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No matter what world you call home and what your station in life there are just some paths that weren't meant to be treadMaronda’s uest by Christy ThomasBlurb The Grand Wizard has decreed Maronda enter the Portal of Life to embark upon a uest of great importance but despite her Ma’s claims it is a blessing premonitions of danger persistLenox works to prove his worth to wed her his true love but it appears a wizard plots to remove him from Maronda’s life forever To secure their future together Lenox decides to accompany her on the uest even if forbidden He must ultimately choose between using his dragon fighting skills which could lead to his death or give Maronda her greatest desireIn the end it’s Maronda who must learn to live with the conseuences of his decisionMexmur the Huntress by Anna SimpsonBlurb Long ago a dragonkeeper betrayed his charges To bring back magic to set things right Mexmur is sent through the portalCan she succeed armed with only a poem talon and bladeEntrance of Lost Souls by Echo SheaBlurb A guardian to the entrances between. Six short stories each featuring a portal and its purposeMaronda’s uest Maronda must go on her portal uest on her 18th birthday as her mother did before her Her mother believes it is so Maronda can find her true loveHowever the wizard has a important uest in mind for Maronda Great twist at the endEntrance of lost souls Gladys’ job is to guard the portal that connects the faerie world and the human world This job can be fraught with danger This was my favourite of the stories and I would love to read a novel on Gladys and her adventuresMexmur the Huntress Mexmur’s uest is to charge the dragon’s talon to restore the magic to the kingdom Nice feel good story with a happy endingWhere Once were Hearts This story was a gothic fantasy Not what I’m used to but intriguing with an unexpected endingOrdinary World The portal entrance didn’t come until half way through the story and the lead up was a bit ordinary although the storyline was originalThe Lunatic ueen Vazya’s enchantment has darkened the land and now the land is dying Pavel and Tamara feel they must kill Vazya to end the eternal night But first they must get past the ueen’s minions Breath holding suspense was rife in this do or die fantasyI was a little sceptical when I first received this book to read Short fantasy stories hmmm I’m not so sure It can be difficult to write something different in the Fantasy genre Having the stories put together in one book would make it all the difficult However these authors have all managed to put their own uniue stamp on the fantasy genre Great short stories for YA fantasy fans Each story was well executed and managed to keep me enthralled

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Portals Author Christy ThomWorlds Gladys has been called to bring a little girl back from Fairyland Passing through the Entrance of Lost Souls is no fun neither is hunting down a deranged banshee but what is a guardian to doAnd is the banshee really kidnapping the girlor saving her from something elseWhere Once were Hearts by Havva MuratBlurb After losing both his parents his entire fortune and his childhood sweetheart Master Bartholomew Battlesby sets out into the wilds of Northern England to make the acuaintance of his only surviving relation the landed recluse Mr Horatio Grimsby who has an eerie penchant for both tinkering and clockwork But on finding his relation dead with a gaping hole in his chest and the beautiful but scornful Miss Evangeline Witherop ruling in his place Bartholomew learns there is than one way to lose your heartCan Bartholomew reignite the spirit of love and mercy within Miss Witherop or will he suffer the same fate as his poor heartless cousinOrdinary World by Laurie TreacyBlurb Imagine a new neighbor moves next door a creepy guy who gives fifteen year ol. Portals is a great fantasy anthology that takes us to magical extraordinary complete and vivid worlds From lands with dragons evil and crazy ueens to saving the worlds and finding true love these stories have different styles but are eually remarkableIt would be boring and really long to review each one of the stories However the authors deserve to have some recognition for their work So here it comes a mini review of each workIn Maronda’s uest by Christy Thomas we witness how a girl has to move on with the conseuences of someone else's choices Told from a narrator POV the story moves fast and we can sense the characters emotions I really like Maronda because she comes as a strong heroin but with a vulnerable sideEntrance of Lost Souls by Echo Shea has a darker tone Protector of the portal between worlds Gladys has to face every fantasy creature you can imagine A world where banshees demons trolls and are real The writing has a modern air fresh and engaging A lot of action at the end and tension always presentMexmur The Huntress by Anna Simpson presents us a girl who has always heard of fairy tales but doesn’t particularly believe in true love or at least doesn’t want it for herself A chain of events send her through the portal with only a poem and the prince by her side Together they will set right the dragonkeeper betrayal The secrets are reveal at the perfect moment it’s fast and short with a good writing style The fantasy element is always presentWhere Once Were Hearts by Havva Murat was one of my favorites stories It has a really gothic and dark style The story is intriguing and the writing submerges you into a story that will give you the creeps Bartholomew and Miss Evangeline Witherop with those names you definitely going to read a horror story are great characters for the storyOrdinary World by Laurie Treacy is the other story I loved However the portal has a minor role in this one Despite that the story is an excellent YA paranormal with lovely characters I can imagine a longer story about Amy and her family Light writing sweet romance and bad guys are the basic ingredientsThe Lunatic ueen by Michael Siciliano is the only story told from a male point of view and written by a male author It was a charming story with good doses of action and an outstanding finaleGENERAL REVIEWEach story has a particular writing style and it's easy to differ one story from the other The only similarity between them is the presence of a portal and in each story it has a defined roleThere were stories I enjoy than others but overall it’s a great anthologyIf you are a fantasy fan you should read it you won't be disappointed I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Portals Author Christy Thomas Download ñ 2 ´ No matter what world you call home and what your station in life there are just some paths that weren't meant to be treadMaronda’s uest by Christy ThomasBlurb The Grand Wizard has decreed Maronda enter the Portal of Life to embark upon a uest of great importance but despite her Ma’s claims D Amy Silva the willies Amy wonders what the stone archway in the backyard is for Her life becomes even stressful when her family reveals they’re witches Could Amy’s new neighbor have anything to do with a local girl’s disappearance or be a threat to her magical loved onesThe Lunatic ueen by Michael SicilianoBlurb The land of Mershinka has been thrown into perpetual night Their King is dead and a moon witch known as The Night ueen rules from the royal palace in Grosnov An endless fog shrouds the land killing crops and starving the populace Cold eyed enforcers put down rebellions while volksa twisted wolf creatures roam the mists looking for prey Many have given up hope and wait for the inevitable end All seems lostTwo teenagers Pavel and Tamara devise a plan to kill Vazya the Night ueen when the moons Kainsk and Seresnya are down end the stifling enchantment and bring the sun back to their dying land But they need a watch to tell time a compass to guide them through the mists weapons to fight off Vazya’s minions and all the courage they can muster. I took a chance and I didn't regret it Normally a book without promise of romance isn't my thing but I found myself pouring over each of these stories I think everyone has their favorites in an anthology but I give each author a job well done I think each author did a great job of making the portal whimsical and uniue You can step through a portal to a land where dragons are the key to survival another takes you on a journey to change your fate and even a trip to a nasty portal into a land of death This is a great book that you could read anywhere and each story is a uick journey into another place in some cases several this is a book about a portal after all If you want an escape from the world read these short stories Each is well written and an easy and fascinating read