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Demons Within Mobi Ô 283 pages ¿ Allen Heras just landed his dream job and he’s determined to make the most of this chance for a new life Only there’s a problem he can’t seem to stop lusting after his bosses After suppressing his bisexuality his whole life he can’t afford to let his hormones ruin his chances for success Now if he could justAllen Heras just landed his dream job and he’s determined to make the most of this chance for a new life Only there’s a problem he can’t seem to stop lusting after his bosses After suppressing his bisexuality his whole life he can’t afford to let his hormones ruin his chances for success Now if he could just get his big head to conv 45 star review by The Blogger GirlsThis is one of the best mmf ménages I’ve read in a very long time I found it really hard to believe this was a first attempt by this author The story starts out somewhat slowly with a few uick flashbacks to show how Allen came to be in his current position from where he started as a new hire two years earlier I’m not generally a fan of flashbacks but they work here and only really happen in the beginning stages Allen Heras was basically recruited by MMM a top marketing firm for the raw potential they saw in his creativity and skills as a photographer He was basically untrained with little to no schooling He didn’t even finish high school But recruit him they did although it was by chance that he just happened to apply for a job in the company since he had unwittingly not responded to any of their communications up to that point So the company is run by two of its bigwigs Sidri McKenna and Tatum McAlister Allen feels a strong attraction to Sid as does Sid with Allen but they keep things under wraps for a good two years as their friendship and working relationship grows During this time Tatum has been behind the scenes having had to fill in for someone in their London office Sid and Tatum believe Allen is the perfect third for them They have a major plan of action but it is finally put in place by Sid when she pushes things a bit further with Allen When Allen and Tatum finally see each other face to face the attraction is immediate and strong However Allen has some major issues one being his closeted bi status He takes a lot of convincing to give the threesome a chance Allen is such a sweet soul He is gorgeous on the outside but feels uite the opposite on the inside mostly due to his horribly evil and bigoted televangelist parents He ran from them at the age of fourteen and has been on his own ever since so he has had it pretty rough He was completely up front about his past or he tried to be with Sid when she hired him but she insisted his past didn’t matter that they only cared about his future Sid is wonderful with Allen She and Tatum have been friends with benefits since they were old enough to do so They realized long ago that they could never really be what the other needed mainly due to their both having such dominant personalities and appetites And then Tatum is bi as well so that put a wrench in their being a happy couple But over the years they have experimented and learned exactly what they needed – a third who is also a submissive man All this talk about dominants and submissives would lead you to think this is the usual BDSM story It is not There is very little of that in fact It is mostly about control with Sid and Tatum both needing to be the ones controlling Turns out that Allen is perfect for them and it was lovely to watch them show Allen that side of him and nurture him to become comfortable with everything I have to admit that while I enjoyed Sid and Allen together Tatum stole the show Tatum and Allen together were unbelievably hot stuff There were really no jealousy issues here either Tatum had some issues of his own due to previous men not actually wanting a relationship with him making him fear rejection from Allen but they were dealt with and the three remained eual members of the triad except for Allen when his past crept back to haunt him I really could go on and on but this is already getting long Suffice to say that I really enjoyed this It was extremely refreshing with Sid being such a strong female character At the same time whenever I sensed things were about to go over the line of cheesiness they just didn’t There were a few niggling things here and there that kept this from that final ½ star but overall I thought it was fantastic I am really glad I picked this one up and am super excited to see it’s the first of a series I have a feeling Ms Ayers will be an auto read for me if this is any indication

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G term triad But when the demons from Allen’s horrible past threaten their relationship they realize that the real battle isn’t convincing Allen to love them it’s convincing him he’s worth loving in the first placeA Siren Erotic RomanceMénage and More Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance MMF public exhibition sex toys HEA Rhiannon Ayers has exploded onto the scene This is a thoughtfully crafted story that engages the reader throughout I became emotionally charged within the first few pages and didn't want to put the book down for a second This is what any reader loves in a story a real page turner An intimate trio that journey through exploration and growth characters that have breath and life a travel down forbidden paths; this is far than one would expect from a new authorI look forward to reading many books in this saga from Ms Ayers A wonderful read

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Demons WithinInce the little one of that he’d be just fineSidri McKenna and Tatum McAlister have always known there was something missing between them another man one who could bear the love of two Doms And they’ve chosen Allen to be that man They’d always known it would be an uphill battle convincing Allen that three people could make it in a lon 45 Stars Review by Lily posted at ScuttlebuttReviewsWow I’ve read many books in my life but I’ve never ever read anything this intense loving refreshingly different and so explicit There are many points that made this story so enjoyable and refreshing for me1 There are two dominant characters in the story and one of them is a female2 The two males are bisexual3 Three of them love each other unconditionally with total empathy and adoration4 The things they do together are very sensuous and sizzlingDemons Within helped me understand about the dynamics in a Ds relationship I love how Ms Ayers explains Ds relationship through female Domme Sidri's discussions with Allen Sidri lovingly taught Allen how he as a submissive person is in control of the relationship as much as his Dominant partners As a result I really enjoyed reading this story It is just so beautifully written with some psychoanalytical parts that fit seamlessly with the plot and dialogueMy only issue with Demons Within is the theological discussion in the beginning; I feel religious discussions are very subjective and can be touchy This is especially true when one is reading erotica and doesn’t uite expect to see it Religion is really personal and can be off putting if a reader isn’t willing or able to get past the topic and appreciate the overall story because they’re caught up in the theological issues When present in “standard” romance stories it’s not as jarring because those are usually about character development and their relationships rather than the sexual aspect of the relationships so it makes sense to me But I tend to think that erotic romance is effective when it leaves religion alone unless it’s integral for plot development for some reason But like everything else here that’s just my opinionThat little bit aside I loved this story Allen Sidri and Tatum are lovable characters with wounded hearts and beautiful personalities My favorite is Tatum but you need to read the story to know why I will say he is just wonderful and sexy