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Trapped Trapped #1 review Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ Recommended for readers 17 New adult romance A sweet steamy romance that will leave you fully satisfied Ana Goodreads My life has turned out to be such a cliché And not in a good way It’s not exactly Sixteen and Pregnant but at eighteen my only advantage is a high school diploma S one thing but letting him back into mine isn't going to happen Because the biggest mistake of my life has a name and that name is Mitchell Aaron Kingsley And he's one mistake I don't ever intend to make again TRAPPED can be read as a standalone book but for a fuller reading experience you'll want to read the free preuel THE TRAP Connecting series Unforgettable You Only For You Book 1 Olivia Zach All Over You Book 15 Rebecca Scott Always Been You Book 2 April Troy Late Fall 201. When I started to read this book I was hoping and praying it would be different but it wasn'tThis book is right up there with all the other books that think it is right for the hero to get everything and for him to never reap what he sowsThe hero gets EVERYTHING He gets the girl When she becomes a problem that he can't deal with or handle when HER PREGNANCY becomes a problem that he can't deal with or handle he leaves her He goes on to sleep with other girls in college and act as if nothing has happened because of course the pregnancy is not his problemThe heroine on the other hand has to go through pregnancy alone and spend some time to bring up her child by herself She on the other hand has no social life to speak of because we all know that good girls should never sleep with guys they don't love and want to marry Of course it's a different story for guys right Yeah maybe two hundred years ago The heroine wholeheartedly protests to us the readers that she would NEVER get with the betraying scum bag of a hero who left her when she needed him the most The hero who only upon receiving some papers that insulted his manliness decided to come back and act like a father We all know how well the heroine's protests gets herBasically by the end of it I was left feeling disgusted and sickened by both the hero and heroine It's such a joy reading these contemporary romance novels I am left feeling very empowered as a woman after having read these novels

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Recommended for readers 17 New adult romance A sweet steamy romance that will leave you fully satisfied Ana Goodreads My life has turned out to be such a cliché And not in a good way It’s not exactly Sixteen and Pregnant but at eighteen my only advantage is a high school diploma And if that’s not enough the father and I use that term loosely couldn’t have hightailed it out of my life fast enough I thought I really knew him Unfortunately my boyfriend of three years transfo. 45 full circle starsA few months ago I read The Trap and it made me want to junk punch Mitch Then I read this book and I totally take those words back I don't want to junk punch Mitch any I just wanna give him a hug Seriously though the reason I loved this book is not only because Mitch groveled or that Paige was actually awesome and one of the most non annoying NA heroine ever or that Bree is just too darn adorable I wanted to adopt her Nope I loved this book because it dealt with the issue of unexpected pregnancy honestly Trapped picked up seven months after the end of The Trap Mitch is wallowing in self pity while Paige struggles to raise their daughter It took Mitch's meddling older sister to finally snap Mitch out of his self imposed exile and face his responsibilitiesAs much as I hated Mitch in the Trap I understood his fear And I just loved that moment when he realized he might forfeit his chance to be in his daughter's life forever and the way he handled himself from then on Another thing I loved is that the author managed to give a voice to every dissenting opinions as to why Paige shouldn't give Mitch a second chance Plus I truly adored Paige My heart just broke for her She isn't blameless though Far from it But her biggest mistake was that she pinned all her hopes and dreams on one guy And when her relationship with Mitch imploded she had to start all over again And that twist at 94% I did not see that one coming and I think it made a lot of sense now that I look back on it It made Mitch's redemption a little bit bittersweet ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Trapped Trapped #1Rmed from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde once he realized his carefree childless days would be coming to an end I’m over him now though The real love of my life is chubby has gum than teeth and stands a little over two feet tall She may not have been planned but I’ve never regretted having her She is the center of my world A world that's turned upside down when my ex returns ready to earn the love and trust of the child he abandoned before birth Letting him into my daughter’s life i. TRAPPED Teaser“And don’t worry that I think this is a way for us to get back together I don’t want that any than you do This is what’s best for Bree” Paige states in a no nonsense voice one hand on her hipI take in all the bare skin revealed by her black bikini and bite the inside of my mouth to suash the unwanted surge of lust She doesn’t want to know what I’m thinking “No I get it This is all about Bree” I reply completely poker faced knowing I'm lying through my teeth She may have convinced herself we're over but we're not Nope not by a long shotTeaser #2“Paige I would do anything for Bree You have to know that by now”“I know you do” I reply with a small nod “You love her You moved back home to be with her You uit football for her You’ve canceled dates for her Believe me Mitch I can clearly see how much you love her”There's a beat of silence and then “I thought that’s what you wanted”“It is” I say uietly What is wrong with me This is what I want Always wanted Mitch growls tips his head back and runs his hands roughly through his hair His expression is one of complete exasperation when he lowers his gaze to mine “Then What Is The Problem”And it's at that moment that it hits me If they were doing a remake of Mommy Dearest I could easily be cast in the lead role Oh my God I think I'm jealous of my own daughterTeaser #3“My mother always said you can never judge the true strength of a relationship until it’s been tested Well if there’s one thing—besides my daughter—that I can thank you for is teaching me that It’s one of those life lessons everyone has to learn and I’m glad I got mine sooner than later I wouldn’t have wanted to waste another second on you” Paige NicholsFinal Teaser #4 Bree and I hug and kiss as if we haven’t seen each other for days instead of hours I breathe in the scent of baby powder and savor the feel of her against me This is the best part of my day When I finally raise my gaze to Mitch he’s watching us an arrested expression on his face “She looks so much like you” he says softly He’s not telling me anything I haven’t heard dozens of time but coming from him it's than an observation My face warms as I fight the seductive pull of pleasure that unfurls in the pit of my stomach“I’m her mom” I say feigning a nonchalance I’m not even close to feeling I’m uncomfortable with the intimacy that seems to have surrounded us with the uiet stealth of creeping fog Intimacy and Mitch is a lethal combination And not good for me at all “A good mom” he states his gaze dropping to my mouth Okay we’re heading into dangerous territory now It’s high time I take control of this conversation and let him know what’s what They’ll be none of this—him looking at me as if he wants to do than co parent with me The kind of that doesn’t include a stitch of clothing and includes lots of flesh on flesh contact Oh no they’ll definitely be none of thatBUY LINKS iBook Kobo