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Sweet AddictionExpectation of a relationship It is what it isDylan Sparks knows the rules She’s familiar with the protocol And she engages in the best sex of her life with a complete stranger at her ex boyfriend’s weddingReese Carroll doesn’t care about the. I had this book hanging out on my TBR list for a long time and kept seeing wonderful reviews for it so I finally decided to give it a whirl I listened to the Audible version and it was a good listening choice for me I don't like to choose audiobooks that are too dirty because let's just face it it's a little awkward to have a narrator talk dirty to you in traffic especially if their voice is off putting I also don't want to pick one with an intricate plot that has too many twists and turns After all I have to reserve some mental capacity to pay attention to the other cars on the road That being said this was just the fun light hearted story for my commute The storyline was humorous and sexy but also predictable I liked the characters despite a few irritating traits The supporting characters were also fantastic I found myself wanting to know their stories as wellIn a nutshell this is a story of a wedding hook up turned into a casual fling turned into love Emotions run thick The two main characters Dylan and Reese let their insecurities get the best of them Eventually a colossal misunderstanding breaks the two apart temporarily However not to worry they do find their way back togetherOverall I thought it was a fun entertaining read It kept me laughing with the banter between Dylan and her friends I thought it was great

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There are alternate cover editions for this ASIN here and hereFrom New York Times bestselling author J DanielsWedding hookups never amount to anythingThose who partake in this wicked little activity know the rules Get in Get laid Get out There's no. Reese 5 StarsThe Banter 5 StarsThe Steam 5 StarsDylan 4 Stars The AngstDramaConflict 3 StarsHonestly up until the 85% mark and the conflict I would have given this book 5 Stars It was funny it was fun and it was SMOKING HOTBut the conflict killed it for me So I had to give a star deduction for that Me no likey miscommunication making assumptions not having a conversationHowever I loved the rest of the book All of the characters were fantastic and I was literally LMAO most of the bookDylan is attending her ex boyfriends wedding No not as a guest she made the wedding cake which I personally would have poisoned While making her way to her seat she falls in the lap of Reese Only to end up later having slutty wedding sex with him in the bathroom They start a monogamously casual relationshipand so the story goes Let's face itboth Resse and Dylan are inPretending it's casual when we all know otherwise Reese makes it pretty clear that he's willing to go for but goes along with what Dylan wants Why she's adamant about it being casual is beyond meThe sexual chemistry between these twoBut with two people in denial comes silly drama leading up to an even sillier conflict There was some jealousy insecurities crazy exesmost everything was resolved rather uickly But then when it came to the conflict the big misccomunication the big misunderstanding ugh it just made me madBUT with that being said it wasn't enough to ruin the book for me or not want to recommend it to others And like I said aside from that I would have given this one 5 stars SoIt's perfect if you're looking for something light fluffy funny with a high steam factor Just be prepared for the drama going in Also this is listed as Sweet Addiction #1 and there will be a second book concluding Reese and Dylan's story HOWEVER I feel like this one COULD BE read as a standalone And depending on the blurb for the next book I may or may not read it I don't want another book of drama created between the MCs But I would definitely read other books about other characterspersonally I think Joey and Billy need a book Just saying

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Sweet Addiction review É eBook or Kindle ePUB ç There are alternate cover editions for this ASIN here and hereFrom New York Times bestselling author J DanielsWedding hookups never amount to anythingThose who partake in this wicked little activity know the rules Get in Get laid Get out There's no expectation of a relationship It is whatRules He wants than just one night with DylanAnd Dylan finds him too addicting to pass upSweet Addiction is the story of one woman’s struggle to keep things casual and one man’s desire to never let her go Warning This book contains adult themes. I went to the trusty listopia list and got me the first 10 or so entries in funny romance and this was one I am uestioning the trustworthiness of listopia now It wasn't actually funny at all I guess they were trying to be funny when they said things like the gay man had a gay emergency When he asked why it was a gay emergency she says they all are Because he's gay Can't gay people have straight emergencies or oh I don't know emergencies WhateverIt had the humor that bitchy catty girls who talk trashy have You know where everything becomes a sex joke Eventually it gets really old and you feel like you need a shower to wash off the ickYeah Hilarious AgainThe deal is that Dylan our heroine wants to hook up with someone for wedding sex at her ex boyfriend's wedding She talks a dirty game but we later learn that she's never hooked up with anyone anywhere before and has never had an orgasm and had only slept with one guy the ex This all puts her into that special virgin category for the guy Reese who gets to alpha out on the fact that he is the only one The man who OWNS her body Blah blah blahReese is a man whore who has done girls at a wedding than David's Bridal But when he finds Dylan and screws her in the bathroom he realizes she's special Bathroom sex the birthplace of many beautiful romances My parents met that way and my grandparents before them It's so sweetLet's celebrate our engagement with alcohol No not drinks I mean Purell So our couple decides to get into the worst stupidest most drama laden relationship ever Their relationship consists entirely of misunderstandings angst and her slapping his face multiple times It's ugly but won't be ignoredBasically what I'm saying is that this book is a trainwreck And like most crazy people I am indeed going to read the next book A because I have it And B I can't look awayFor a coherent and much better review check out this one