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free read Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ò Bethany Lopez Ears later she is faced with the ultimate betrayal Devastated her first instinct is to call it uitsAfter a drunken binge at his best friends’ bachelor party Cal betrays the one person who has always been there for him his wife Shelly Terrified and realizing she might divorce him Cal must come up with a wa. Very ContemporaryNA approach of a young married couple where the H wakes up naked with a naked woman in his room He probably had sex but can't remember He's horrified but not uite as horrified as his high school sweetheart now wife She leaves for dad's house immediatelyThe rest of the story is his hardcore press to get her back within an 8 week windowYeah it was sweet and the couple are surrounded by a strong group of friends from high school with their own issues It had a very clean cut latte drinking Friends ish vibe to it Sadly the most interesting character to me was Melody the high school tramp who is desperate to be a part of the gang Good enough to sleep with but not good enough to hang out Sad

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8 Weeks Time for Love #1 characters × eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ê Is eight weeks enough time to earn back the love of someone you've betrayedthe only one you've ever loved Shelly has been in love with Cal since they started dating in eleventh grade Despite everyone saying that the odds were against them they got marri Y to prove to her that his love is true Cal asks Shelly for eight weeks Eight weeks to convince her that their marriage is worth the fight Will Shelly be able to trust him again or will their marriage end the way many others do when faced with opposition In divorceThis story is meant for readers 18 and olde. I did not care for this bookI'm sure you read the synopsis for the book but in case you don't know what it is about I will explain It starts with a man named Cal waking up naked and extremely hungover in Vegas after his friend's bachelor party the night before He has no memory of what happened after his friends put him into a cab to return to the hotel As he is vomiting into a trash can a naked woman waltzes out of the bathroom gets dressed and leaves He returns home to his wife and tells her what happened and that he thinks he had sex with that woman His wife packs up says she wants a divorce and leaves He later convinces her to go on one date with him per week for eight weeks to see if he can win her backI went into this book okay with the idea that Cal cheated on his wife and is now determined to prove his love What I did mind was the ambiguousness He may have gone through everything in this book for something that didn't even happen He isn't even sure if he had sex with that woman Even if he did he doesn't remember ANYTHING from that part of the night This wasn't some long sustained affair that he carried out behind his wife's back This wasn't even him making a mistake one night with another woman who lives in their small town and his wife will have to see out and about This is a one night stand that may or may not have happened in Vegas He knows nothing about the woman in uestion nor will he ever see her againI thought Shelly was extremely annoying and unfairly tough on Cal Yes assuming he slept with this woman then he cheated on Shelly and broke his vows But she punished him so far above and beyond was was called for Not to mention we're repeatedly told that Cal and Shelly had this amazing perfect relationship before this happened Yet as soon as she gains some freedom she decides to do things that she never thought Cal would approve of cutting her hair short getting her nose pierced etc If their marriage was THAT amazing then Shelly would have discussed these things with Cal if she wanted to do them that badly It sort of felt like the author was trying to justify Shelly being so awful toward Cal I also thought it was unrealistic that they went from having a marriage that amazing and within 2 weeks of finding out about what Cal may have done their house is on the market and Shelly has bought herself a condo It just seemed sillyMy main issue with this book though is that I legitimately don't think Cal is portrayed in such a way that makes it at all believable that he would have stepped out on his wife I'm sorry but there's just no way he did that No matter how wasted he wasI don't recommend this book

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8 Weeks Time for Love #1Is eight weeks enough time to earn back the love of someone you've betrayedthe only one you've ever loved Shelly has been in love with Cal since they started dating in eleventh grade Despite everyone saying that the odds were against them they got married after graduation and built a life together Now six y. 35 out of 5 “I’d always believed that Cal and I would be together forever That we’d have children and grow old togetherThat he would never hurt meWell he hadn’t just hurt me He’d crushed me He’d crushed us” The story starts where Cal woke up butt naked besides an unknown woman after his friend Scott's bachelor party The thing is that he couldn't remember anything of what happened He couldn't no wouldn't lie to his wife Shelly about this But when he told Shelly she left him and went straight to her father's place Shelly was conflicted at first she didn't know what to do with Cal's straying how to process it But the longer she stayed at her father's no he didn't influence her she did come to realize that she couldn't stay married to him and asked for a divorce But Cal wasn't ready to let goHe wanted her back she had to forgive him he couldn't imagine his life without her And he came up with a plan Eight weeks to get her back eight Saturdays where he would take her on a date to prove his love for her was still real “Why eight”“One week for each year that we’ve been together” He's crushed she's crushed Would they be able to work it outTheir friends were the best they supported them individually but were also rooting for them to work through their differences They wanted to see their friends back together again they felt they belonged together They were the ones that had me convinced that maybe Shelly should forgive him But while Shelly was angry and hurt she wasn't unreasonable I liked that about her And the I read from Cal's point of view I felt he was genuinely sorry about his one night mistake And in their semi separation Cal nor Shelly for that matter went looking for new flings to deal with their sorrow “I’m sorry I don’t want to make it harder and I don’t want to fight with you” I implored “But I will fight for you Shelly Give me a chance to” His mistake costed them their relationship in than one way gone happiness gone trust gone them being comfortable in each others presence They had a lot of work ahead of themTheir friends again they were hilarious They were a great aspect in this book brought humor into the story as contrast to the seriousness TJ and Sasha's banter always had me laughing TJ I swear to God if you don't give me back that packing tape this instant I'm going to kick you right in your flat ass I heard Sasha yell from the other roomRed you know my ass is perfect TJ yelled back That's why you haven't been able to take your eyes off of it for the past six years” And the mysterious vibe going on with Gabby and Scott led me to believe they had feelings for each other But as far as I know they hadn't acted on it only because Scott is about to get married to a mean old womanwell she's not really old No one liked her but they tolerate her for Scott's sake But can't say she returned the courtesy luckily the tolerations only goes so far and doesn't prevent them from sticking it to her Cal Victoria said dryly Still imposing on Scott I seeVictoria I responded with a glare Scott's not here Is there something that I can help you with A new broom perhaps The story is told from both Cal and Shelly's point of view it switches from chapter to chapter I normally don't like a hero that cheats but I sort of let Cal off the hook Why you ask because he showed true remorse and fought to get Shelly back And as became apparent from the eight dates was that they both missed the other The still loved each other too Another plus was that they didn't fool around with other people while trying to fix their relationship I liked this story and think it's a great start to this new series I just didn't agree with the ending I needed closure heck Shelly and Cal needed closure Who was this other woman what if he got some nasty disease from her Cal didn't recall having sex with her did he use a condom Why didn't he get himself tested Maybe he got the other woman pregnant and was she looking for him What if she comes knocking on their door one day disrupting their lives once Those uestions popped up in my head and I had hoped to get answers to them unfortunately I didn't but I do hope that we'll get the answers at some point thoughyou can't leave me hanging like this But for now I'm looking forward to reading TJ and Sasha's story those two sound like very conflicted characters but together I know they are going to be so much funArc provided by the author in exchange for an honest review