a job that suits her well still haunted by a childhood tragedy she finds it easier to take refuge in the memories of others rather than dwell on her ownKlara was a child in the SS a child in the Second World War interned in a camp on Java during the Japanese occupation She has never spoken of her experiences there but as she turns eighty she knows that the time has come to share her extraordinary story of survivalAs Jenni helps Klara to shed light on. This is a beautiful and moving story about a part of WWII history I was not familiar with Dutch and English women in Indonesian POW camps As the author says at the end of the book What these women endured is not widely known I loved the relationship between Klara and Jenni As Klara's story unfolded Jenni started to view her own personal tragedy in a different way and they helped each other The first chapter was slow and heavy on dialog I wondered if I was going to like the book The relationships between Jenni and her boyfriendfriends seemed weak but they aren't the focus of the book Once Jenni started talking to Klara I was hooked