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In Fine Form Chronicles of Ylandre #6 Read & Download ´ 4 ✓ Guile is an asset in foreign relations but an affliction when it comes to affairs of the heartA bastard of unknown parentage Yandro Vaidon was born saddled with a huge disadvantage The nigh rigid class structure of the dual gendered realm of Ylandre relegated himAreth and Yandro to the same profession but a king’s intervention throws them together in an association that soon turns into mutual desire However prejudices have largely kept the aristocratic True Bloods and lower caste Half Bloods on opposite sides of the social and romantic divide In addition reticence born of distrust and a secret like no other hamper their attempts to span the chasm between them It will take than their shared passion to convince them to lower their protective walls and risk their hearts in full Contains hermaphroditism and explicit homoerotic sexual encounter. Chronicles of Ylandre is one of the best MM fantasy series out there It's gotta be because it doesn't get much better than thisYandro and Jereth work together for the king as ambassadors for Ylandre Despite Yandro's unfortunate social standing he proves to be Jareth's eual time and time again Even though he's proven himself to others Yandro can't seem to convince himself that he's worthy of someone with such high standing as JarethThere is a lot of fantasy in this series So much that even after six books I still need to use the very useful glossary of terms in the beginning of each story What I love about it is that even though this is very high fantasy at the heart it's a romance series Which is really what us romance junkies want to knowThat being said there was a lot of politics set up in the beginning It was hard for me to get into IN FINE FORM because of that I don't mind a little but it was too much Especially when I've come to expect a great love story from the seriesI really did enjoy Jareth and Yando Yandro who refused to be wooed by Jareth and his constant attention He was very innocent and completely scandalized by Jareth's bluntness Jareth was uite blunt when it came to his intentions with Yandro I loved how he didn't give up but still held back when Yandro truly didn't want what he was offeringWhen there was romance between Jareth and Yandro it was just as wonderful as I had anticipated I just wanted of it Was IN FINE FORM my favorite Ylandre story No Will I still read Absolutely

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Guile is an asset in foreign relations but an affliction when it comes to affairs of the heartA bastard of unknown parentage Yandro Vaidon was born saddled with a huge disadvantage The nigh rigid class structure of the dual gendered realm of Ylandre relegated him to the bottom rungs of the social ladder and promised a dim future Worse the endeavor to win respectability was arduous most claimed it was impossible But by dint of hard work perseverance and instances of plain good luck Yandro rises higher than even he had hoped However he uickly learns there are hurdles to overcome even a. This review contains spoilers so be warnedThe story is about Yandro and Jareth and I gotta admit I was really really curious about them ever since they made an appearance in Sacred Fate Jareth or Jath is Tenryon's brother you know the only Templar the world knows about He is also a very important diplomat who likes to indulge in mind games with his prey and has trouble finding a good aide because all of them fall in his bed So the Ardan comes up with the perfect solution Yandro Vaidon a Half Blood of dubious lineage whose status as a bastard makes his life really hard Yandro is decided to succeed where other have failed and keep a platonic relationship with Jareth But even Yandro can't keep Jath from his mind heart and bed indefinitelyWhen I saw the new Eresse book I was soooo happy but then I read it I was expecting from this book a lot So far I rated every single one of Ylandre books with 5 stars cause they deserved it but for some reason this book felt rushed incomplete The main focus is the diplomatic conflict between Teraz and Ylandre We've seen a bit of this conflict in Keo and Naeth's book but this time the author takes us deeper in the intrigues So deep I could hardly tell is this book's focus were the mind games or the romance The world is veeery complicated and the only thing we can go about is the list of places So I wonder where is the damn map How can I imagine those damn continents if I don't have the slightest idea of how they are supposed to be This The smallest continent Arvalde lies to the south of Lydan and is connected to its northern neighbor by a narrow land bridge doesn't work for me It's just a constant jumble in a wolrd already complicated beyond belief The wolrd building is incredible and I absolutely love it don't get me wrong but it's too complicated to understand without a bit of help and a map Anyway as I was saying the main focus of the book are the diplomatic relationships and not the love story Jath and Yan they make a great couple they had charisma but except the bed hopping some jealousy scenes and a minor break up I saw nothing else to remind me again that this is a book I bought so I can dream about the romantic and immortal love in a faraway landAnd the end REALLY REALLY You just skip the damn wedding the kiddie making scene and you tell us ok here is it your happy ending that you've been waiting the whole damn book is cut in half; I've made my uota of pages I don't feel like writing They are happy married have a kid end of story I hope the next book will be better and I still mourn the potential this book had 3 stars from me

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In Fine Form Chronicles of Ylandre #6T these heights Not least is his inconvenient attraction to a colleague deemed way beyond his reachScion of House Essendri the reigning dynasty of Ylandre Jareth Hadrana is gifted with than his fair share of beauty and wit The kingdom’s preeminent ambassador he has surpassed what is usually expected of a fief lord’s second son But while his high birth and family wealth opened doors for him Jareth’s success stemmed from his own efforts to make something of himself other than the idle fop or swaggering rakehell that was the lot of many younger sonsA coincidence of interest drew J. I've always particularly enjoyed these stories It's a well crafted fantasy world and the characters are always wrapped up in some sort of intrigueadventure with a healthy dose of romance and angst thrown in This was really no exception in my opinionI liked the political side to this story These two have been in the backdrop of a number of the other stories and I'm glad to read about them at last I actually liked that for two men whose lives depend on their abilities to talk their way out of anything or into it even these two struggled to talk where it mattered most I think it says something about how ephemeral words can be when you're used to dealing with them actions ultimately matter This story balanced the politics and the adventure well in my opinion The romance may have felt a little subvert but I think that's due in large part to Yandro's understanding of his station in life especially when compared to Jareth's He's never felt comfortable in his place his low birth and illegitimacy weighing heavily on people's opinions of him He's forced himself into behaving even properly than necessary so his merits can never be uestioned Yet it's still hard to trust in the promotions he's been given within the Foreign Office Hard to believe that everything he's worked for can continue to come true So he denies himself the one thing his heart really desires a relationship outside of the office with his boss Jareth has wanted Yandro just as long but he respects the young man too much to overly press his suit He doesn't ever want to make Yandro uncomfortable And his own fears allow things to go unspoken for far longer than they should havePersonally I loved these two together I felt like their problems were real and understandable but were overcome in a manner that spoke to the true value of both of these two men Very enjoyable 45 Stars