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FREE READ ☆ The Nightingale Ñ In love we find out who we want to beIn war we find out who we areFRANCE 1939In the uiet village of Carriveau Vianne Mauriac says good bye to her husband Antoine as he heads for the Front She doesn’t believe that the Nazis will invade Francebut invade they do in droves of marching soldiers in caravans of trucks and tankIn love we find out who we want to beIn war we find out who we areFRANCE 1939In the uiet village of Carriveau Vianne Mauriac says good bye to her husband Antoine as he heads for the Front She doesn’t believe that the Nazis will invade Francebut invade they do in droves of marching soldiers in caravans of trucks and tanks in planes that fill the skies and drop bombs upon the innocent When a German captain reuisitions Vianne’s home she and her daughter must live with the enemy or lose everything Without food or money or hope as danger escalates all aroun. I really tried you guys There was even a 20% period when my standards were reduced so low from the previous 70% that I thought maybe maybe 2 But the last 10% was offensive Yes I said offensive Review later And by review I mean bitch rant fest People keep asking me how I didn’t like this book Honestly I want to ask them how they didNever have I ever read a book by such a clueless air headed authorAnd I actually don’t even mean that to be mean or to pick on KH It’s just that uite frankly those are the truest words to describe what was obviously in Hannah’s mind when she wrote this book nothingShe forgets what she writes a chapter a page a paragraph hell in a few instances even one sentence earlier Examples Mais oui but of course 1 She forgets to age characters this in the first chapter Isabelle is 4 and Vianne is 14 when their mother dies Vianne is taken crying to Le Jardin and falls in love At 16 she’s pregnant at 17 she has a miscarriage Then of her miscarriage Hannah writes “She’d crawled into her grief and cocooned it around her unable to care about anyone or anything—certainly not a needy wailing four year old sister”2 She forgets the weather Isabelle treks out of the house pre dawn in “knee deep snow” and then steals a bicycle that same morning from an SS officer who is across the street in a cafe Okay so I’m from Ottawa which in 2015 was the coldest capital ON EARTH I’ll PRETEND you can actually ride a bicycle in “knee deep” snow you can’t But Isabelle takes the bike straight to Henri’s apartment to hide it—I’m sorry but TRACKS The SS officer will walk out of the cafe see the missing bikeand see tire marks that lead straight to the French Resistance headuarters Or do you want to tell me people were plowing the streets in this village of a 1000 people3 She forgets the season Winter temperatures Isabelle climbs over a rose covered wall WHICH to be fair to Hannah I live in Tuscany where roses do grow on some mild winter days But roses certainly are not growing in Carriveau in the wintertime because4 She forgets CLIMATE Again I’m from Ottawa Hannah’s descriptions of this French winter in her imaginary town in the Loire Valley seem to be inspired by the Arctic Tundra because she’s got wait for it ARE YOU READY knee deep snow hail ice rain sleet frosted windows “ice sheened glass” and “frost limned windows” “she didn’t want to go out into the cold white world again she stepped over the threshold and out into the snowstorm” “Bending forward angling into the wind she trudged through the wet heavy snow hit the ground cracked her head on the snow covered step”5 She forgets where her characters are placed in one instance Vianne exits her bedroom in the middle of the night to write down the Jewish children’s names on the kitchen table then finishes her job leans back thinks about her own kids for a bitthen reaches out and strokes her sleeping children’s heads then cuddles in bed with them6 She forgets when characters have no money Vianne stuffs newspaper print in her coat for extra warmth and gets a tin can of oil in the ueuebut has money to just hop on a train to see Isabelle in prison Forget the permits she would need since by then ALL OF FRANCE was occupiedShe also doesn’t seem to understand the definition of several key words in her novel refugee garden village poor REFUGEE is NOT local inhabitants of a city under attack fleeing to distant relatives in the countryside or neighboring towns or lodging in hotels in the countryside or neighboring towns I also took a lot of issue with how Hannah describes these fleeing locals 1 Chaos Dust Crowds The street was a living breathing dragon of humanity inching forward wheezing dirt honking horns; people yelling for help babies crying and the smell of sweat heavy in the air2 like flotsam in the reeds of a muddy river3 Like a thousand legged centipede the crowd moved forward into the great hall Side rant as for this “thousand legged centipede” does she perhaps mean a MILLIPEDE4 The refugees who had arrived before her would have moved through the town like locusts buying every foodstuff on the shelves5 clothes so tattered and patched she was reminded of the war refugees who’d so recently shuffled through Paris hoarding cigarettes and bits of paper and empty bottles begging for change or help Isabelle when meeting Gaetan—notice how she’s not part of these “war refugees” even though SHE WAS6 There were dozens of people in her yard; mostly women and children moving like a pack of hungry wolves Their voices melded into a single desperate growl7 The crowd surged around him like water around a rockNotice how they’re allnot human Lumped into a collective beast a dragon rushing water millipede pack of growling hungry wolves that is THE REFUGEES But what’s sickening about all of this is that Isabelle was part of them and yet never once does Hannah include her in these ominous descriptions of dun dun dun dunnnnn THE REFUGEES Instead she was getting kissed by the handsome Gaetan because she’s above the smelliness of refugee status apparently Also we’re reminded three times throughout the book that “the refugees” broke Vianne’s gate This kind of language that dehumanizes refugees needs to stop GARDEN Le Jardin is supposedly a garden and literally means “The Garden” in French But this “garden” is a fucking farm because in a 1940 French village it has chickens rabbits both plural a stone wall covering all of it a BARN with a car inside it and ANOTHER cellar a hill with a “hillside between the garden and the barn” and is so big that Isabelle can come in the middle of the night with three communists and move the car in the barn and hide a dead body and Vianne inside at home HEARS NOTHING More implausible still even after the wall was torn down not ONE of the poor starving French people broke in to steal her fruits vegetables and live stock VILLAGE This village of 1000 people has Nazis SS and Gestapo and a networked train system POOR Part I Seriously guys what class were these people Farmers Because they own a farm Village people Nope because they have expensive silverware Limoges plates Alençon lace original impressionist paintings and a spare bedroom Let’s break down the math Isabelle is 19 in 1939 She is 10 years younger than Vianne So Vianne was born in approx 1910 Which meansdespite a dead mother a drunk absent father throughout her entire life growing up in WWI living through the GREAT DEPRESSION that followed getting pregnant at 16 and going to university while pregnant according to Hannah miraculously her and her parents had money they live in a house a mile away from a village of 1000 people keep in mind for a car and to put both girls in university A car a property with an acre of land university for both daughters—I mean I’m jealous here in 2016 Isabelle is bilingual and knows how to drive a car and is 19 years old and still in boarding schools in 1940 France LEARNING TO CUT AN ORANGE I just can’t stress the time period enough Getting kicked out no less for failing to learn how to cut an orange At 19 So then who taught her English if her school was so worthless I doubt it was her dead mother or absent father To say nothing of the fact that back then at 19 you should be married POOR Part II During the war they were eating cats and rats People were stealing bread There was nothing Salt was precious as gold and used for preserving food NEVER for seasoning it Some examples of starvation during wartime poverty in this book1 but what about the coming winter How could Sophie stay healthy without meat or milk or cheese Because bread vegetables and fruits were in abundance in wartime winters 2 She had sold off her family’s treasures one by one a painting to feed the rabbits and chickens through the winter EAT THE FUCKING RABBITS This is Europe in the 1940s for fuck’s sake Eat the goddamn rabbits3 Moments later she carried out a heavy ceramic tray bearing the fried fish surrounded by the pan roasted vegetables and preserved lemons all of it enhanced with fresh parsley The tangy lemony sauce in the bottom of the pan swimming with crusty brown bits could have benefited from butter but still it smelled heavenly Wartime poverty euals no butter got it3 “There is no food here in the city Isabelle People are raising Guinea pigs for food You will be comfortable in the country where there are gardens” As long as you have a garden you’re fine4 Vianne began finely chopping the mutton She added a precious egg to the mix and stale bread then seasoned it with salt and pepperThis book read like a Mediterranean slim fast diet and a vintage fashion catalog than anything else Other than Hannah constantly saying how much they were losing weight and starving and going without I would never have known Take away her adjectives like stale and precious and it’s fucking gourmetIf this book wasn’t so heavily inspired by Andrée De Jongh I might not be so harsh on it But it is So yes a woman who WAS a war hero after working for the Red Cross who set up the Comet Line with her father went to a concentration camp survived—for Hannah to sentimentalise her life the way she did it IS offensive By focusing so heavily on Isabelle’s beauty and having Isabelle’s beauty be the reason she so easily slides past the Nazis even Isabelle admits this Hannah is actually ROBBING De Jongh of her strength courage power heroism And I have a bone to pick with Hannah the real Andrée De Jongh was not blond I find it wrong for a blond American author to take a real woman change her short curly black hair and add long blond hair instead hair so pretty when Beck comments on it SHE CUTS IT OFF and then start saying she’s “impossibly beautiful” Especially in a book about WWII where Hitler was prejudiced to anyone who was not of blond hair blue eyed Aryan race What the hellThis book is no historical fiction than Disney is a true retelling of the Brothers Grimm stories Which gets even WORSE when you start looking at what Hannah opted to change from the real De Jongh No mention of a spouse in later life or during the war effort is mentioned for De Jongh She survived the concentration camp and lived until she was 90 She began establishing the Comet Line after she first worked in the Red Cross ie she didn’t scribble a V on a poster and hand out fliers and BAM hiked Pyrenees In contrast Hannah gives Isabelle daddy issues has her begin working for the rebels to impress a love interest then has her die contentedly in her lover’s arms What’s so astounding and disturbing is that all the things that Hannah changed about De Jongh were the things that made De Jongh strong powerful resilient caring heroicThen there is the writing styleThe number of times that Hannah repeated the same mediocre turn of phrase had me feeling like she was just enad with her own writing Which was sad because the oft repeated turns of phrase were mediocre at best rendered embarrassing after oh the fifth time How many times does a car horn “aah oo gah” How many times do characters note the black markings on the wall where pictures used to hang Hint one time too many How many times is something “was all she could say” Seven times too many Note to Hannah if that’s all a character says it goes without saying that that’s all she could say How many times do people “tent” their hands over their eyes The French words peppering this novel were the most generic one word expressions oui merde that felt like Hannah couldn't be bothered to consult a French editor so she stuck with the most basic words Merde is not the go to French cuss either Nor is it especially not the ONLY French cuss word eitherSimiles that mix senses abound — “roses tumbling like laughter” is just ONE example Clouds are stretched tight as clotheslines — it goes on The result was for me a very cartoonish book with clothesline hanger clouds complete with clothes flapping laughing roses and a Roger Rabbit cameo every time a horn “aah oo gahs” And in fact Hannah thought her little aah oo gah was so clever that she even turned it in one instance into a verb Aah oo gahed I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried you guys Think that’s not so bad In the middle of a detailed rape scene we have ladies and gents He kicked the door shut with his booted foot and then shoved her up against the wall She made an ooph as she hit This is exactly the kind of sentimental senseless ridiculous bullshit chick lit writing that is PRECISELY why men make fun of chick lit and what basically sets feminism back about a leap year or threeThen there was what I can only describe as empty calorie description The only flowers Hannah seems to know of are jasmines and roses Every time there is a group of people a baby wails and women cryscream Every Bloody TimeVianne sat down beside Sophie She thought about their old life—laughter kisses family suppers Christmas mornings lost baby teeth first words This is a generic description of motherhood that I a non mother could have come up with I could go on about the idyllic descriptions of France in WWII All I’ll say is seriously just pick up a vintage hat catalogue and French magazine and you’ve got the best of KH’s The Nightingale We’re talking picnics with checkered blankets brimmed hats aprons pencil skirts berets The book was a fashion show really The anachronisms were so bad too that it felt like watching a shoddily done play where the only thing historical is the fashion Expressions like “I’m pretty sure” and “bombed the hell out of” make appearancesAm I being too harsh I could just be a little pissed of still from the fucking bullshit that was the last two chapters of this trash bookSO this book is about two polar opposite sisters in Nazi occupied France Sounds brilliant Except it has fuck all to do with sisters It’s all romance All the book does is romanticise war You might be thinking but come on what’s wrong with adding romance in a war storyHonestly NOTHINGSo why am I complaining that this is “romanticized” Because Hannah uses war and tragedy in SERVICE of a romance It’s a backdrop a pretty set for a romance to play out just like the 5000000055 references to clothes hats and valises Hannah even uses a real women a real war hero to service her love storyIs this book really about two sisters learning to love each other I wishIsabelle puts not just her sister but also her NIECE in jeopardy by bringing the downed airman into the barn She escapes Vianne stays behind What happens when Isabelle receives a letter saying that Vianne has a new Nazi billeting with her This Vianne was fine—she had been released after uestioning—but another soldier or soldiers was billeted there She crumpled the paper and tossed it in the fire She didn’t know whether to be relieved or worried Instinctively her gaze sought out Gaetan who was watching her as he spoke to an airman And then a page of her unreuited love for Gaetan That you guys is all the passing thought she gives to her sister Have you guys heard this famous uote by Winnie the Pooh “Always remember you’re braver than you believe stronger than you seem and smarter than you think” Well have you also heard the modernized tumblr version It’s the same but with “and twice as beautiful as you ever imagined” That last addition is usually written in bigger text or italicized for emphasis I’m going to uote someone else now who analyzed it first Why did girls feel like something was missing from that uote in its original form Because the message that we constantly receive is that girls are not valuable without beauty Brave strong and smart are NOT enough for women—they must be beautiful tooWhy is this related to The Nightingale Because of THIS1 “Gaetan won’t think I’m pretty any”2 Vianne kissed Isabelle’s cheek “You’re beautiful” she said3 When he drew back he stared down at her and the love in her eyes burned away everything bad; it was just them again Gaetan and Isabelle somehow falling in love in a world at war “You’re as beautiful as I remember” he said4 It didn’t matter that she was broken and ugly and sick He loved her and she loved himThen in the last chapter Vianne1 “I thought she was reckless and irresponsible and almost too beautiful to look at”2 “Isabelle Rossignol died both a hero and a woman in love”According to Hannah it isn’t that Isabelle survived the concentration camps and is a war hero that matters What matters is that she came back STILL BEAUTIFULYes I do realise that she was bald and had malnutrition weighed eighty pounds had typhus and pneumonia and was coughing blood I do realise that Hannah was saying that despite all that she was beautiful Which at face value seems like a terrific message to send outBut important than her dying a war hero was that she died a woman in love Because that’s Vianne’s final thought the final thing about her sister at the speech at the end That she died a woman in love Not as Hannah tried to pretend after seeing a free France and being part of the resistance In the camp Isabelle “had to stay alive long enough to see an Allied victory and a free France” But she does see a free France and still her life is not “enough” In fact she wanders out in the rain because “Gaetan promised to find me after the war was over I need to get to Paris so he can find me” Her life becomes “enough” when Gaetan appearsWhy isn’t it enough that Isabelle is a war hero That she was brave Smart Strong Here’s a radical feminist thought why can’t we as women just leave beauty out of the euation entirely Even if she was a pretty woman why does it need to be mentioned And at every page too Which brings me back to that Winnie the Pooh uote For women to be brave strong and smart it is not enoughBecause Isabelle was exactly all three of those thingsAnd let me ask Hannah the same uestion she asked in the book“You should take a break maybe Let someone else do your mountain trips”Isabelle gave her father a pointed look Did people say things like this to men Women were integral to the Resistance Why couldn’t men see thatYeah Hannah Well do people say “He died both a hero and a man in love” I think notLet it be enough that she was a war hero please

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D them she is forced to make one impossible choice after another to keep her family aliveVianne’s sister Isabelle is a rebellious eighteen year old searching for purpose with all the reckless passion of youth While thousands of Parisians march into the unknown terrors of war she meets Gaëtan a partisan who believes the French can fight the Nazis from within France and she falls in love as only the young cancompletely But when he betrays her Isabelle joins the Resistance and never looks back risking her life time and again to save othersWith courage grac. So many 4 5 star reviews here but I'm afraid I just thought this WWII historical novel was okay There are so many novels about this time period and I didn't think this one rose above the heap The last one to do that for me was Kate Atkinson's Life After Life and this just can't even compare to that or to David Gillham's City of WomenThere's some nice detail about the home front in France which I have read less about than the English home front And there are some exciting scenes featuring the French resistance's efforts to get downed pilots out of France But there are also some small but annoying anachronisms antibiotics were not really available until after the war; Germans didn't put up signs saying people would be put in concentration camps Everything seemed very predictable a hiding place in the barn is introduced; you just know it's going to figure in hiding Jews later A kind Nazi is featured as well as a sadistic one And the last uarter of the book races through torture and concentration camps and death marches in a way I found tedious and unenlightening Then there is what is supposed to be a twist at the end but I felt like I saw it comingSo if you really really love WWII historicals this might be worth your time but I've read better from Kristin Hannah and much better about WWII


The NightingaleE and powerful insight bestselling author Kristin Hannah captures the epic panorama of World War II and illuminates an intimate part of history seldom seen the women’s war The Nightingale tells the stories of two sisters separated by years and experience by ideals passion and circumstance each embarking on her own dangerous path toward survival love and freedom in German occupied war torn France a heartbreakingly beautiful novel that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the durability of women It is a novel for everyone a novel for a lifetim. A 456 rating with almost 500000 ratings what is this sorcery