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Free download ´ Wondering the Way is Made Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Luke F D Marsden's road novel Wondering the Way is Made is a captivating literary journey through South America for wanderers and wonderersA formative experience in Africa opens the eyes of Joss DougM their country Fate brings them together with their friends from around the globe and these carefree and irrepressible misfits a generation in microcosm acuire a camper van and journey among the myriad landscapes and cultures of the South American continent in search of a place where they can ride out epic world events while absorbing the wonders along the way. I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable read 'The end of days' and 'social decay' have become Hollywood tropes of late and the usual treatment seems to revolve around simple survival while the characters resort to increasingly primitive tactics With this book the author seems to be attempting to deal with the preservation of the soul above and beyond that of the body during times of global declineSet in several South American countries the story reads somewhat like an updated version of The Motorcycle Diaries The characters find themselves having to deal with the practicalities of everyday survival in a time when resources are becoming and scarce Resolved to leave the program the humdrum life of corporate servitude and consumption they make the conscious decision to leave established society and incorporate their own set of values in a society of friends that they decide to make for themselves

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Luke F D Marsden's road novel Wondering the Way is Made is a captivating literary journey through South America for wanderers and wonderersA formative experience in Africa opens the eyes of Joss Douglas to the flaws in his meticulously scheduled way of life Some years later in a world in which civilization is faltering with a climate that grows harsher and wild. Being cut off severed from something is a difficult starting point Throughout this novel the looming presence of a world behind and away a world that has shaped the characters we will follow is felt as a real entity It stalks them as they pass over and through unfamiliar lands searching for respite from the world at their backs The friendship that binds them causes them to draw together and endeavour to reach a place where this world of political upheaval civil unrest and authoritarianism won’t catch up with them or they can at least hope to keep at bay for a whileSet in a future so near it is one slow motion step away into the morning of that day the novel takes us to the conclusion that may be inevitable may be self fulfilling or may be in the realm of delaying As the planet rushes forward into the unsustainable plundering for resources the market and the man has devised and token gestures are meted out by government in a blindingly apparent lack of will for change in this area increasingly banal platitudes prop up the machine as it grinds away at another way a way that needs to be found if the kind of strife this book recounts is to be reduced This is a journeying book recounting South America’s landscapes peoples and practices This is where the narrative takes flight and I was hungry for of it Indeed there were two aspects of this novel where my attention zoomed the second being the reflections on the scientific and philosophical implications of the themes and dilemmas that were thrown up To me these were the heart of the book which I had delicious glimpses of and they were snatched away too soon to return to the central narrative which though engaging enough didn’t hold my attention with as much satisfaction A strange type of self editing became apparent in the interactions between the friends one that perhaps reflects certain friendships and the difficulties in juggling so many personalities and though there were attempts to break though this into the soul of the characters I experienced repeated retreat from this which was at times frustrating I wanted to know them better and felt the natural boundaries that friendships demand perhaps seeped over into the representation of the inner voice For whatever reason I was left craving a direct connection instinctively appraising that this writer of clarity and simplicity of expression has so much to sayMy main takeaway from this book is that I want to read by this author I am left curious and I’m still reflecting on it so I feel compelled to give it the solid 35 rating so I will

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Wondering the Way is MadeEr with each passing season he no longer sees the sense in his ordered existence and feels that he is working towards nothing With his fiancée Tina who has distant roots in Brazil he steps out of his conventional programme and they set off on a voyage of discovery to South AmericaWhile they are away rioting and crackdowns at home in England cut them adrift fro. a goodreads give awayi was expecting a travelog a whippersnapper’s trip around South America Not so much In a world just a wee bit farther along the planet destructive path we are barreling downa group of very young friends decide to leave their various first world places of origin; homes that are no longer home As global warming takes Miami and other low lying cities and countries with resultant chaos martial law and mandatory conscription to protect lands where there is no privacy no freedom no innocence our troopers see very little reason to look backi understandThinking about the inevitability of real world not fictional changes on our near horizon billions of individual stories will spin and this one is interesting to grok Argentina threatened by Chile for their water and fertile land Seems as plausible as not No way to predict the deets but it ain’t gon be prettyAs someone who has never felt particularly connected to any country who has always thought the arbitrary lines drawn by those in power at the time that define “nations” are insanely random i think the actions of these not uite grown ups are reasonable Nihilistic Isn’t our collective unwillingness to take the dramatic steps necessary to stop the climate catastrophe nihilistic These travelers are no no less nihilistic than the “decision makers”I found this to be a very thought provoking book What will you do Where will you go Is it better to choose an escape home to repatriate to a New Place that might be safer or to just keep going remain on the go or maybe just stay see how high you can build your wall