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Chase Bartholomew Hastings Summary ✓ 104 ☆ Chase Bartholomew Hastings an inuisitive 10 year old with a love of physics lives in a time after what is known as “The War” Growing up without the modern electronic comforts his mother speaks of fondly from her own childhood Chase and his two best friends must create their own fun—usualChildhood Chase and his two best friends must create their own fun usually by exploring the limits of their town while being careful not to go beyond the safe zone When Chase and his friends find a hungry and frightene. Dystopian literature hit the young adult audience hard the last few years so I was than curious when I got my hands on one intended for the middle grade level Sadistic governments twisted leaders death and destruction Not here Author Ehren Achenbach has used the setting to introduce the reader to a gentle although still flawed world She offers hope Chase lives in Nebraska in a town with others who have survived the War Life is simpler no grocery stores with products from all over the world or amazing electronic devices but they still have a limited amount of electricity schools and everything they need for daily life I found this part a little nostalgic of earlier times and perhaps a believable world than many dystopians offerChase is a young man with a heart of gold and his friends are true blue They like to goof around play in the river and get upset when the adults shut them out In other words very realistic characters It was nice to see them uestion some of the town leader's actions and I had no problem cheering them on as they ignored the laws to help othersThis is a story full of hope a reminder to offer charity and a beacon of a better world despite the past it might originate from There are humorous moments many realistic scenes and warm characters The only thing I was missing was a bit tension in the plot and perhaps a character who goes a little past the line an average kid would be willing to goBut I still enjoyed this and can recommend it to kids who enjoy a believable story with lots of heartI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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D family hiding in the woods nearby they decide to take action even if no one else will After a tornado cuts a swath through town things begin to change as people realize that they cannot survive without pulling togethe. Chase Bartholomew Hastings is an extraordinary debut novel from Ehren Achenbach It is a perfect book for readers who are transitioning to full length novels and who want an intelligent story to match their blossoming reading skills Chase Bartholomew Hastings will capture the reader’s imagination and inspire thoughtful reflection Readers who devoured the Magic Tree House series and who enjoy the I Survived books will be sure to savor the vivid storytelling and thought provoking themes in Chase Bartholomew HastingsTen year old Chase lives in a small town in post war Nebraska where folks have learned to work together to survive without the modern conveniences they enjoyed before the war Despite the hardships of living in a post apocalyptic world Chase enjoys exploring his town playing with his friends and anything related to science He’s even a Calvin and Hobbes fanAlong with his friends Henry and Aaliyah Chase is confronted by the realization that some people in positions of power did not share his values of kindness and generosity When Chase discovers a family fighting for survival he has to struggle with the uestion “Can a ten year old make a difference” The reader will delight in joining Chase as he searches for a way to stand up for his beliefs

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Chase Bartholomew HastingsChase Bartholomew Hastings an inuisitive 10 year old with a love of physics lives in a time after what is known as “The War” Growing up without the modern electronic comforts his mother speaks of fondly from her own. Chase is a great kid lit character Heck Chase would be a great adult fiction character He is a good hearted kid in a rough situation The world is in chaos but he is lucky enough to have family friends and a somewhat intact community He is young but is expected to act much older than his age because of the current world situation This book is post apocolyptic but is not negative like a lot of the books in this genre It is very refreshing In addition I like that for the target age group the book was focused in the small town where they live rather than the world at large It gives something familiar community for young readers to relate to I also like that the book isn’t all fluff There is disaster after disaster and there are characters who think they are doing good who aren’t at all It is very real even though it is positive and the characters are optimisticI really felt like every character in this book was well developed no matter the size of the role they played in the book Every character was real and believable It was definitely geared toward younger pre teen kids but as an adult I enjoyed it It read very uickly and had a moving story line There were no lulls I know young new readers would be able to enjoy this book very easily even reluctant readers like I once was ☺