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Download kindle Î How to Catch a Cat 352 pages Ë Rebecca M. Hale ¸ A serial killer with a peculiar penchant for City Hall interns is on the loose in San Francisco and it’s up to me—and my two cats Rupert and Isabella—to put a stop to the spree Unfortunately worrying about my uncle Oscar’s failing Pean vessel to pass through the Golden Gate contained a familiar cast of human – and feline – passengers as well as an elusive killer who used a similar murder weapon Will the past catch up to the present in time to crack the case? The sixth installment of the Cats Curios Mystery Series I found this book not as enjoyable as the rest in the series This installment has Uncle Oscar at the forefront and is told in alternating chapter groupings from present day San Frisco during the America Cup Races and the historical 1700s onboard a ship named the San Carlos The majority of the characters are in both timeframes as our the cats Rupert Isabella As always there are hijinks both human and feline Enjoyable if you've read the other books in the series

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A serial killer with a peculiar penchant for City Hall interns is on the loose in San Francisco and it’s up to me and my two cats Rupert and Isabella to put a stop to the spree Unfortunately worrying about my uncle Oscar’s failing Rebecca M Hale returns to her Cats and Curios series with her latest book How to Catch a Cat Rupert and Isabella are back with another adventure this time centering around the sailing history of San Francisco Hale's uniue way of writing might be a little confusing for some but she always creates a tale that is complex and satisfying and this one is no exception The unnamed main character is trying to find a killer in her own time and one in the past which takes the reader on a journey through time as well as through a good mystery Readers who love this series will find this one irresistible This series is a mystery within itself The idea that the main character is never named in the series took a little bit of getting used to At first I found that hard to digest but the idea has grown on me It is a really uniue concept and Hale certainly makes it work for her in this series Readers are fascinated as much by Rupert and Isabella's person as they are by whatever is going on in the story I wonder every time I read one of the books in this series if we'll ever really find out her name I loved the sailing history theme of this addition to the series Hale always does her homework and ensures that no two books she has written are anything alike Her themes are distinctive and often take the reader into areas they never considered before San Francisco is obviously a sailing town I have to wonder how much of the historical stuff that Hale gives us in this book is based on real fact It makes me want to go beyond the book and do a little research of my own That's a hallmark of a good author Essentially the lead character along with her uncle and her two cats are trying to pinpoint not one but two killers separated by time The present day killer's nickname is the Knitting Needle Ninja due to her choice of weapon It was a little hard to distinguish whether you were in the past or the present at times and it was one of those books you had to really think about and concentrate on But I think that was part of the beauty of it I didn't want a mystery I could solve easily I wanted to work for it and Hale delivered on that aspectBottom LineRupert and Isabella once again steal the show We still don't know the main characters name and Uncle Oscar is still alive unbeknownst to most of the characters in the book This was a somewhat complicated tale that took a lot of twists and turns I loved the sailing history I liked the fact that you had a mystery within a mystery to solve and the way the story skipped from the past to the present A very uniue and satisfying addition to this popular series

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How to Catch a CatHealth and assisting with the interim mayor’s America’s Cup regatta doesn’t leave me with much opportunity to chase down clues Could the key to apprehending the killer be found in San Francisco’s sailing history? The first Euro Dollycas’s ThoughtsThe truly is one of my favorite series They are so much than mysteries that are adventures and Rebecca M Hale spins uite a story or should I say stories She takes the reader back and forth from 1775 to present time and gives this series a fabulous finishAgain the story picks up right where the last one leaves off as Oscar his niece and her cats are trying to catch the Knitting Needle Ninja A killer who hides blades in the ends of knitting needles apparently it is a weapon used way back in the past too This time the story focuses on an America’s Cup Regatta in present day and the search for a hidden bay off the coast in the past The stories parallel perfectly and leave the reader wondering about all the charactersLike my reviews of previous books in this series I stress that these books need to be read in order because each one builds to the next Reading this as a stand alone would leave too many uestions or disappointment for the reader The entire series is excellent so if you are not already a fan please start from the beginningThe author does a vast amount of research and her fiction is based on facts which really draws me into these stories I always want to do a little research on my own after finishing or sometimes during these stories Her writing style is very creative and it takes a few chapters to get into the rhythm but soon the reader is so immersed in the story it is as if you are watching a movie as the pictures just form before your eyesThe characters are rich genuine and also uirky and the cats Rupert and Isabella are some of the finest felines you will find in fiction todayThis book is dedicated to the readers by Rupert Isabella and Rebecca – stating “It has been a pleasure sharing our adventures with you” Well all I have to say the pleasure was all mine I loved each and every one of them