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Free read â E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Christos Tsiolkas ?ισσότερο απ’ όλα ένα τίποταΤο Μπαρακούντα είναι μια άφοβη ματιά στον σημερινό κόσμο Ένα βιβλίο για τις ταξικές διαφορές τον αθλητισμό την πολιτική τη μετανάστευση την εκπαίδευση Εμπεριέχει όλα όσα είναι ένας άνθρωπος οικογένεια φιλία αγάπη δουλειά∙ τους ρόλους και τις ταυτότητες που υιοθετούμε και απαρνούμαστε Όλα όσα περιμένουμε από τον Χρήστο Τσιόλκα – τον πιο ατρόμητο συγγραφέα της εποχής μας. Find all of my reviews at Stars “I see a beautiful gigantic swimmer swimming naked through the eddies of the sea His brown hair lies close and even to his head he strikes out with courageous arms he urges himself with his legs I see his white body I see his undaunted eyes I hate the swift running eddies that would dash him head foremost on the rocks What are you doing you ruffianly red trickled waves Will you kill the courageous giant Will you kill him in the prime of his middle age Steady and long he struggles He is baffled bang’d bruis’d he holds out while his strength holds out The slapping eddies are spotted with his blood they bear him away they roll him swing him turn him His beautiful body is borne in the circling eddies it is continually bruis’d on rocks Swiftly and out of sight is borne the brave corpse” from The Sleepers by Walt WhitmanBefore I begin an actual review I’m going to be really rude and say this yet another case of a horrible official synopsis Danny’s mother isn’t single and his family isn’t middle class – in fact his father is one of the driving forces behind the story and the family is very much lowerworking class people The blurb is what draws the audience to new books it’s pretty important to get the basic facts correct GrrrrrThat being cleared up the rest of the synopsis is true This is the story of Danny Kelly – a promising young Australian swimmer who is discovered at a competition at the local pool Danny is given a full scholarship to a prestigious private school that focuses on training athletes for various Olympic events It is there that Danny will have to learn to deal with success and failure being good enough for some but never good enough for all including himself figuring out whowhat to be proud of and what should make him feel shame This was a notable book I’d never heard of Tsiolkas or his previous book The Slap before and simply picked this one up because I got it for free I love a good coming of age story and this one was exceptional All of the details of life as a swimmer added depth to the story the past to present narration was made fresh with the story being told in both third and first person depending on whether you were hearing “Danny” or “Dan’s” story and to read a solid homosexual main character One where being “homosexual” is not the defining or only factor of his personality Those kind of stories are way too few and far betweenI won’t go so far as to say this is a book for everyone It’s very “book clubby” for lack of a better term and I can picture a series of Atalking points being added to later editions at some point There aren’t a lot of plot twists or outrageous scenes to propel the reader – Barracuda is very much driven by how remarkably well written it is Its simplicity and raw emotion are what make it so striking Oh and I can’t wrap this up without saying PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE make the song by Heart stop playing on a loop in my brain now that I’m done with this book Please “Ooooooooooooooooh Barracuda” provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review

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Barracuda Free read å 109 ß Αυτό που θέλει ο Ντάνι Κέλι πιο πολύ στη ζωή του είναι ένα χρυσό ολυμπιακό μετάλλιο Ότι κι αν κάνει –κάθε σκέψη κάθε όνειρο κάθε πράξη του– τον φέρνει πιο κοντά στη στιγμή της δόξα Αυτό που θέλει ο Ντάνι Κέλι πιο πολύ στη ζωή του είναι ένα χρυσό ολυμπιακό μετάλλιο Ότι κι αν κάνει –κάθε σκέψη κάθε όνειρο κάθε πράξη του– τον φέρνει πιο κοντά στη στιγμή της δόξας της δικαίωσης όταν ο κόσμος θα δει ποιος πραγματικά είναι ο Ντάνι Κέλι ο δυνατότερος ο ταχύτερος ο καλύτερος Όλη του η ζωή είναι μια προετοιμασία γι’ αυτή τη στιγμήΧάρη στις επιδόσεις του στην κολύμβηση κερδίζει μια υποτρο?. I'm totally loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️'

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Barracuda?ία στο πιο φημισμένο ιδιωτικό σχολείο Ο Ντάνι σιχαίνεται αυτό το μέρος και τους συμμαθητές του που τον κοροϊδεύουν Στην περιφρόνηση επιλέγει να απαντήσει με τη βία και με τη βία κερδίζει τον σεβασμό τους γίνεται ο Μπαρακούντα ο ψυχάκιας Θα τους δείξει αυτός κάποια μέρα Όταν έρχεται αυτή η μέρα η στιγμή της αποτυχίας της ντροπής της ταπείνωσης ο Ντάνι χάνει τα πάντα· ο Ντάνι γίνεται αυτό που φοβόταν πε?. I read this book after Chris Gill listed it as inspiration for The Nowhere and can definitely see why It's confronting to read but great nevertheless