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review From the Ashes (The Lizard Queen #2) Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ When she was found barely coherent and staggering over sand dunes word spread fast that the prophecy had finally come to pass and Lacáruna had been delivered to initiate the next expansion of this world The trouble is no one seems to understandH at stake than merely finding the prophecy Despite dark clouds that seem to follow her and the maddening peculiarities of an unfamiliar world Amy is determined to succeed And since she hasn’t a clue as to how she might return to her world there really is no other choice A firm believer of jumping into the fire Amy is forced to put her trust in her small core of devotees as they struggle to push forward through unidentified destructive force. I did like this one than the first one You learn although you still don't understand well neither why nor how not even what but there is much action than in the first book Some of it is very depressing as things close to the travelers are destroyed or killed Amy still feels ill at ease in this strange world although now she wants to understand what it is about because she cares about her companions Licha Jandro and the colonel Sancertigre Is she the ueen what part does she have to play is there any truth in the prophecy what about the aranota is she coming back as some are whispering or is it just a legend Actually all those uestions are the same as what you wonder about after the first book but now I really want to know the answers Like the first book this one is well written and easier to read because you already are acuainted with the weirdness of this shrinking worldI just realized the series includes nine books A lot than usual usual means three as many books come in the batch of three Nine is like what used to be written yeas ago with series having the same characters but books that could be read separately Maybe we will find that as I have the feeling the next book will give us some explanations That does not mean their adventures will stop but that the fog we are in may be dissipatingAn enjoyable reading just frustrating to wait for the next episode

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When she was found barely coherent and staggering over sand dunes word spread fast that the prophecy had finally come to pass and Lacáruna had been delivered to initiate the next expansion of this world The trouble is no one seems to understand how Neither does Lacáruna Amy Darlidale though a CEO back in her world is way out of her league has a price on her head and really could use a relaxing soak in a tub Along with the young companions wh. The story picks up right where the last leaves off Amy and Dack are soon sucked into the odd Viceroy's conspiracies and sent on a missionI must say I couldn't wait to read this second book in the series I wasn't disappointed either Where the first focused on discovery and world building to the detriment of action this one managed to take the best of the first and make it much exciting and dangerous I guess my only beef is that the story leaves of on another cliffhanger I am very anxious to read the next As I said in my last review this is right up my alley On the whole I really like this story and I can honestly say I will be very pleased when book 3 comes out I have followed the author on so I'll know right away when it is I would recommend this to folks who like parallel worlds set in modern times It's considerably less fantasy than Terry Brooks' Landover series but awesome in its fantastical realismI received the review copy of this from the author via Pure Textuality

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From the Ashes The Lizard Queen #2O found her Licha and Jandro Amy has accompanied the swaggering Colonel Dack Sangcertigre a member of the Trotéjo the secret society sworn to protect her to his home nation in search of a plan to fulfill the Promise of a New Morphósis But when Dack is taken into custody Amy is left to fend for herself As the body count rises and she is confronted with raving rulers military machinations and crafty clergy she uickly realizes there must be muc. Note This work was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review The best approach in tacking From the Ashes is to weigh this out via Pros and ConsBefore proceeding I do want to let everyone know that this book is not a standalone work Even though there are scant references here and there about the events of the first book This Shrinking World if you read From the Ashes without reading its predecessor you will be completely lostPros• I do like the uniformity of the cover concept• There was a tremendous amount of growth in the main character—Amy was eager to uestion things and challenge behaviors and events which did not make sense to her • I was drawn to the strength and stealth of supporting character Sheng and liked the dynamic of whether he could truly be trusted• More action was mingled in the pages marking a better balance between dialogue and discovery• Syntax opportunities were minimal• Some conflict opened up in This Shrinking World was resolved in From the AshesCons• I’m still not a fan of the block divisions—where it’s just parts instead of parts then chapters• There is still a lot of emphasis in food bathing clothes and description of characters’ bodies and I’m uncertain whether this is truly the author’s signature of providing setting or just an over preoccupation of said things With the exception of one particular food its importance I won’t give away the excess doesn’t make a lot of sense to me The story would have still existed if these components were trimmed• I’m torn as to how I feel about Licha In This Shrinking World her character was depicted as rather resilient In this book as Amy became stronger Licha’s composition was weakened Licha’s reactions to things in From the Ashes was very repetitive somewhat overplayed—to the point where it was predictable and at least for me got annoying• More drama was added to the unresolved predicaments laid out in the 1st book I do understand that there are seven books after From the Ashes However if too much conflict is presented at once it can make it hard for the reader to keep up—especially if only a couple out of the many get resolved Verdict actually 325 stars but give it a 3 hereFrom the Ashes scored slightly better because of it being a better showcase of action and main character development Although there are some people who like the “cliffhanger effect” I do confess that for this particular series it does not strike my fancy—mainly because the uotient between conflict presentation and conflict resolution is a bit too unbalanced If you don’t mind this type of thing then I encourage you to start with This Shrinking World and follow Amy and her friends My journey however will stop here