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Jingle Spells doc ¹ Kindle Edition Ò To protect Christmas this family of wizards will have to use a whole different kind of magic Part of the Winter clan the Evergreen family is considered magical nobility While Evergreen Industries in picturesue Gingerbread Colorado might look like an ordinary office building this is where the magic of ChriTo protect Christmas this family of wizards will have to use a whole different kind of magic Part of the Winter clan the Evergreen family is considered magical nobility While Evergreen Industries in picturesue Gingerbread Colorado might look like an ordinary office bui 4 stories 4 authors 1 spellbinding ChristmasGingerbread ColoradoEvergreen Industries office building with 5 story basement for elves and sleighs and gift family home on Mistletoe Mountain with 6 wings – but looks like a small cabin from the outside; Nutcracker Inn – charming and for those who have be separate from magic; Cup of Cheer – only coffee selling joint in Gingerbread cocoa is the drink of choice; Cole Evergreen CEO of Evergreen; oldest sonbrother; big responsibilities; Tech in college where he hooked up with Taryn – who was even brilliant then he; they were friends then then friends and he left at Christmas without a word never to return – for her best interest Taryn Harper computer expert; 8 years have passed she hasn’t forgotten Cole now does computer security and hacks into Evergreen Industries and leaves him a message to contact her and she’ll block his weaknesses when he takes her up on it and she sees him again she decides she’s going to figure out why he left her and to fix it so that they can be togetherThough the ever present ‘forget’ hot cocoa is handy Taryn explores on her own sneaking Belle’s security card and discovers the sleigh and elves and magic and embraces it all – taking Cole as her husband and the security tech position with Evergreen Industries;Ethan Evergreen in charge of Christmas cheer – a necessary component to keep Christmas magic alive; he is following Lark debating her on talk shows trying to minimize the damage her book is doing;Lark DeWynter author of “The Christmas Lie”; Ethan’s nemesis; though human she is a rare one who can see magic and as a child she spoke with Santa and saw the glass ornament snowman twinkle causing her parents distress and banning Christmas from their home and putting her in therapy; Psychologist who wrote a book that said lying to children was harmful to them;When she gets a spot on the ‘Oprah’ like talk show Ethan decides to kidnap her and bring her to Gingerbread – at the very least to prevent her from going on the show but hopefully to enchant her; and they spend a lot of time together and she puts things together and when she goes to confront him she overhears him talking with his siblings defending her and she sneaks out flies back to New York – for the talk show and though he apparated to her he doesn’t stop her and she tells the hostess that truth is important but so is imagination and she invites Ethan on stage ahhhDash Evergreen 3rd brotherson; in charge of the sleigh and packaging and creation of glass ornaments with a dash of magic; he has been highly sensitive since Noelle’s return – though managing to avoid her most of the time; they were married for almost a year – and though the sex was great the rest of the time not so great – they both made big mistakes in communication and he spent and time away from her in his workshop;Noelle Frost father winter clan mother summer clan; she has a mix of both magics but always felt the misfit and worked hard to suppress the summer magic hence making her magic unreliable; now temporary head of security in stead of her father who was recovering from a heart attack; she left Dash 7 years earlier overhearing him talking with a sibling and thinking he was thinking to dissolve the marriage; she left without a word joined the FBI; Santa Claus has lost weight dyed his hair black and is jogging and driving a Corvette; when he decides to take Corvette instead of sleigh Noelle called upon to magic it to invisibility she tries but changes its color from red to yellow; as they re connect Dash realizes what’s happening and helps her to draw on her summer magic – to successBut when she finds out dad has doctor’s release 2 months ago and Ethan knew about it one day ago she decides to leave but runs into Mrs Claus cries in her arms and Mrs Claus reminds her she is very strong and to go after what she wants which she doesBelle Evergreen youngest; only sister; in charge of HR; finding it hard to date with 3 older brothers she started a flirtation with a fellow coffee drinking customer – and every morning at 10am she leaves work to get a coffee – and head out with Nick to his houseNick St John contractor – he’s worked hard the last 4 years building his business; fell away from his family; happily hooking up with Belle but starting to want a little ;When Santa disappears Belle called to solve it she goes to the magic crystal ball and Nick’s face appears as the next Santa;; she reluctantly brings him into the fold explains he’s been chosen and he is brought around two days later she asks for a yes or a no a no comes with the forgetful cocoa where he’ll forget her also he says yes if she will go on one real date with him she does they have a great time they end up in bed and she realizes she can’t let him do this – so she fires him tricks him into drinking the cocoa and zap he wakes up alone in his own bred and know something isn’t right but not knowing whatIn the meantime they have hours before Christmas run beings and no santa as they debate Dash will drive Noelle will deliver? Nick shows up having remembered everything and wanting to be Santa and wanting Noelle sooooo all is right in the worldKris and Merry aka Mr and Mrs Santa Claus

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Hty to get exactly whator whoyou want from Santa Celebrate the holidays with Evergreen siblings Cole Ethan Dash and Belle in this enchanting collection from New York Times bestselling authors Vicki Lewis Thompson and Rhonda Nelson Kira Sinclair and Andrea Laurence To read this review and others like it check out my site at wwwhomelovebookscom I adore Christmas and I have been totally loving reading all the new Christmas romances that have come out this year but I have to admit that this is my first real paranormal Christmas book And I adored it It was so much better then I could have ever expected I have heard of most of these authors before so I had faith that this was going to be a good read and I'm glad I picked it up This collection of stories all takes place in the same world and each author tackled the romance on one sibling in a family of wizards who are basically responsible for Christmas and all that goes with it Naughty or Nice? by Vicki Lewis ThompsonSo this is about Cole CEO of Evergreen Industries the cover operation for the wizard family and his college girlfriend Taryn Taryn it seems is a hacker and she hacks into the Evergreen database so Cole hires her to fix the holes in his system Of course Taryn and Cole have a lot of unresolved history and Tayrn is determined to get the answers to the uestions that she's been carrying around for years I love second chances romances and this one was definitely hot and steamy She's a Mean One by Rhonda NelsonThis story is about Ethan and Lark Ethan is in charge of keeping Christmas spirit alive which basically fuels the family's ability to do Christmas magic Only this year it's exceptionally difficult Lark has written a book called the Christmas Lie and basically it's catching on and killing Christmas spirit Ethan is desperate when she books a major network interview so he basically cons her into coming back to Gingerbread I really loved Ethan Lark wasn't my favorite character but she makes a really awesome evolution throughout the story His First Noelle by Kira SinclairWhich brings up to Dash and Noelle Dash works at the company like the rest of his siblings and Noelle is head of security now that her father is recovering from a heart issue The tricky bit is that the two of them used to be married and it ended when she left to join the CIA Again I love second chance romances I really love when it's second chance for people who used to be married These two still had chemistry and you could tell they still loved each other Noelle has serious insecurity issues and Dash and Noelle both have serious issues with communications but watching them work through them was great Silver Belle by Andrea Laurence This one was without a doubt my favorite It's got little sister Belle's secret romance with Nick Santa in the middle of a mid life crisis and a frantic dash to make everything work on a limited timeline Belle is kind of awesome I love that she's a little bit different then her family only drinking coffee as opposed to hot chocolate just little things like that And Nick is really hot but he's also seems to be searching for a purpose in life Not only that but he seems to want from his relationship from Belle who seems to want to keep things on the down low I love watching these two people come together under the Christmas umbrella also I loved the who rogue Santa elements Super cute I think this whole group of stories is super cute a great fun read and I loved that these authors got together and created this universe I love the mix of urban fantasy and Christmas if you love urban fantasy you should totally check it out

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Jingle Spells Lding this is where the magic of Christmas unfolds Above Santa's workshop the Evergreens hold court manage Christmas and sometimes against their will and better judgment fall in love When it comes to love the Evergreens know that sometimes you have to play a little naug As MB paranormal anthologies go I thought this one was surprisingly good all 4 tales here were of a high standard and really dovetailed together nicely following the romantic tales of the 4 Evergreen siblingsThe Evergreen family are wizards witches responsible for Christmas and maintaining Christmas cheer which is such a hectic job they have to make great sacrifices and have little time for loveThe first story follows CEO Cole who gets a shock when his college gf whom he abandoned 10 years ago hacks into his security system Next we have Ethan who falls for his enemy a woman who has written a book called The Christmas LieNext is Dash who has to work side by side with his ex wifeAnd lastly Belle who is in love with a construction worker but finds she has to sacrifice her hear when he is chosen as the next Santa Being shorts the stories are concluded rather abruptly particularly the first one I wanted damn it However I loved the characters the world and the Christmas magic these invoke The writers have done a superb job of working together and the stories flow seamlessly together As Christmas themed romances go I thought this one was great fun Note however that Debbie Herbert is credited on the cover and does not have a story featuring in this anthology