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Another - ウィキペディア Summary ☆ 106 Ò In the spring of 1998 Koichi Sakakibara transfers to Yomiyama North Middle School In class he develops a sense of unease as he notices that the people around him act like they're walking on eggshells and students and teachers alike seem frightened As a chain of horrific deaths begin to In the spring of 1998 Koichi Sakakibara transfers to Yomiyama North Middle School In class he develops a sense of unease as he notices that the people around him act like they're walking on eggshells and students and teachers alik. This was creepy Thoroughly creepy Not scary Just creepyThough I think part of it is that I already saw the anime before diving into the novel Because of this I already knew what to expect The anime was probably scarier than the novel too since you get on screen gruesome death in the anime than the novelSo in essence this series is a horror mystery I don't want to say too much because it will spoil the fun I do want to say that the description is somewhat misleading Yes lots of death but you don't really see them Yes Sakakibara tries to figure out the curse There is no vengeful spirit though If you're expecting Poltergeist you will be sorely disappointed I'm not sure if the description is a direct translation of the Japanese or if it's just American mistakeAnyway this is a horror mystery that is ingenious in the fact that you can't actually solve the mystery once you actually know what the mystery is All clues are given before Sakakibara's told anything so it's really easy to miss the important hints even if they're bolded I only recognized them because I'm already well aware of what was going on That's how brilliantly the clues are hiddenThere's not a whole lot about any of the characters other than the main players and even then it's not all that deep This makes sense because most of the characters even main ones tend to die off fairly uickly and with such a large cast to murder you kind of expect it You do learn a lot about Sakakibara and Misaki especially Misaki but some of the others not so much If you want character building and jump scares go watch the anime If you want curse focus and creep factor read the novelIt's also worth noting that there are differences between the novel and anime so don't pass this up just because you've seen the anime Different characters die in different ways so you'll still be surprised especially late in the novelI really enjoyed this so if you like creepy and you like mystery I highly recommend it

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Vengeful spirit responsible for gruesome deaths in an effort to satisfy its spite To stop the vicious cycle gripping his new school Koichi decides to get to the bottom of the curse but is he prepared for the horror that lies ahea. 455 starsAnother is a book I went into knowing the ending I saw the anime version a few years back when it came out I liked it but I was meh about it at the same time I was curious to how the book was though compared to the anime so that is why I read it in earnest Knowing the ending thoughknocks some fun out of itAnother relies on the mystery What is happening in Class 3 Why do certain people not existWhy are there deaths Who is the causalityGoing on knowing the answer means you can pay attention to the clues that are given for the solution to everythingDue to that I won't go into details on that aspectCharacter wise Koichi is the typical protag and Mei is the loner weird girl in class It is kind of interesting the anime went with a different color for her eyesThe book relates it to the name of the shop she lives in but her eye is greenred brown in the anime StrangeBut anyway they're fine as characters I felt like the anime gave a little focus on the other members of the class as the book was heavily focused on Koichi and Mei The anime also added a scene during the climax part that wasn't in the book which I guess added to the actionThe only thing that made me go Meh for this book was the writing style I don't know if it was the translation or the author's own style but it reads like a prose book I'm not even kidding it has that prose feel to it I'm not a huge fan of prose y works so it was a little bit of a turn off for me but I powered through itAnyway that's it for this book Despite everything it was a uick read Also this does have both volume 1 and 2which I was confused about before And final gif for this review

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Another ウィキペディアE seem frightened As a chain of horrific deaths begin to unfold around him he comes to discover that he has been placed in the cursed Class 3 in which the student body head count is always one than expected Class 3 is haunted by a. My first encounter with Another was when the anime aired a few years ago I immediately fell in love with how imaginative it was It wasn't until much later that I discovered that the original tale stemmed from a novel I was finally able to dig into the book and I must say that it was one of the most engrossing reading experiences I have had this year Another is a psychological horror suspense novel It is far eerie and creepy than it is frightening It's a paced intellectual story about a supernatural curse that has befallen third year middle schoolers in fictitious Yomiyama JapanThere are a few facets that makes Another breathtakingly brilliant The first is the macabre atmosphere It settles down upon the reader within the very first chapter The tension then proceeds to deepen with the turn of a page This uncomfortable heaviness that just overcame me as I read about these students and the impending curse gripped my attention so tautly that a hundred pages flew by in what felt like a manner of minutes The second element is subtlety When the story behind the curse is revealed the natural instinct is to try and piece together all of the clues to solve the mystery but the subtext is so fluid and wonderfully masked in emotions expressions and specifically things that are not said that it's wholeheartedly goddamn difficult to figure out the result Subtlety for me is something that can make it or break it in terms of a really good mystery The third element is the story writing It is twisted It is haunting It is beautifully original and stunningly strange With an immaculate prose and refreshing usage of words that are scintillating yet accessible the author creates an absolutely mind blowing piece of literature Another is a book that I thoroughly reveled It's eual parts thrilling spooky entrancing and downright psychological; so it's everything a thriller should be I highly recommend this to anyone interested in reading a book that is fantastic in every way