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My Lady My Lord Twist #1Libertine Earl of ChanceThe Rake Lord Ian Chance has three pleasures beautiful women fast horses and tormenting high and mighty Corinna MowbrayNeighbors for years they've been. I've given this a B at AAR so 4 starsI have to start this review by saying that enjoyable though this book is it’s definitely not one for you if you insist upon a certain amount of realism or historical accuracy in your reading The story is in essence an enemies to lovers one but the plot device Ms Ashe has chosen to use in order to bring the hero and heroine to a closer understanding of each other is something I’ve never read in an historical romance before and which has its roots firmly in the 20th rather than the 19th century Lady Corinna Mowbray and Lord Ian Chance have known each other since childhood and have as it appears at the beginning of the book detested each other for just as long Ian is handsome wealthy and Corinna believes dissolute indolent and unintelligent Her pet name for him appears to be “cretin” and whenever they meet – which is rarely despite their being near neighbours – she finds herself unable to resist responding to his gibes in the most cutting manner possibleIan thinks Corinna is starchy snobbish and incapable of feeling emotions other than scorn and pride Their verbal sparring is most definitely not of the “I’m going to flirt with you by insulting you until you wise up and take me to bed” variety Well Ian tries to take that approach but Corinna is usually so caustic that he feels compelled to respond in kind and their exchanges uickly degenerate into slanging matches even though she knows it does not become her as a lady to descend to Ian’s levelCorinna is a model of propriety a woman of unimpeachable virtue and restraint and a renowned bluestocking; a twenty nine year old spinster who is surprisingly comfortable with that fact She is attractive and has had her fair share of male attention and proposals but her energies are reserved for her weekly salons events which are attended by the foremost scientists artists and politicians of the day and which are the envy of many other society hostesses But a surprising unexpected and fantastical event occurs which causes Ian and Corinna to begin to reassess their opinions of each other This event takes place uite early on in the book but I’m not going to reveal it hereThere are spoilers in the comments however if you want to know Suffice to say that a little bit of the supernatural takes an interest in our antagonistic not couple and while at first it may seem completely bonkers it turns out to be a superb way to enable each character to truly get beneath the other’s skin and into each other’s heads and to see life from the other’s perspective As the story progresses not only do we see our two protagonists reach a détente and a new understanding of each other we get a few glimpses of their past encounters which serve to throw some light on key moments in their relationship and show us just why they hold each other in such dislike These little flashbacks are particularly illuminating when it comes to Ian’s character as he inherited his title when he was uite young from a father whose reputation as a gambler and a cheat had seem him ostracised from polite societyCorinna learns how hard Ian has worked – and continues to work – running his estates and looking after his mother and siblings and how he has never completely been able to erase society’s casual belief that “like father like son” he is an apple not fallen far from the tree She comes to learn that Ian is far from the cretin she has labelled him and that he is an honourable man one whose friends think highly of him and who is himself a very good friend to others one who has all but brought up his younger brother and made an excellent job of itIan’s eyes are opened too to how restrictive life is for a young woman of Corinna’s ilk and how limited her options really are He sees how respected she is by those around her but also learns how frustrating it is for a woman of intelligence to be casually dismissed on account of her sex He also realises how many of his normal leisure pursuits – drinking with his friends gambling – must appear to her and begins to see himself that perhaps they aren’t all they’re cracked up to beThe storytelling is excellent throughout but I did have a couple of minor issues with the book overall Firstly there was a fair smattering of Americanisms throughout the most prominent of which was the use of “sidewalk” instead of “pavement” I know this is something I bang on about at freuent intervals but it happens so often that sometimes I lose patience with it I can’t understand why anyone setting an historical novel in England would not use English terminology – it seems only polite after all The other thing is the fact that Ms Ashe consistently used incorrect forms of address for her male characters The hero is the Earl of Chance Yet he is also called “Ian Chance” I suppose it’s conceivable that he would have the same last name as his earldom but usually the two are different so Ian should rightly be “Ian Chance Earl of Somewhere” or “Ian LastName Earl of Chance” The same is true of Ian’s friends the Maruess of Drake and Lord Grace Drake is freuently referred to as “Maruess Drake” when the correct appellation is either “Lord Drake” or “the Maruess of Drake”; and “Baron Grace” should be “Lord Grace” I know many readers – on both sides of the Atlantic – who find such errors jarring and it’s made worse by the fact that they’re completely unnecessary because the information as to how titles work is freely available on the internetThose uibbles aside the writing flows well and the characterisations – of the principals and the main secondary characters such as Ian’s brother Gregory and his friend Lord Grace are strong and consistent Ms Ashe has written the relationship between the brothers very well and their relationship and their exchanges feel very naturalistic There is plenty of humour and the sexual tension between the leads is delicious I did think that the final section of the story was just a tad too strung out but that’s a minor complaintMy Lady My Lord is a refreshingly different piece of fun which has its deeper moments as well and I thoroughly enjoyed it

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Book #1 in a new series of historical romances with a twistThe Bluestocking Lady Corinna Mowbray has three passions excellent books intelligent conversation and disdaining the. This was a fairly typical historical romance with a fun paranormal twist thrown in to spice the story up a bit I think it worked well as this turned out to be an enjoyable enough read It was a typical enemies to lovers style story with long term bickering neighbours Lady Corinna Mowbray and Lord Ian Chance getting the chance to see the other in a new light via a slight paranormal twist The story was uite fun as both characters proved likeable enough despite their flaws I actually uite liked the pair as a couple and one of the most fun aspects of the story was that both characters learned to appreciate the importance of each others interests Lady Corinna is a notorious bluestocking with an interest in history literature and even politics while Lord Ian is her exact opposite as he prefers to spend his days gaming horse racing and partying I felt like the story was strong in the early stages but tailed off a bit in the second half of the story when the paranormal elements wore off Ashe's writing was decent enough but I was always left with the impression that with a few tweaks in it and in the story that this could have been even enjoyable It had some humour but I think it could have done with a lot All in all I felt like this was an fun HR that just fell a bit short of being as good as it could have been Rating 35 starsAudio Note The narrator Veida Dehmlow was not great but she was competent enough to be passable

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READ Ø My Lady, My Lord (Twist, #1) ê Book #1 in a new series of historical romances with a twistThe Bluestocking Lady Corinna Mowbray has three passions excellent books intelligent conversation and disdaining the libertine Earl of ChanceThe Rake Lord Ian Chance has three pleasures beautiful women fast horses and tormenting high and mighty CorinAt each other's throats since they can remember But when a twist of fate forces them to trade lives how long will it be before they discover they cannot live without each other. I've ummed and ahhed for a few hours about how to rate this Four Five Somewhere in between I think my final decision is 45 rounded up to five In My Lady My Lord the first in what I hear may be a new series although don't uote me on that I could be engaging in a touch of wishful thinking Ashe tells the story of Corinna Mowbray a self confessed bluestocking who is fiercely intelligent and beautiful She has sensible friends holds salons and loves classic books Ian the Earl of Chance is her neighbour; a handsome man who is skilled with horses and enjoys the company of beautiful women though he has never married Ian and Corinna have never gotten along she thinking him a scoundrel and he thinking her haughty but what was that hiding A strange twist of fate throws the two of them together so under these circumstances how long will it take for them to see each other in a whole new wayKatharine Ashe's writing is smooth intelligent and beautiful to read Her story moved with a good pace engrossing me within the first few chapters Though the storyline is fantastical the way it was written and the way it moved made for compulsive reading The emotional rawness and the depth of the feeling of both of Corinna and Ian was really special and I enjoyed every wordBoth Corinna and Ian were beautiful yet flawed characters Neither good nor bad and certainly not typical watching them grow as the story progressed was lovely Both of them were human with all the confusion emotional turmoil and indecisiveness that entails In addition to the two of them were a cast of splendid secondary characters who moved the story along Ian's brother mother and circle of friends Corinna's father and a potential suitor as well as a cheat and a rake or two None of these characters were just 'there'; they all had their roles to play in moving the story to its delicious endSo in conclusion My Lady My Lord by Katharine Ashe is fantastical a little unbelievable maybe but so well done this hardly matters It moves at a good pace is action packed exciting fun and really very romantic which is hardly a bad thing in a romance novel I enjoyed the references to Greek mythology throughout as well as the almost perfect period details there were a few issues with titles this didn't bother me but it may bother others I can't think of a single thing I disliked about this novel; it stirred my emotions it engrossed me entirely and though I didn't always like the main characters some of the time I wanted to give them a shake I thoroughly enjoyed their story If I have any criticism at all it is that when the story ended I wanted it to carry on perhaps the story would have benefited from an epilogue Other than that which is admittedly a tiny issue this book was gorgeous and I do recommend it