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Badge Author Art Edwards Characters Á 2 Ô AGING ROCK GUITARIST BADGE drank and screwed his way out of his best chance at life For eight years he's managed to stay off the booze and not coincidentally out of the music business But in 2000 flat broke and fearing passionless days ahead he accepts work in Los Angeles with a new artist young punkFor from her guitarist than memorable solos a ten year old son curious about his dad's new world and an ex wife who misses nothing Badge navigates both home and rock life with values accrued in a bygone era and toward a future as murky as a used shot glass Badge was a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association's Literary Contest for 2011 in the Mainstream categor. Lately I’ve been a non fiction type of guy Mostly reading biographiesand I’m not ashamed to admit they’re mostly rock biographies I like reading of others adventures and experiences on the so called “road to success” I’m interested in them because while I don’t consider myself a “true” musician I dabble Oh sure once upon a time I harbored reasonably realistic dreams of regional stardom; however nowadays I mostly just play the occasional weekend gig with friends One of the reasons Mr Edwards brand of rock fiction resonates with me is because I recognize the characters Having spent time in bands and playing in front of audiencesthe situations his characters are faced with are sometimes very similar to those of my own In Art’s book Stuck Outside of Phoenix when Hote had to make the decision to either stay in Phoenix or head to Seattlewell I’d been there and had to make that decision It wasn’t Phoenix or Seattlebut many other circumstances were the same The conversations were the same I totally got it In “Ghost Notes” when Hote wants to uit a successful band due to personality conflictsthat was me Well my band wasn’t so successful but same sort of dynamics played out And Art very accurately paints the setting of these books both of which take place in the 1990s with such precision wellto put it simply you can almost smell the flannelArts latest book “Badge” picks up a few years later and we see a very different music scene – one that’s on the tail end of some enormous changes in the music industry – record labels are merging and mp3s are on the rise We’re now following Betty who was introduced to us as a very idealistic “next big thing” in the previous book She is now fronting her own band backfilling it with experienced musicians not uite on the tail end of their careersthose who have been around the block a couple of times and have probably seen and done it all and all they’re trying to do is hold on to their current gig without rocking the boat One of these musicians is Badge – a guy who should know better and does but doesn’t always make the right decisions I found myself really rooting for Badge to do the right thing – I was continually asking myself “self what would you do if faced with similar circumstances”and the decisions our protagonist made wasn’t always what I thought they should be – and the slow grind of Badge’s self destruction is what made it so hard to put this book downI had to find out what the conseuences of his actions were going to bePredictable Not necessarily and that’s what kept me coming back Look – I’ll echo the sentiments of other reviewers – if you like a good solid character study this book has the goods You’ll especially like it if you’re music fan and are curious as to the inner working of just about any band on the road And a note to Mr Edwards – thank you again for a good read and I look forward to your next

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AGING ROCK GUITARIST BADGE drank and screwed his way out of his best chance at life For eight years he's managed to stay off the booze and not coincidentally out of the music business But in 2000 flat broke and fearing passionless days ahead he accepts work in Los Angeles with a new artist young punk diva Betty The gig promises great pay professional studios and Badge's las. This is the strongest of Art Edwards' Rock Novels Badge follows the attempted resurrection of a divorced guitarist whose demons come back to haunt him One is rooting for Badge throughout the novel though his self destructive behavior seems a natural degeneration While Edwards is than adept at bringing us into the realm of rock music it's a joy to read how Badge gets lost in the music Badge is a soulful examination of a man who steps in the way of his own happiness Badge is torn between a normal life with his son and the lure of the rock tour and a certain young and sexy new rock star It's this struggle that drives the momentum of the story forward and we get to go along for the ride

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Badge Author Art EdwarT chance to rock at the top of the heap that is if he can keep his mind on the music and away from bars back alleys and backstage temptations that greet him at every turn Meanwhile the music business is undergoing monumental change with bands turning to the Internet to reach their fan bases and record companies making criminals of their customers With a lead singer looking. I read an early version of Badge and soon very soon I will read my final bound copy and give it a proper review In the meantime here are a few words about this book Badge is not a seuel to Ghost Notes but some of the characters overlap Betty fans rejoice To really prepare yourself for the complete Badge reading experience I'd recommend starting with Art Edwards's early work Read my review of Ghost Notes if you want to hear my thoughts on that The author and I even have a long discussion after the review if you want a behind the scenes glimpse at how the book came to lifeIf I had to guess I'd say that Hote from Ghost Notes resembles our author uite a bit He plays in a successful band but rejects the wild n crazy rock star life preferring to hunker down in the tour bus reading novels Badge the titular character of this latest work is nothing like Hote So get your hands on this book and get ready for some good old fashioned rock and roll debauchery Literary debauchery I mean More A Visit from the Goon Suad than The Long Hard Road out of Hell