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The Immortal Crown Download õ 104 ✓ From the international bestselling author of Vampire Academy Richelle Mead comes book two in the Age of X series The Immortal CrownIn the wake of Gameboard of the Gods religious investigator Justin March and the beautiful supersoldier assigned to protect him Mae Koskinen have become firmly enmeshed in investigFrom the international bestselling author of Vampire Academy Richelle Mead comes book two in the Age of X series The Immortal CrownIn the wake of Gameboard of the Gods religious investigator Justin March and the beautiful supersoldier assigned to protect him Mae Koskinen have become firmly enmeshed in investigating reports of the supernatural and the return of the gods both inside and outside their country's borders With this highly classified knowledge comes a shocking revelation not only are the go. 32518 ON SALE for 199 by Rabid Reads35 starsAfter reading the first two books in this series back to back I was reminded of something that often happens while I’m reading a book by Richelle Mead I’ve already admitted to loving her and I do but oftentimes something normally just a single thing keeps me from love LOVE L O V I N G whatever it is that I’m readingIn Vampire Academy the books were YA Urban Fantasy and that brought inevitably adolescent issues In Georgina Kincaid it was the whole “I’m a succubus and I can’t EVER turn it off” thing in Dark Swan it was Eugenie’s last Big Decision that made me see nothing but tears and recriminations in her and Dorian’s future when what she did inevitably came to light and in Age of X well in Age of X I can’t uite put my finger on the problem Maybe it was the drastic turn the religious observations took from general to specific Maybe it was the dissatisfaction I felt at the state of Mae and Justin’s relationship when the book endedI just don’t knowAnd it’s weird bc I REALLY liked this book A lot Like couldn’t put it down The Immortal Crown opens with Mae and Justin checking out an alleged Voodoo priestess in the Bahamas The priestess is in fact the real deal recognizes Mae as a fellow Elect and spouts nebulous and vaguely threatening warnings about a War of the Elect Mae and Justin head back to their hotel room where they’re attacked by BUGS Not just any bugs either—SCARAB BEETLESshuddersThey return to where the priestess is holed up thinking her responsible for the attack only to discover that she is moments from death having suffered an attack herself She spouts warnings about Elect attacking Elect and future wars among the gods and then diesCue ominous music Mae and Justin return to RUNA only to almost immediately depart again for Arcardia having been maneuvered into the trip by the politicking Lucien who’s convinced that a successful peacemongering trip there will seal his election winAnd once again EVERYTHING is connectedThis is where Mead excels She flawlessly weaves together a story in which seemingly isolated incidents casual interactions and what appear to be coincidences are anything but And again she’s subtle So the most you can come up with on your own is that something is not right there’s to that person then what appears on the surface But you have no clue what’s actually comingI love that incidentallyAs far as the world building goes the most development takes place in Arcardia We learned in Gameboard of the Gods that Arcardia is RUNA’s neighbor with whom they hold a merely tentative peace There are constant border skirmishes and the threat of war looms heavily in the backgroundAnd this is where I begin to have problemsMead states very clearly in the early part of the book that present Arcadia bares no similarities with past southeastern US That Arcardia is purely the result of a land area turning to religion rather than science in the aftermath of the disease that killed off half the world’s population but this simply isn’t true Arcadia is a horrifically exaggerated version of the pre Civil War south with some puritanical principles tossed in for fun And just so there’s no confusionPre Civil War South Puritan value system NEGATIVE funAnd of course with Mead there’s no smooth path to romantic euphoria NOPE We need to appreciate what we’re given and by golly nothing that comes easily is worth havingPfftI’m just hoping Mae and Justin work out their stupidity BEFORE the last book in the seriesPlease Richelle Mead Please PLEASE can we have a happy couple before the very end You can even throw all kinds of crap in their happy little path As long as it for the love of the gods gets RESOLVED I don’t care Just let them be TOGETHERPlease The Immortal Crown is this year’s follow up to the brilliant debut Gameboard of the Gods in Richelle Mead’s Age of X series There was of everything— gods trying to gain a toe hold places to explore secondary characters to love sinister villains kick assery from Mae brilliant manipulations from Justin just MOREAnd I don’t see it winding down anytime soonI still highly recommend this series to anyone interested in mythology based and futuristic Urban Fantasy This is one of the good ones And with so many UF series wrapping up recently or in the near future we all need to be aware of the good ones

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Ds vying for control of humans but the Elect – those special humans marked by the divine – are turning against each other in bloody fashionJustin and Mae's mission takes a new twist when they find themselves assigned to a diplomatic delegation headed by Lucian Darling Justin's old friend and rival into Arcadia the Republic of United North America's dangerous neighbouring country Here in a society where women are commodities and religion is intertwined with the government Justin discovers powerful. 45 StarsThe Immortal Crown was an impressive seuel and even better than Gameboard of the Gods in my opinion I refreshed my memory thank you Recaptains I got right back into this story and enjoyed the ride even this time around Be warned my review contains some spoilers if you haven’t read Gameboard of the GodsJustin and Mae are up to their usual investigating “religious groups and supernatural claims” making sure they’re not a threat to the RUNA Republic of United North America Justin is still riding a fine line with the god Odin after barely escaping servitude in the last book Sleeping with Mae almost sealed the deal as she is his perfect match and his taking her meant Justin agreed to Odin’s offer He barely got off on a technicality There’s always a price to tying yourself to a god and Justin is trying hard to avoid it Justin and Mae are “elect” “someone marked as special who have the potential to be strong servants for the gods” and that’s especially helpful to those gods who are trying to reestablish power and dominance Needless to say both Justin and Mae capture the attention of many deities out thereWhen Lucian Darling Justin’s college friend and candidate for consul invites him on a goodwill delegation to Arcadia a country in opposition to the RUNA and Justin wants no part of it That is until Mae asks that they agree to go Mae a Praetorian guard is an elite super soldier who never had any belief in gods or the supernatural until meeting Justin and after the events of the last book Now however she’s been having visions about the niece her sister discarded like garbage and the location shown gives her the chills If they’re correct her little eight year old niece is in Arcadia where woman are considered second class or worse Mae has no idea how to go about getting her niece back until Lucian Darling’s offer This story had me on edge and gritting my teeth in many parts The customs of Arcadia infuriated and disgusted me This is a society where woman are treated as property sold either as concubines or if they’re “lucky” as wives as in multiple for a man to the highest bidder as early as the age of thirteen or whenever they hit puberty The women slave over preparing meals and cleaning the home often deprived of modern technology to assist not because they don’t possess inventions like plumbing dishwashers or vacuum cleaners but because doing it the manual way builds character and instills humility Ugh Women must keep every part of their body covered so that they don’t tempt men and if they are caught making any infraction they can expect beatings or other forms of punishment as far as even death To say I was OUTRAGED would be putting it mildly Mae’s desperate worry over her niece is understandable and so is her reliance any means of help even if it comes from supernatural sources However her relationship with gods in this installment is a rocky one I’m troubled by the newest god to reveal himself to Mae at the end I looked up some of the gods mentioned in this series and one of the abilities ascribed to this newest god is troubling Does he have anything to do with something traumatic that happens to Mae at the end I guess we’ll seeJustin has his own troubles in Arcadia with Odin’s warning of a supernatural threat to his power and to the RUNA It becomes apparent early in their trip exactly whatwho this threat is but Justin masterfully maneuvers things to his county and Odin’s reluctantly albeit benefit Mae is still somewhat icy in the beginning towards Justin after their one night stand and his harsh words meant to keep her away But they work together well naturally in sync and having a connection where they trust each other implicitly They reminded of a futuristic Mulder and Scully from the X Files They have the same amazing chemistry and underlying attraction neither wants to admit This becomes evident when Mae is posing as Justin’s concubine in Aracadia where they must rely heavily on each other Justin surprised me with his courageous behavior when it came to Mae because he didn’t really step up like this in the last book I was heartened with the progress of Mae and Justin’s relationship at points but then upset by others It’s foolish to think all will be settled happily seeing as there are books to come but a girl can dream I will give you this lovely uote that made me swoon from Justin“All those other flings I’ve had are just ashes in the wind shattered and forgotten But youyou’re the real thing The fire that keeps burning in my life You’re the one There’s no one else I feel this connected to”The Immortal Crown was an amazing seuel and I have a feeling the series will continue to get better with each installment This was somewhat of a cliffhanger and I was torn up by the concluding events and how things were left It’s going to be a long wait for the next book A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewYou can find this review and at The Readers Den

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The Immortal CrownForces at work even as he struggles to come to terms with his own reluctantly acuired deity Meanwhile Mae – grudgingly posing as Justin's concubine – has taken on a secret mission of her own finding the illegitimate niece her family smuggled away years ago But with Justin and Mae resisting the resurgence of the gods in Arcadia a reporter's fortuitous connection with someone close to Justin back home threatens to expose their mission and the divine forces the government is determined to keep secr. OH MY GODWHOAH I mean what an ending So many plotwistsI can't wait for the third bookThis is torture