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Penrynin küçük kız kardeşi Paige kayboldu İnsanlar korkuyorBir annenin kalbi kırıkPenryn San Francisco sokaklarında kardeşini arıyor Sokaklar neden bu kadar boş Herkes nereye kaybolduPaige kardeş. 4 POOKY BEAR STARSIt was uite a good readBut I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did the first bookThe beginning was boring and there were some moments that I wanted to put the book down and start another oneThe story moved so slowly and it just didn't work out for meBut the other half of the book was uite interestingnot as good as the first book but there were some moments that I uite enjoyedAlso there was a funny moment that I couldn't stop laughing for an hourThat was my favorite part of the bookSeriously it was one of the funniest book moments that I hadBeside that there are not a lot of breathtaking moments and the ending is not that unexpectedIt was good but not how I wanted it to beHowever it was a great book a powerful story and it blends correctly with the first bookI can't wait for the third book OkayLet's talk about the storyThere may be spoilers so if you haven't read the book try to avoid this paragraphThis book continues the story of the first one Penryn now apart from Raffe continues her adventure to protect her familyHer family is not uite normalHer sister can walk again and there is something off with her that no one knows whatAlso she discovers about things that angels are creating and their plans to demolish the earth Main characters PenrynWhat I liked about Penryn in this book is her courage to do things on her ownAlso her modesty because she never accepted that she is some kind of a heroAlso the motivation she carries with herself is remarkable because even when her world is all falling apart she is determined to protect the people she lovesRaffeWell as I mention in the review of the first book I really like Raffe's sence of humorThere are some sentences that you can't continue without bursting into laughterPaigePaige is one of my favorite characters in this bookHer new transformation makes her like a killing machine and I really like killing machines Me while reading the book favorite sentences “I look up to say something but he puts his finger to my lips and whispers “Don’t talk You’ll just spoil my fantasy of rescuing an innocent damsel in distress as soon as you open your mouth” “He glares at me as if he already hates it “What is it” I consider lying but what’s the point I clear my throat “Pooky BearHe’s silent for so long I’m beginning to think he didn’t hear me when he finally says “Pooky Bear” “It was just a little joke I didn’t know” “I’ve mentioned that names have power right Do you realize that when she fights battles she’s going to have to announce herself to the opposing sword She’ll be forced to say something ridiculous like ‘I am Pooky Bear from an ancient line of archangel swords’ Or ‘Bow down to me Pooky Bear who has only two other euals in all the worlds’ ” He shakes his head “How is she going to get any respect”“I'm gonna be sick I saidI'm ordering you not to says ObiAh don't say that says Dee Dum She's a born rebel She'll puke just to make a point” “It's about time you showed some sense You should be afraidI'm shivering because I'm freezingYou're cute when you're afraidI give him a dirty look Yeah you're cute when you're afraid tooYou mean I'm devastatingly handsome when I'm not afraid Because you've never seen me afraid” “You're naming your collector's item kick ass sword that's made to maim and kill specifically designed to bring your ginormous enemies to their knees and hear the lamentation of their women Pooky BearYeah you like it” “You broke me out of the gr

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End of DaysInin izini sürerken meleklerin gizli planının merkezini buluyor ve ürkütücü gerçeklerle yüz yüze geliyorRaffe kanatlarının peşinde Onlarsız meleklere katılması imkansız Tekrar kanatlarını k. no spoilers Was that you Pooky Bear There are a lot of themes of good vs bad the nature of evil the length of which man will go to survive As far as I'm concerned the only message in this book that mattered is you do NOT fuck with my sister because I will hunt you down and I will make you pay I understand it and I admire Penryn for itI have a baby sister I love her We are the same age apart as Penryn and Paigeaaaand some years afterIt hasn't always been smooth sailing but I will do everything I can to make damn sure she has a happy life Nobody hurts my baby sister A good sibling vengeance story will get me every time I loved it in the Fever series and I love it in this bookI really enjoyed this bookwith some reservations This is one of the situations where I find myself to be the odd man out I think every single one of my friend loved the first book in this series whereas I enjoyed the originality of the first book but was largely indifferent to it However I'm happy to find that I liked this book a lot than the first Don't get me wrong there was absolutely nothing I disliked about this book Penryn is a strong female character with a tremendous sense of morality and loyalty to her family and friends that I admire and the romance was well done in that it developed over time and was not the focus of the book I had some problems with the plot particularly towards the second half of the book but overall I think my reaction to the book is just one of chemistryThat's right chemistry It happens with people and apparently it happens with books and the characters within In life you meet a lot of people Some you like for no fucking reason Some you hate on the spot despite the fact that they are perfectly pleasant perfectly nice completely inoffensive whatsoever and yet try as you mightthere's just something lacking that prevents you from completely liking from completely enjoying that person's companyFor me the Angelfall series is a perfect example of chemistry gone wrong This book has pretty much everything I could ever want action a light romance awesome characters horror death blood SO MUCH BLOOD And yetlike not love What can I say It's just chemistryI'm starting to sound like I don't like this book That's not true I liked it a lot I just find myself largely indifferent to the characters; that is a matter purely of personal taste and not a reflection on the book itself I truly did enjoy this bookSummary I didn't remember much from the first book I didn't need to This book summarizes the ending of the previous book well enough so that I didn't have any trouble being reimmersed into the World After We are back in the Silicon Valley and it it a fucking glorious mess This is what I loved This is what I wanted This is what I didn't get much of from the first book People are scared hungry in hiding They're forming into groups gangs because you can't survive alone not in a world like this Penryn broken Paige and their schizophrenic mother have just escaped the aerie and are with the Resistance planning to slowly retake their world from the destructive Angels Penryn has no idea where Raffe is All she gets is flashes of his thoughts and dreams projected by the sword he has left her Raffe is so tantalizingly close yet so far awayIt's a tough life made tougher when Paide Penryn's broken sister gets kidnapped Penryn will do anything to get her backThe Plot Setting A lot better this time around Things just made sense and there is of what I wanted to see Call me morbid but I love reading about a broken

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End of Days Read & download µ 6 ´ Penrynin küçük kız kardeşi Paige kayboldu İnsanlar korkuyorBir annenin kalbi kırıkPenryn San Francisco sokaklarında kardeşini arıyor Sokaklar neden bu kadar boş Herkes nereye kaybolduPaige kardeşinin izini sürerken meleklerin gizli planının merkezini buluyor ve ürkütücü gerçeklerle yüz yüze geAzanmak ya da Penrynin hayatını kurtarmak arasında kaldığında hangisini seçecekMelekler insanlar ve canavarların korku dolu hikayesi Meleğin Düşüşünün ardından Kıyamet Sonrası ile devam ediy. 35 starsWorld After ticks a lot of boxes but it simply isn't as strong a story as we were given in Angelfall I don't know how many books are planned for this series but it seems to fall prey to what would be called middle book syndrome in a trilogy The story plods along giving the novel a weighted feel which made it easy to put aside at times something that could never be said for the previous book My rating leans towards the positive because I did enjoy this seuel Ee has a talent for balancing gory gritty action scenes with playful and hilarious banter but I admit that I was expecting something from possibly my most anticipated book of this year Still the last fifty pages exploded with flashes of everything I love action humour unexpected plot turns and romance and I adore Penryn enough to know I will be returning for Readers will surely recognise the author's delightfully sarcastic touches of humour straight away I found myself laughing aloud multiple times even when I'd been cringing in horror and sat tense on the edge of my seat just moments earlier I think this is what I like most about Ee's writing she somehow manages to make it both creepy and funny at the same time This rarely works for me; I almost always find the humour draining the scary atmosphere out of each scene or the jokes falling flat amid the descriptions of gore but Ee makes it work perfectly Penryn is as badass as ever always in the centre of the battle and fighting for the ones she loves Raffe also returns though not often enough if you ask me for hilarity and sexual tensionMy main issue is the lack of progression in this book Angelfall took us on a wild journey that presented us with so much fascinating information angel lore and complexly woven characters and relationships World After on the other hand takes baby steps and reminds us of many things we already know that Penryn feels conflicted about her newly monstrous sister that she and Raffe have the hots for one another etc etc While it wasn't a bad read I felt like it could have all happened in a few chapters rather than spread over an entire book The greatest progress made by this seuel is in the character development of Penryn's mother She becomes than the token crazy person in World After and we see her for what she really is a confused but intelligent woman who loves her children very dearly This aspect of the book was fantastic IMOA good seuel that could have been better with careful plotting and pacing perhaps the author intends this series to be longer than it needs to be as is often the case But I enjoyed World After a lot and I'm not surprised to see other reviewers expressing their continued love I just hope the third book doesn't take so long