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The Eye of the World Review ☆ 2 ´ The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass What was what will be and what is may yet fall under the Shadow Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of timeWas what will be and what is may yet fall under the. Robert Jordan copied Tolkien but I just don’t care What I mean is that his writing shouldn’t be judged on this single fact Yes Jordan has borrowed aspects of Tolkien’s middle earth; yes he has blatantly reworked many aspects but he has also infused it with a few of his own original ideas The result is a fantasy universe that resembles Tolkien’s and in some ways transcends it Not completely original but completely brilliant I found that Jordan’s world wasn’t as obvious as Tolkien’s It is not a blatant light verses dark mission There are characters that are evidently pure but there are also those whose motives are not entirely clear Well at least not in the beginning Don’t get me wrong I do of course prefer Tolkien’s writings; however some of the characters in the Wheel of Time are complex and are not entirely obvious in their convictions at the start of the series For example the Gleeman has a very minor part at the start of the book but towards the middle we realise that there is much depth to him He no doubt has a part that will be revealed in later books The same is true of Lan and Moraine because their intentions are veiled at the beginning “She’s not for you nor you for her; at least not in the way you both want”Indeed Moraine and Lan take the boys away from the village Rand Mat and Perrin are forced to go along with them for their own safety They do not know who this mysterious figure is or the inner working of her stoic guard Lan Their so called saviour is an Aes Sedai which are a group that are renowned for doing thing for their own secret motives Their actions may appear benevolent though often there is a hidden reason behind them So it is not entirely clear in the beginning if the boys are being rescued used or a little of both Their rescuers are shunned hated and feared by most people; thus the reader is left to decide whether to judge them on their actions or their reputation A story of growth and perfect fantasy Rand is the dragon reborn; he is essentially the chosen one of this fantasy universe The three boys are unsure which of them is being hunted by the minions of the Dark One but it is clear to the reader and to Rand himself that it is in fact Rand the enemy is after In spite of this each of the boys overcomes a massive personal obstacle Mat is almost lost forever when he takes a dagger of extraordinary evil Perrin conuers his fear and discovers the kin of his soul the wolf Rand begins to accept his destiny and realise that it is completely unavoidable and definitive it has happened before and will happen again “You cannot escape so easily Dragon It is not done between us It will not be done until the end of time”The characters have come a long way in this novel and I do look forward to seeing how far this series will take them Rand is just becoming a man but his youth is very much on the surface I don’t think he is uite ready yet The world is a dangerous place; it is full of warring factions and evil doers; it is full of thieves and backstabbers; it is full of mysterious and blood thirsty creatures that have their own dark desires It is a world full of strange magic that is just waiting to be harnessed For me it is everything I want in high fantasy An in

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The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass What. Paternity leave reading for 3 am crying jags Mine and hers There Brian I read it Are you happyMy friend Brian has been telling me to read The Wheel of Time for years It always went like this Brian You should read The Wheel of Time It's really goodMe I've heard that it gets really really bad B The first seven books are really outstandingM Yeah I'm not going to read seven books without an endingB The first one is good but the second one is betterM Mmm I don't knowB The first one stands alone really well Retrospective commentary NO IT DOESN'TM OK lemee borrow itSeveral months passM Here is your book backB Oh you read itM NoI really thought I was never ever going to start this series Everything I read about it screamed at me to run away Tolkien pastiche Incredibly long Characters with stupid names Lots of world building The main villain is called The Dark One WTF trollocsI have nothing against multi volume word bloated epic fantasy Not really Well kind of but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt George RR Martin that one Brandon Sanderson book I liked But even the people who like The Wheel of Time also seem to apologize for doing so or outright resent it for what it became in the draggy middle So why do I want to start reading it If someone told me a show about a mysterious island was really entertaining and interesting for a while there but then totally peed the ending down its leg and really that's a PRETTY BIG DEAL for a mystery show even one that is purportedly focused on a bunch of unlikeable assholes characters first would I immediately run home and start watching that show on Netflix streaming No because I'm the idiot who watched it all along assuming I wasn't wasting my time I think I am getting off trackSo I wasn't going to read this But then I was off work for a few weeks on paternity leave and my daughter was waking up five times a night and I was unable to sleep even though at that point I didn't really have much to offer that she was interested in and I had a copy of The Eye of the World that I absorbed for a uarter somewhere and I've always had a thing for the goofy cover art So I picked it up at 2 am and read the prologue And it was pretty much what I expected what with the stupid names and bad dialogue But it was also kind of fun Of course I also knew based on reading a bunch of reviews and blogs about this book series I never planned to read that the next 150 pages were going to be in the tradition of Hobbiton Chapter One Concerning Ensuring Joel Will Never Read Past the First Section of This Book horrifically boring So I almost put it back downThen I remembered that my brother had the book in his Audible account and that my phone lets you listen to books at double speed meaning I'd get through the 30 hour production in roughly 15 That sounded about right the auditory euivalent of skimming except I actually got really good at listening that uickly; you just kind of have to get in the zoneAnd it was exactly as I'd been led to believe clumsy repetitious prose a few times I had to make sure the audio track wasn't repeating as the same dialogue and phrasing was repeated over and over Meandering pacing and haphazard plotting nothing happens nothing happens SOMETHING HAPPENS sam

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The Eye of the WorldShadow Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of tim. 2 stars for the benefit of the doubt because I DNFed this shit at page 10 This is my new recordLook I'm sorry This is another one of those Lord of the Rings moment where I appreciate the effort but this is not for me Within the short amount that I read I had names and random bits of history thrown at me and maybe it's because it's this early in the morning but I nearly fell asleep and I honestly can't recall anything that I've read I have a feeling I'd have a better time reading a textbook