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Dawn author Octavia E. Butler Free download ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É In a world devastated by nuclear war with humanity on the edge of extinction aliens finally make contact They rescue those humans they can keeping most survivors in suspended animation while the aliens begin the slow process ofIn a world devastated by nuclear war with humanity on the edge of extinction aliens finally make contact They rescue those humans they can keeping most survivors in suspended animation while the aliens begin the slow process of rehabilitating the planet When Li. I was utterly compelled When I got to the end I was so hungry for the next book I was actually frustrated not to have it to hand The last book I enjoyed nearly this much was The Lathe of Heaven so I guess I need to give in and accept that speculative fiction with feminist consciouness is my true loveI love that Lilith is angry with her captors that she doesn't lose her drive to be free ever In many ways I felt the book was about consent what does consent really mean when your options are constricted when you know you are powerless Lilith uses violence for the first time to prevent a rape The victim was kicking and screaming in the grip of her captors who urged 'it's your duty you don't have the right to resist' Lilith says 'nobody here is property nobody has the right of use of anyone else's body' but this assertion is almost ironic considering the group's predicament Butler does not spend time giving Black Feminism 101 Come on reader you can do that work on your own The material is here control of fertility stolen children Lilith's weary expectation of forced breeding The nuances of love and male violence Even the misgendering of the Oankali has feminist resonance the ooloi are read as male because they appear in authoritative roles and because they arouse men's sexual jealousy Butler takes her investigation of consent to a whole new level through the Oankali's ability to read human chemistry but not thought to the idea of chemical consentI love that Butler takes emotion seriously at all levels and fills Lilith's dilemma with conflict with arguments for both sides The Oankali have saved the species regenerated the destroyed Earth they are culturally attractive When they offend human scruples they almost know not what they do; sexual shame is alien to them We are not expected to accept the assertions of Jdaya and Nikanj 'I know you I've studied you' this is the White man's voice and the epistemology it rests on is challenged in the way the story unfolds you've studied my history but you haven't lived it so you don't know it as I do You've studied my body but you can't read the whole of who I am there On the other hand how dispiritingly disappointing the other awakened humans are One of the hardest things to accept about the book is its pessimism about humanity It was impossible not to agree that the humans need help; the argument in my heart is how to feel about the priceI wouldn't have fought for my freedom at all I think which is a bit worrying Bring the Oankali I say I am already a vegan anarcha eco feminist; I am ready for the non sexist non hierarchical life venerating invaders Butler won't countenance such uncritical acceptance The Oankali are not anarchists in my view because they coerce not vegans because they use other animals including humans They are compelled as we are though differently by their genes I am reminded of Daniel C Dennett's writing on genes and their agendas when Jdaya says I am as committed to the trade of genes as you are to breathing I don't uite believe I think it may be closer to the commitment to breeding This leads me to a big uestion her book left me with what about me I'm not heterosexual This possibility of sexual diversity among the Oankali who are of three sexes is not mentioned but the same is true of the human group Butler tells us 'there were no voluntary vegetarians' but is silent on the possibility of same sex desire Maybe I'll find out in the next book I can hardly wait

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Lith Iyapo is awakened she finds that she has been chosen to revive her fellow humans in small groups by first preparing them to meet the utterly terrifying aliens then training them to survive on the wilderness that the planet has become But the aliens cannot. Rating 5 of five2020 UPDATEIt's script to series at Since it's Ava duVernay I'm bettin' the script will pass muster She made sense out of A Wrinkle in Time after allI'm wore out wrung out and tuckered out I'll get a review up before longMeantime look at the notes I've leftAnd leave us not to forget that in this troubled passage in US and world history the present Golden Age of Sci Fi on Screen will gift us with the first ever adaptation of a Butler novel this one by no less a new voice than Ava DuVernay She is the talent behind the good buzzed adaptation of A Wrinkle in TimeThe Publisher Says Lilith Iyapo has just lost her husband and son when atomic fire consumes Earth—the last stage of the planet’s final war Hundreds of years later Lilith awakes deep in the hold of a massive alien spacecraft piloted by the Oankali—who arrived just in time to save humanity from extinction They have kept Lilith and other survivors asleep for centuries as they learned whatever they could about Earth Now it is time for Lilith to lead them back to her home world but life among the Oankali on the newly resettled planet will be nothing like it was beforeThe Oankali survive by genetically merging with primitive civilizations—whether their new hosts like it or not For the first time since the nuclear holocaust Earth will be inhabited Grass will grow animals will run and people will learn to survive the planet’s untamed wilderness But their children will not be human Not exactlyThis ebook features an illustrated biography of Octavia E Butler including rare images from the author’s estateMy Review I think the 12 notes I left publicly viewable are enough of a review of the book as a piece of writing They're tied to passages I found important and so will I hope make the aesthetic point of why I think you should read this book and in fact the series as a wholeWhat I comment on now is the why of reading SF fiction by women fiction by people of color a phrase I'm no comfortable with than the colored people of my vanished youth SF by women of colorreading and absorbing and thinking about the ideas given to you amazingly freely and trustingly by people you aren't like and maybe even people you don't likeI think you should read these astounding gifts of personal creativity because they offer a close look into the ideas that someone unlike you finds important If you don't learn what people unlike you find important you run the risk of being caught in a labyrinth of dark sameness a place where you don't need light because you know the contents of your environment so well already that there's no read need to take a good look at themAnd that is how we got to the point where we are as a country here in the US as well as in the UK and a culture both in the West and the East No one listens We wait for our turn to talk without engaging our brains to process what our ears are hearing And that's only if we're politeOpen up a little by reading Butler's tale of the Oankali changing earthlings' genetics to improve their health and well being In the wake of a species ending nuclear war the earthlings aren't grateful to the Oankali for rescue they're angry that they had no choice no say no chance to refuse being saved if it meant being used and manipulated for and by the OankaliButler put her finger suarely on the conflict The earthlings were given no choice They were unuestionably manipulated before they were given any chance to comment on these things They had also just blown their entire planet into an extinction event Did they deserve a say Butler gives Lilith the words to complain about the earthlings' treatment and the Oankali to explain but not apologize the whys of itIn my never humble opinion a species that blew its home into an extinction event over stupid crap doesn't need any consultation to be offered still less consent to be sought Be damned good and grateful these interstellar gene machines arrived in time to do suat for you which they didn't have to do at all Given their culture's immense experience with and commodification of gene manipulation they could simply have paused grabbed some material aka survivors of the holocaust and used them before disposing of themThe Oankali's ethics are superior to the earthlings' and they didn't do that They set about repairing the damaged earth and improving the damned earthlings who caused the problem in the first place while making every effort to understand and support them along the wayA lot like animal researchers are doing today among cetaceans and great apesOh myDon't like having done to us what we so blithely do to others do we And yet it's perfectly justifiedthe changes are being made for the earthlings' future benefit after allAfter the weekend of 10 August 2017–when neo Nazi and alt right hate machines burst their closet doors of simply screaming at normal decent people at last and began the hot war portion of their Civil War against goodness kindness and decency–reading a book like Dawn is an excellent primer in how this horror got started A decent and perfectly reasonable human gets all bent out of shape and even decides she'd prefer to die rather than have her tiny little patch of personal control violated despite the certainty that she is and will continue to be better off for itI was never sanguine about human nature I'm not turning any corners in that regard now But I can see a tiny thread visible in the labyrinth Read Read the stuff that isn't just like you like the world to be At least try that much because it's no exaggeration to say your way of life is on the line Try to hear what the Other is saying underneath the screams We have to find the thread and follow it to our common source or we're headed the way of Butler's earthlingsAnd I do not think there are any Oankali on the way to help us

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Dawn author Octavia E. ButlHelp humanity without altering it foreverBonded to the aliens in ways no human has ever known Lilith tries to fight them even as her own species comes to fear and loathe her A stunning story of invasion and alien contact by one of science fiction's finest write. “Yes” he said “intelligence does enable you to deny facts you dislike But your denial doesn’t matter” Lilith wakes up on an Oankali spaceship hundreds of years after an atomic war devastates Earth These alien Oankali Lilith learns feel it is their mission to save what remains of humanity How they plan to do it is what makes Dawn such an interesting read I just finished Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam trilogy in which we find out the future of humanity isn't really humanity There are big differences in the approach of each author but both envision big changes in what constitutes humanity Perhaps in Atwood's case the genetically modified humanoids Crakers aren't part of humanity nor are their descendants even if they mate with some of the last remaining humans on the planet Not sure In Dawn what follows after Lilith wakes up is something of a contest of wills between herself and the Oankali she sees as her captors After studying mankind for hundreds of years are they ready to help humans repopulate Earth Compelling read with a fascinating perspective Dawn could be a standalone but I am ready to continue reading the Xenogenesis series 45 stars “Your people contain incredible potential but they die without using much of it”