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reader ↠ Haunted author James Herbert Paperback Ý reflectionslisburnltd Ü Three nights of terror at the house called Edbrook Three nights in which David Ash there to investigate a haunting will be victim of horrifying and maleficent games Three nights in which he will face the blood chilling enigIs own past Three hideous nights before Edbrook's dreadful secret will be revealed and the true nightmare will begi I really liked the movie better The book was a bit tedious Maybe I was a bit balanced because I've first seen the movie

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Will be victim of horrifying and maleficent games Three nights in which he will face the blood chilling enigma of h Our complacency is shaken; we thought the universe was a tidy locked room but there seems to be a scratching outside the door For a moment we pretend to know everything and pridefully assert 'There is no such thing' Something out there seems to respond 'Oh really?' Lint Hatcher The Truth That Is Out There Rutherford 1995The above uote could well serve as an epigraph for this novel; for the author has very clearly set up a conflict here between two opposite views of the world Hard drinking emotionally distant paranormal investigator David Ash is above all else an apostle of a hyper rational purely materialistic view of reality; natural causes he believes must explain all of the phenomena he investigates and he's built a very successful career on debunking the supernatural Now however when he's been summoned by the eccentric Mariell family to their isolated 16th century country seat Edbrook to investigate a purported haunting my shelving this book as supernatural fiction should be a dead giveaway that his worldview is going to undergo some revision And it won't be a particularly easy or comfortable experience Herbert's message here IMO isn't necessarily to be taken as a literal assertion that ghosts actually exist; but as supernatural elements in fiction often do the haunting here serves as a metaphor for aspects of reality that aren't reducible to the neat the mathematical the rational and the naturally explainableDuring his lifetime James Herbert was the best selling fiction author in the UK Often best seller status only testifies to the power of advertising and the ability of bookstore chains to manipulate the lists But after reading this page turner I'd surmise that Herbert earned his status a different way by providing serious readers with well crafted good uality extremely effective fiction which is exactly what this is His characterizations are round and life like and his prose style suited perfectly to his intention The pacing is flawless and the evocation of an increasingly scary atmosphere nicely done Transitions from David to his Psychical Research Institute colleagues are ably positioned to build suspense; the prologue set in David's childhood and the flashbacks aren't just filler but serve a very real purpose in the crafting of the whole edifice that is the novel David's inner psychological baggage is as important here as the external goings on at Edbrook; and as noted above there is some real philosophical depth here not just scares for scares sakeThis is definitely a dark novel at many levels Although there's no explicit sex it has a franker treatment of sexuality than the classic ghost story tradition characteristically did; and while there's no obscenity there's a certain amount of religious profanity that I found gratuitous though to be sure some people do talk that way But there's no splatter punk; the horror here is mainly psychological though that can be potentially lethal One reviewer characterized the plot as predictable Personally I beg to differ; I found it to be anything but and in fact to involve than one jaw dropping surprise But Herbert is a consummate master of literary surprises he knows they have to grow organically from the story itself not be dragged in from left field against logic and he adeptly hides his clues in plain sightMuch later the author wrote two novels with David as the central character so that they form a trilogy But this one stands on its own perfectly well with no cliff hangers and a basic resolution

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Haunted author James HerbeThree nights of terror at the house called Edbrook Three nights in which David Ash there to investigate a haunting David Ash is sent to a remote village to investigate a haunting at the Edbrook house Ash is renowned for debunking supernatural phenomenon and he dives into this assignment ready to do just thatToo bad the place is really hauntedWell executed but fairly predictable ghost story with some genuinely hair raising scenesI will certainly read the rest of the series