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Nine months after his wife's death a man is abducted from his house by a band of violent thieves and taken to a nightmarish city called Weatherhead There he falls under the dark attentions of the cruel despotic ruler of the city the wife he thought deadT. To paraphrase Cixous reading this novel is like walking on a dizzying silence reading one word after another on emptiness She actually said that about the writing process itself but here it applies to this strange savage landscape that Hushour has brought to life Amongst the phantasmagoria and humor there is an unease the feeling that the ground will give way beneath you or that you will fall into the maw of the sky The author has a Kubrickian claustrophobia and his love of mazes as well not only borne out by the topography of Weatherhead itself but in the labyrinth's of his character's souls This is a big work that invites you to live in it a while to try on its weird garments and act differently in the face of the world's chaosRemember when you were just outside Barstow in Bat Country Remember when you suckled on Mugwump jism in Tangiers or peeled the layers of Calvino's Venice Remember getting caught in the geometry of Pynchon or the poetry and meditation of Lispector Remember discovering the gentle melancholy of Georges Perec Remember Weatherhead Relish the terror of existence To uote Cixous directly I learned infinity limits love One must never stop giving it limits to devour

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WeatherheadOut at soda fountains and dress terribly and knife fights between mourning and evening spouses It is a story of how we remember those who are lost and how we rebuild those who shattered in life If life is a place in which we die what does that make death. I don’t typically like to give low ratings and I tried to find some way of justifying a higher rating for this book but unfortunately I felt Weatherhead was deserving of 2 Stars Which may come as a surprise for some people given the generally high ratings So while this may come down to taste I’m going to try to give a thorough explanation of why I gave this book the rating I didTo check out of my book reviews please visit my blog More a very long abstract poem than a traditional novel frankly nothing about this book is a traditional novel Hushour’s strongest skill is artistic writing Alternating between strikingly surreal and horrifically beautiful the vast majority of the novel is composed of lengthy descriptions of the setting emotions interactions or just abstractions of seemingly little relevance While these will be touched on as a con as well objectively speaking they are remarkably well crafted gems of poetry Despite the cons this book is uniuely captivating with special emphasis on both words Uniue in the sense that there are very few novels I have encountered which set out to do what Hushour did and manage to do so without just creating senseless drivel Even if it is difficult to follow his novel still contains plot and characters that help maintain its shape And that shape is without a doubt captivating It may have been a struggle at some points but I did finish the novel because the writing and those elements of story and character made me want to reach the endCons In both of my pros I reference the difficulty in following Hushour’s writing and the lack of cohesiveness and sense of relevance While the pros were enough to keep me from giving up on the book they were heavily tainted by the simple fact that the book doesn’t make a lot of sense A defensive fan of the book may say I just didn’t “get it” but I think I did I even appreciated it But the usage of excessive metaphors insanely high browsuperfluouspossibly made up vocabulary and downright painfully intangible descriptions detracted from all of the good things about the book Book length is not something I usually consider in my reviews but in this case it has to be noted Especially given the above con the length of the book 400 pages according to Goodreads is outrageous The difficult style could be forgiven as poetics if the novel was shorter but so many pages is just frustrating and makes the novel all the difficult to get through It doesn’t help that if much of the unnecessary verbosity was removed the story could be the same with no sacrifice of artistry and be half the length Would I RecommendThis style is like Faulkner through a meat grinder The novel is long and the content is difficult to get through The story is good but lost in the chaos And yet many people like it So I recommend that if you are thinking of reading this book read a sample The first couple chapters in a preview will suffice If you think “yeah this is good” then read the whole thing If you think “eh it’s okay maybe I’ll get used to it” or even worse “wow I can barely read this” then you will not like the book and I highly recommend you do not force yourself further

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Read & download ó Weatherhead Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à Nine months after his wife's death a man is abducted from his house by a band of violent thieves and taken to a nightmarish city called Weatherhead There he falls under the dark attentions of the cruel despotic ruler of the cHis a love story between a person still living and a person still dead It is also a hate story between the same a violent story populated with all manner of ruffians crimes running street battles between Love and Hate a particularly nasty bunch who hang. I can't in its entirety exactly explain what happened in this novel and what it's about It was trippy and bizarre and really rather sadThere were parts of the book flashbacks about the protagonists and their doomed marriage that were clear and beautiful These were dispersed between surreal scenes with unnerving and distorted charactersThis it not something I'd normally claim to have loved reading but despite getting a little lost and confused during the longer abstract scenes there was also an awful lot I did love especially the slow build Full marks from me