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Augustus From Revolutionary to Emperor reader Ô Hardcover Ä Adrian Goldsworthy Ä The dramatic story of Rome’s first emperor who plunged into Rome’s violent power struggles at the age of nineteen proceeded to destroy all rivals and than anyone else created the Roman Empire   Caesar AugusAneuvered his way through twisting alliances during years of civil war Named heir to the murdered Julius Caesar he outwitted and outlasted far experienced rivals like Antony and Brutus Ruling supreme he reinvented himself as a benevolent man of peace and created a new system of government   In this highly anticipated biography Goldsworthy puts his deep knowledge of ancient sources to full use recounting the events of Augustus’ long life in gre I thoroughly enjoyed it I have wanted to read a book about Augustus for some time as he is mentioned often in other books focusing around the same period but never in a huge amount of detail Anyone who is interested in Rome and indeed Augustus then you will love this book Also gives a lot of information on other key personalitiesSuperb

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Ater detail than ever before Goldsworthy pins down the man behind the myths a consummate manipulator propagandist and showman both generous and ruthless Under Augustus’ rule the empire prospered yet his success was never assured and the events of his life unfolded with exciting unpredictability Goldsworthy captures the passion and savagery the public image and private struggles of the real man whose epic life continues to influence Western histo I am not an expert in Roman history so I cannot speak to the accuracy of this work However I am in the end impressed by the work First the author has an extensive background in Roman history having written an excellent biography of Julius Caesar as well as works on battles and military matters Second he does not seem to me to go beyond the evidence At any number of points he notes that we cannot know what happened although he sometimes makes an informed guess some biographers have gone way too far with these guesses; Goldsworthy seems to be discreet Third there are a number of maps some rather indifferent and others useful I wonder if there could not have been somewhat and somewhat better Fourth the political structure of Rome is described uite nice3ly including a confusing array of posts that could be held by leadersThe unlikely story of Caius Octavius who became Augustus is well told Goldsworthy begins with what we can gather about his youth and the extraordinary good luck of having been adopted by his great uncle Julius Caesar The background of the first triumvirate Pompey Crassus and Caesar is discussed and the end of their alliance at the top of the dominance hierarchy of Rome After Caesar's assassination the dynamics of Roman politics changed dramatically How Octavius became Augustus and survived the aftermath is again a well told tale A second triumvirate developed Marc Antony Lepidus and Octavius There was much tension among them and a falling out seems to have been inevitable The process by which Augustus emerged as Roman leader is told in considerable detailThen the long career of Augustus as Princeps is related This is again done nicely There was much pain in his life as so many close to him died early We learned of key figures such as Agrippa who helped his leadership and accomplishments His personal life as much as can be ascertained adds a human element to this biographyThis is a fine biography I am impressed that so many years later one could assemble as detailed a story as emerges here

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Augustus From Revolutionary to EmperorThe dramatic story of Rome’s first emperor who plunged into Rome’s violent power struggles at the age of nineteen proceeded to destroy all rivals and than anyone else created the Roman Empire   Caesar Augustus’ story one of the most riveting in Western history is filled with drama and contradiction risky gambles and unexpected success Thrusting himself into Rome’s extremely violent politics while yet a very young man Augustus skillfully m The first emperor of Rome ruled for 44 years My introduction to Augustus was through historical fiction and I wanted to learn about his life This book was both and less than I was expecting The author obviously did a lot of research and wanted to share it all but I would have preferred a focused biography of Augustus I didn’t really need to know about breast feeding practices the age at which boys got their first haircuts and donned their first adult togas or the name of Marc Antony's current concubine Cytherisif you care Augustus didn’t appear in the first 10% of the book He was 15 when first introduced A great deal of this book consisted of wars and marriages I found that there was too much speculation and not enough entertaining narrative There was too much “may have” “might have” “probably” and “hints at” For example Scipio was chosen consul but he served for less than a year The author writes “We do not have any idea why this occurred but the silence of our sources makes it unlikely that there was any sinister reason for the change” It doesn’t seem right to draw conclusions based on the fact that you can’t find any ancient record describing the cause In any event the author did provide a lot of information but I think I’ll keep looking for a biography of Augustus I’ve rounded 35 stars up to 4 I received a free copy of this book from the publisher