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Her Secret, His Child Read & Download ✓ 104 ✓ Librarian's note This book's ISBN was originally used on this bookMother and DaughterJamie Archer loves her four year old daughter Ashley than anything in this world But Jamie has a past she's ashamed of a past she needs to keep hidden So she's created an entirely new life for herself aHidden So she's created an entirely new life for herself and Ashley a life that's threatened when Kyle Radcliff reappears Father and ChildKyle doesn't immediately realize who she is but Jamie recognizes him right away He's Ashley. A secret pastA young mother devotes herself to raising her daughter giving her the life she never had When her daughter's father comes back into her life will she lose the daughter and the man she loves or can love and forgiveness help her overcome her past An emotional rollercoaster of humor and tears

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's father Even though he doesn't know it A Family NowFor Ashley's sake for all their sakes Jamie has to tell him the truth something that seems to become harder every day Because she's falling in love with him For the second time. Her Secret His Child is the story of Jamie Archer and her daughter who have made a good life for themselves in a college town in Texas where she’s an accountant However there happy life together becomes threatened as Kyle Radcliffe shows up in town pleasantly surprised to find the woman he spent one wonderful night in Vegas with at his lowest point as his new accountant just as Ashley begins asking about her missing father and the past that Jamie tried so hard to hide and forget begins to bubble up Tara Taylor uinn handles her subject matter gracefully using the extra length the Super Romance title gives her to fully explore the relationships and characters she has presented us along with a great sub plot focusing on Jamie’s best friend that eventually plays a part in solving the driving conflict of the book While some of the situation and past presented to us is cliche the reactions involved are realistic and cause the problems you think they would in real life and allows our two main characters to realistically deal with it and come out stronger without making said issue suddenly irrelevant As you can tell I am actually trying very hard not to spoil anything here because it is something I really think you should read for yourself I am not totally sure when Harleuin began doing mini series probably ages ago but apparently this is a part of the “A Little Secret” series though it doesn’t seem to connect to anything in particular throughout Perhaps its just the first in a series nothing to connect to yet who knows Very unlikely that I can track down any others in the series to see how it goes The major conflict of the story comes in two arcs and mostly revolves around Jamie’s past and how it effects her self esteem and her relationship with Kyle For me the books strong points are how well written and three dimensional the characters are While they do fit the roles of the average Harleuin novel it’s a staple of the genre but you could also see these characters in something other then a genre romance and if given space this kind of storytelling could move from genre romances to full on independent single titles I wouldn’t be surprised if in the past twenty years she has moved on to single title romances The book deals with its subject matter in a mature manner but its limited viewpoint of the subject is one dimensional and prejudiced unfortunately which does mean losing some points for its one dimensionality I’m not sure if it’s the time or the limits of the time or the genre but still its something that I wish I could have seen done here even if I understand why the perspective on the issue was written the way it was for the sake of the storyline The ending of the book while happy did leave some things unresolved and I would have preferred for them to continue on with it for another fifty or so pages to resolve it and then put in the happy ending Her Secret His Child was overall a well written book with some flaws that can be attributed mostly to the nature of what kind of book it is and prejudices that are still around today I would give this book 3 hearts out of 5 333

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Her Secret His ChildLibrarian's note This book's ISBN was originally used on this bookMother and DaughterJamie Archer loves her four year old daughter Ashley than anything in this world But Jamie has a past she's ashamed of a past she needs to keep. After I started reading this book I realized I had read it before The female lead was a child abuse suvivor who was taken advantage of by an old married man and turn on to being a paid date because of him The male lead grew up in a house where his mother did the same thing and he hated it But they found somthing in each other and wound up having a daughter and falling in love except her past comes back to haunt her Overall the book was interesting and realistic The leads were well written and I got really into this book