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read kindle Ý The Earth is Singing ´ Paperback ☆ reflectionslisburnltd Ñ My Name is Hanna Michelson I am fifteen I am Latvian I live with my mother and grandmother My father is missing taken by the Russians I have a boyfriend When he holds my hand everything feels perfect I'm training Russians I have a boyfriend When he holds my hand everything feels perfect I'm training to be a dancer But none of that matte Also Posted on For The Love of Fictional Worlds Disclaimer A physical copy was provided via UsBorne YAin exchange for an exchange review The Thoughts opinions feelings expressed in the review are therefore my own Trigger Warnings Violent Visuals Humiliation Mass Murders and ViolenceTo say this book is an enjoyable read would be all kinds of wrong; but The Earth Is Singing is definitely an impactful readWith the background of Hitler’s growing empire and crucification of Jews; I definitely wasn’t expecting this to be a bed of roses but I was definitely ill prepared for the horrors that one community went through only because one man thought his “race” was better than theirs and yes I know the current scenarios is eerily similar to the pastTold in the voice of Hanna a young Latvian girl with a Jew Mother and Latvian Father yes this distinction is very important– with a  bright future ahead; she is a skilled dancer and in love with her best friend Uldin The only cloud in her otherwise sunny life is that her father was taken away by the Russian Army and so she has no idea if he is even alive right now or not; but she knows in her heart that she will meet him againWhen the Germans start to invade Latvia they are widely believed to be the saviors of the country With almost all of them disregarding the scary rumors floating in about the treatment of Jews by the German Army in other parts of the Europe “Is this to be my life too?Will we get through it and somehow get back to normal?Will I ever find Papa?Why did I have to be born a Jew?” It doesn’t take long for the Latvians especially Hanna her mother and her grandmother to realize that their lives however ordinary they maybe won’t remain so for long Slowly the rules start to change for them for their friends and it is heartbreaking to see the people they have lived with dined with; their friends turn their back on them just because they were being persecuted for being Jews Throughout reading the book I had to keep reminding myself that this book is not wholly fiction – sure the characters maybe; but their experiences and their suffering were definitely not; that this is definitely NOT the work of an overactive imagination of a writer What it does do is reach its goal of waking its readers to actual emotional reactions behind the dry historical facts The Earth Is Singing is a book that everyone NEEDS to read – written in simplistic yet powerful manner; it is a brilliant cold hard way of waking up to the realization that history is not just dates written in a textbook; but actual reality for humans at one time For reviews visit For The Love of Fictional Worlds Do come join us at For The Fictional Worlds Facebook Page | Twitter | Instagram  | Goodreads  | |

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My Name is Hanna Michelson I am fifteen I am Latvian I live with my mother and grandmother My father is missing taken by the This is the story about three women from one Jewish family at the time when the Nazi's invade their town This is a remarkable well told story that both astonishes and is heartbreaking while being beautiful written These three strong women from three generations are to be admiredthey are resilient smart and courageous it was a pleasure reading about them and the emotions and struggles they went through you really feel for these people There were moments I had a lump in my throat and I think that is something special when an author can do that The youngest girl in the family is called Hanna and she is the narrator her father has gone away and no one is sure where he has gone or if he will be back and with the invasion of these terrifying troups it is a fearful time her mama is trying to support and care for her and her own mother or as Hanna calls her Omama I recommend this book for any fans of Anne Frank Unforgettable and touching I received this book for review from the lovely people over at Lovereading4kids

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The Earth is Singing Rs nowBecause the Nazis have arrived and I am a Jew And as far as they are concerned that is all that matters This is my stor There have been many books written about the horror of the Holocaust and The Earth is Singing is particularly heart wrenching And all the while I’m thinking ‘How can this have happened?’ though I know it is all terrifyingly trueUnlike many holocaust novels this story isn’t set in the terrible camps like Belsen or Auschwitz but in the city of Riga – capital of Latvia It shows the Germans arriving and taking control and changing the lives of the Jewish citizens so badly that thousands perish before even getting on one of the cattle trains to the camps Some spoilers belowHanna is 15 and dreams of being a ballerina and dancing in the Opera House in her city of Riga She loves her dance lessons has good friends a handsome boyfriend and she lives with her Mama and Omama Her mother’s mum But her beloved Papa has disappeared taken by the Russians before the Germans invaded They aren’t told why or where The citizens of Riga cheered the marching Germans through their city thinking that their lives would return to how they were before the ruthless Russian rule but little did they know that even terrible things awaited them – especially for the city’s Jewish populationIt started with the move from their nice house the burning of their synagogue rule changes like not being able to use the footpaths umbrellas parks cinemas public transport or join any ueues to buy foodThen came the 10cm across yellow Star of David first on their jackets then on their backs If not worn even in stifling heat they would be shotThe only food now available to her family is covered in mould or near rotten People are dragged from their homes and shot with Hanna and her family cowering in their flatHanna's fate becomes worse and worse until the unthinkable happens something so terrible it's amazing she survivesRead this book It may make you cry it will leave you sombre but will definitely remind you of the horrors of the Holocaust