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review Only You Can Save Mankind ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ê Popular Ebook, Only You Can Save Mankind By Terry Pratchett There are many interesting things in this book 0 pages isbn 9780745173894 format Unknown Binding and others and has a text language like EnglishE many interesting things in this book 0 pages isbn 9780745173894 f. I'd never read this series before but I picked up the second and third at library sales a few years back and in preparing for a month of reading I came across them on the shelves and thought it was time The Johnny Maxwell series is solid middle grade SF with a touch of typically Pratchett esue humor In this book Johnny is playing a video game that involves slaughtering invading aliens when his screen displays the message that the aliens want to surrender They're tired of dying when a player dies of course he returns again and again but the aliens are permanently destroyed when they're shot and want Johnny to give them safe conduct back to their own world Johnny at first reasonably disbelieving comes to realize it's true though is it really or is he simply retreating from a world in which his parents fight all the time and school is a nightmareThe book is fairly slight but I've come to appreciate that Pratchett in his later books The Colour of Magic came out in 1983 and this one was first published in 1992 and reissued in the early 2000s so it's not that much later but still never missed an opportunity to drop serious moments in between the jokes Johnny's home life is a disaster with his parents so focused on their own fighting that they neglect him; his friend Yo less's mother a nurse and the parents of his would be friend KirstySigourney who is a hoot seem to be the only ones who notice that Johnny is suffering He's an ordinary kid for the most part but the aliens make the point that he is the only one of all the people playing the game who responded to their plea And the uestion of what is reality comes up repeatedly from Johnny wondering if the human players he kills in defending the aliens suffer to Johnny and Sigourney altering the alien ship through their desires because it's all in their headsor is itIt's a uick read and I enjoyed it enough to move on to the next immediately

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Ormat Unknown Binding and others and has a text language like Engli. I picked up this book to read something short and light in between another books Oh and because it’s Terry PratchettI was surprised by this book It’s definitely short but not as light as I was expecting Even the title of the book is not how it seems You don’t need to save mankind from aliens You need to save mankind fromwell mankind Only You Can Save Mankind is about war and Johnny Maxwell coping with it It’s about the difference between reality and a dream Or to be precise it’s about the similarity of reality and dreams And it’s about that all of us are not so different This book is a great way to talk about war I think it should be the only way to talk about it Because any war is wrong Because killing people is not a game Because aliens are people too

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Only You Can Save MankindPopular Ebook Only You Can Save Mankind By Terry Pratchett There ar. Better with ageOlder ReviewConsidering the popularity of first person shooters this book is still very timely It's Pratchett it's funny and delivers a message Kristi is the protype of Hermonie EnjoyableA really good what if type of a story especially if you ever played Space Invaders There are a couple uestions concerning the aliens and the game that Pratchett doesn't answer