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Download á Fonseca's Fury Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú It's hot in the jungle The last time Luca Fonseca saw Serena DePiero he ended up in a jail cell The Brazilian billionaire has since clawed back his reputation but he's never forgotten her So when Luca discovers Serena's working for hEw boss throws at her from a rain forest trek to the social jungle of Rio But she can't handle the passion that flares hotter than Luca's fury Especially when it threatens to consume them both. All I can say that I respect someone who doesn't have any fear exploring while she writes I don't think that someone abused and who was addicted to prescribed medication because her father wanted her silent because she saw him murdering her mother and using a doctor to make her mentally incapable could be tagged as a Paris Hilton heroine Well written and very interesting how a bad girl was turned into a heroine with a huge baggage Abby didn't hide Serena's bad behavior but she had the redemption she neeed

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It's hot in the jungle The last time Luca Fonseca saw Serena DePiero he ended up in a jail cell The Brazilian billionaire has since clawed back his reputation but he's never forgotten her So w. I did like the heroine and the hero turned out to be a much better guy than I assumed at one point But something about mixing the sadmessy reality of the heroine's life with HP tropes didn't set well with me It made me take things far seriously than usual Situations I usually don't blink an eye at became skeezy and concerning in this contextIf you've read the previous book about Serena's sister Forgiven but not Forgotten you think you know Serena but it turns out that even her loving sister was under false impressions about her due to their evil father's machinationsOne of the reasons I wanted to read this was to see just how HP would deal with a heroine who had a less than stellar past and was dealing with a mental illness bi polar Turns out that HP couldn't uite deal with it Not sure I blame the author completely I can imagine she was treading a thin line with the publisher as it was I was shocked to find out she'd even attempted this story in HPLandiaview spoilerSerena it turns out is totally misunderstood even by those who love her She is not bi polar or suffering from any sort of organic mental illness I'm sure she'd dealt with situational depression and most probably PTSD but she was not a person who was chemically unbalanced and needed psychiatric help in general All of her problems stemmed from witnessing her father's manslaughter of her mother at 5 and then being forcibly addicted to drugs and diagnosed with various conditions by a shady doctor who was in her father's pocket All of this just to keep her under control and make her an unreliable witness since she had witnessed her mother's death The father was also very emotionally and physically abusive as well as you can imagineSerena was addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol thanks to dear old dad and her shady doctor However we are to believe that she never tried an illegal drug Not once That makes no sense Considering the crowd she was running with she was surrounded by the illegal stuff and her senses were always dulled by her legal addictions You can't convince me she had enough presence of mind self esteem give a crap or whatever to at least not try something once Surely she'd smoked a joint Jeez almost every American who's ever been to college has at least tried a puff usually while drunk at a party Not me of course ; Bottom line I'm not buying that AT ALL But it was the reason why she couldn't have set Luca up by planting illegal drugs on himThen there's the sex Green treads very carefully around this as well She tries to be realistic to the situation by having the h lose her virginity at 16 and clearly engage in some meaningless encounters while wasted However not as many as rumor implied and she didn't enjoy them That doesn't make sense either Sex is another way someone in her situation would have tried to lose themselves and again she was always high her inhibitions were probably null But I guess they had to give her some sense of HP purity which I think really demeans the struggle of people who have been through such situations It's likely she would have enjoyed at least some of these encounters Biologically women can respond to sexual stimuli even if they aren't in a situation of lovetrust especially if all of our inhibitions are repressed I imagine IRL this fact would have led to her hating herself thinking she was the worthless slut the press and her father made her out to be followed by doing drugs to numb her pain and therefore continuing the vicious cycleLuca was probably the only man she'd ever slept with while sober and that in itself could have been profound but we had to have the HP whitewashing I suppose or Hn wouldn't have published the bookThen there's the blackmail I LOVE a skeezy blackmail me into bed scheme It's fantasy it's someone you'd want to sleep with anyway and it adds a touch of the naughty In this it was just depressing and smacked of victimizing someone who'd been victimized enough To the hero's credit he did pull the 'sleeping together' reuirement for her getting a job before they even did the deed and admitted that condition was not his finest moment Yet I wonder if the heroine didn't still feel deep down that it was part of the deal despite the H letting her off the hook After all she was dealing with a lot of self esteem issuesI think in this case we could have done without the blackmail angle altogether and I'd have enjoyed the book The entire situation was something that any drug counselor would have had a stroke over There are other charity jobs in the world I realize she didn't want to use her family connections but sleeping with someone for a chance would be even damaging to her sense of self worth than allowing her rich brother or brother in law to pull some strings to get her a job where she could then turn around and prove herself worthy of the opportunityBottom line is I feel like this shouldn't have been done in HP land There are too many rules especially where it concerns female 'purity' and while this pushed the envelope the HP whitewashing was disturbing rather than amusing this time Give me a 24 year old virgin supermodel who just simply never found anyone attractive before plus she was too busy spending all her extra time and money to help her sick granny Let her be blackmailed into be

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Fonseca's FuryHen Luca discovers Serena's working for his charity his anger reignites Serena has changed Finally in control of her life she refuses to let Luca intimidate her She'll deal with whatever her n. Some heavy tropes for an HP