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When Hitler Stole Pink RabbitTitle When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. I read this as a buddy read with Goodreads friend Hilary for the first time; it wasn’t her first time I’m so grateful she told me how much she loved the book when she was a child and finally inspired me to get it off my to read shelf It was a great book to buddy read There was so much to discuss and it was so much fun We were flexible each day with how many chapters we read and at some point we started reading our chapters at the exact same time 8 time zones apart That made the reading experience particularly enjoyable for me I loved the book and am so glad that I’ve read it I want to go on and read the next two books It would have been a huge loss even if I had never realized it if I’d never gotten to this book It’s an excellent book There are lovely illustrations one each on the title page and at the start of every chapter They give just a hint of what is to come in the story I would like to read a biography about the author This is historical fiction but closely based on the author’s childhood experiences and I’d love to know what really happened and what was changed or made up and also what was left out It all seem so real that it read like an autobiography I kept forgetting that it was fictionalized I loved the writing style and storytelling style It’s a very well written book The child’s voice and point of view are done wonderfully and authentically The descriptions are wonderful and I felt as though I was in the various settings and experiencing what the family members were experiencing German Switzerland France and all that was going on in those places vividly came to life The food the customs everything were vivid and evocativeThe account perfectly captured the feelings of being a refugee an immigrant of belonging and of not belonging Their experiences and the places they were and the relationships were all interesting and had some depth A lot was packed into a relatively short book Even though I knew they got away I felt so nervous from the suspense There was uite a bit of suspense at several points in this story I was so anxious when they went to France until I read the author bio blurb and saw the year they left for England and so eager for them to get out of France and to England before the Nazi occupation Even though I knew Anna and her family would get away and be safe I felt scared for them several times during their story I love the family They’re flawed characters but good people and I loved them all I appreciated that in Germany and in Switzerland and France and England that they had people “100% on their side” – decent good people supporting them and not supporting Hitler’s policies There were some people who were bigots and there were also a few heavy things for a middle grade book including two things toward the end One was unexpected for me and left me feeling very sad I was expecting a bad outcome in this case but didn’t think it would come in this book maybe in book two if ever or happen in this exact way I was grateful for all the humor in the book especially that included toward the end and at other times the book dealt with serious subjects because otherwise it would have been depressing even though it’s not at all a depressing book The ending felt too abrupt because I wanted but that just makes me glad there are 2 booksThis would have been a favorite book of mine at ages 9 12 And it’s 5 star worthy now

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Rr Publisher COLLINS CHILDREN'S BOO. Brilliant book Such an amazing way she describes her life as a child refugee from Germany in the 1930s both sensitive lively and intelligent Anna is such a lovable child xxx

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When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit review ½ 3 Ç Title When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Binding Hardcover Author Judith Kerr Publisher COLLINS CHILDREN'S BOOKSBinding Hardcover Author Judith Ke. I reread this childhood favourite as a buddy read with Lisa Vegan This was a wonderful book to read as a buddy read so much happening in short chapters made it really enjoyable to discuss each day after readingThis is a very readable book ideal as a read aloud or reading to yourself Interesting for any age to read and a very interesting book for children as we experience the start of war through 10yr old Anna's eyes There are two parts of the book each only a paragraph long that aren't suitable for young children as they are disturbing these were easy enough to leave out as a read aloud which I did when I read to my daughter when she was 2yrs old and once when she was 5After the family escapes from Berlin we follow them to several new starts in different countries It was so interesting to experience this with the children whose experiences were largely positive it was fun hearing about the different customs food friends and clothes It's a great slice of life book I love books like this that use everyday detail to help you experience life in that place and timeThere are lovely illustrations at the top of the start of each chapter in Judith's distinctive style Although the book comes to an end in some ways view spoiler they reach England and therefore a country that will finally be a safe place from the nazis hide spoiler