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mobi ì The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats 384 pages Download µ Mark Hodder Ë Burton and Swinburne return for their final thrilling adventureSir Richard Francis Burton’s expedition has returned from the future bringing with it knowledge of technologies which must remain secret for hisCh must remain secret for history to follow its natural courseBetrayed by one of their own The sixth and final Burton and Swinburne novel was a joy to read I thought initially that the first three books were a compete trilogy and it took me a while to get used to the idea of let alone started on book four The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi I rather like to think of books four to six as a separate related trilogy not least because within its pages is a tub thumping sharp tongued paen to anti capitalism There are some delicious sideswipes at our increasingly world isolating geopolitics and militarised police I dare you to read book five without howling with laughterIf you read the previous books you should love this I have absolutely no idea why this single book receives less praise than the others You could not read this and make sense of it if you haven't read the first five but I guess you know that before reading this reviewOne day I will return to the first series as it would be uite splendid to read those with the knowledge garnered from books four to six

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Burton and Swinburne return for their final thrilling adventureSir Richard Francis Burton Note I've tried to hide spoilers behind tags but it's possible something not tagged will be spoilery to you if you haven't read the full series This review is a reaction to the book and series than the kind of review telling people whether or not they should read the bookI found this book to be on the whole very disappointing First let me back up and say something good The beginning hooked me right off well after the brief intro part It was very promising and had some amusing parts Also there were several laugh out loud phrases or bits of dialogue in this book something that this series has done pretty well at especially in the last few books And Swinburne any version of him continues to be a delight of a characterIt’s because there are some things about this series that are so wonderful which make the problematic things so frustrating to meSo the time travel It’s clear the author has put a lot of thought into it Maybe this is a case of someone trying to make something so complicated that it gets out of hand and stops making sense because the complicated they make it the room there is for holes and the invested in their own theories they become the less likely they are to see those holes I mentioned some of the logic holes and inconsistencies in my Goodreads review of the last book This one doesn’t really do anything to satisfactorily answer those and it adds There are a number of logical problems which are hand waved away with non answers or simply ignored as if we’re not supposed to think of them Such as Why did they return so much later and not immediately after they left the past They just say that they deemed it best without any reasoning Or how about When Krishnamurti and Ragavendra are kidnapped why don’t Gouch or Lawless use their nanotech communication devices they had implanted in the future to talk to them and find out where they are This is not brought up as an option or mentioned in any way The big climax at the end with the main villain and how that is dealt with is just mind bogglingly strange and seems to come out of nowhere with no logic or reason behind itIn the end view spoiler it’s explained that history is now fixed and that the whole alternate timelines thing has ended hide spoiler

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The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats Burton & Swinburne #6s expedition has returned from the future bringing with it knowledge of technologies whi Well we got there in the end Mark Hodder's Burton and Swinburne adventures wrap up in The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats And what a ride the six books starting with The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack have been Admittedly I found the first section a bit of a jumble like Hodder once again had all these ideas that he just needed to get out there and couldn't uite fit into a story easily However the philosophical musterings and character musings do have a purpose in getting our heroes where and when they need to be for the majority of the story to pan outWe've gone all the way back to 1861 and things get dire uickly causing Burton in particular to suffer under some rather distressing circumstances For sake of not spoiling much I'll just say this than any other BS adventure this one has truly difficult to read passages if you're not a fan of violence But much like the rambling first section there is a purpose to it all There's even a sense that we've come to the end of the series proper Not to say that off shoot stories couldn't result in say short story or novella format I say a sense With Hodder one never uite knows what he's going to come out with next With plenty of the usual expected twists unexpected turns character call backs and steampunkery Rise of the Automated Aristocrats lives up to its predecessors assuming you've gotten this far Burton Swinburne really are best enjoyed if you've read them all