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FREE EPUB ´ MOBI Borrowed Crime A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #3 í 9780451415486 ´ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD É Librarian Minnie Hamilton spreads the joy of reading throughout Chilson Michigan with her bookmobile but she doesn’t ride alone Her rescue cat Eddie and a grOlunteer dies on the bookmobile’s route Minnie finds her traveling library in an even precarious position Although the death was originally ruled a hunting accident a growing stack of clues is pointing towards murder It’s up to Minnie and Eddie to find the killer and fast before the best chapter of her life comes to a messy clos I swear these books just keep getting better and better Every aspect of this book was fabulous and I couldn't get enough and I just keep finding and reasons to adore Minnie and Eddie They're easily one of my favourite new crime fighting partnerships and I can't get enough of them both I enjoyed this book even than books one and two I feel like Minnie has developed a fair bit as a character and despite her lack of adulting she's matured and always put her book mobile responsibilities first As usual her bond with her cat Eddie had me in stitches I just love how the two just bounce off one another with Eddie's constant 'mrr's' which brings me to say that Laurie Cass writes cats so darn PURRFECTLY I can't wait to start book 4

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Ning she’s worried her pet project could come to its final page But she’s determined to keep her patrons and Eddie’s fans happy and well read She just needs her boss Stephen to see things her way and make sure he doesn’t see Eddie The library director doesn’t exactly know about the bookmobile’s furry co pilotBut when a v AudioBook Review Overall Stars 4 Narration 4 Story 4 While the story is presented as a murder mystery the best part about this series is the library focus and the furry friend Eddie While I adore Minnie and her determination to make books available to many with her bookmobile she’s reached a point where the fight for the bookmobile’s future is a dire one indeed The funding has dried up – and she’s got to convince her boss NOT a fan of the programme from the start and unaware of Eddie is going to reuire a ton of persuasion and new reasons to see just why the programme is good for the library and the community But whilst Minnie has gained patrons processed tons of new library cards and is handy with a recommendation and some good cheer the real bonus has been the changes with volunteers that accompany Minnie to help out and spread books and reading where they go That is until one of the regular’s husbands is found dead when filling in – a ‘victim’ of a hunting accident Of course this couldn’t come at a worse time with her boss breathing down her neck and the victim’s wife and daughter blaming the library for his death – something that doesn’t feel like an accident at all uickly the plot moves forward with Minnie holding her own with everyone BUT Eddie – for he surely has her wrapped around his paw Clues discoveries and plenty of interactions are the highlight here along with a surprise suspect perpetrator that isn’t easy to guess or ferret out before all is said and done Want a perfect “beach listen”? These stories are engaging clever and utterly sweet with characters that you won’t want to leave Narration is provided again by Erin Bennett she’s been the voice of this series from the start and the continuity in voices making each easy to recognize if you’ve heard earlier is a highlight for a listener Each voice is distinct and appropriate for the personality it presents and her ability to bring fresh emotional nuance to Eddie’s moments in the story feel natural to those who’ve ever spoken to their pet Bennett has added to the likability and engagement with this series she’s presenting a story not simply reciting words and this allows listeners to slip into the story feeling a part of the rural Michigan countryside I received an AudioBook copy of the title from Tantor Audio for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Review first appeared at I am Indeed

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Borrowed Crime A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #3Librarian Minnie Hamilton spreads the joy of reading throughout Chilson Michigan with her bookmobile but she doesn’t ride alone Her rescue cat Eddie and a group of volunteers are always on board to deliver cheer until one of her helpers gets checked out for goodWhen Minnie loses a grant that was supposed to keep the bookmobile run I like this series the characters are pleasant the heroine is short and spunky and goes out of her way to be nice and help people The mysteries are interesting and the solutions are not easily guessable or come out of left field But the best thing about the series is that it really is about the library a large part of the book either takes place in the library or the bookmobile and that makes me very happy Libraries make me very happy so I always look to read series about libraries bookstores anything to do with books I'll be reading the book in this series very soon