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PDF ✓ BOOK Kindness Goes Unpunished FREE Ò Walt Longmire has been sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County for almost a uarter of a century and has meted out justice with charm and a high powered sense of humor but when Walt tags along with good friend Henry Standing Bear on a trip to Philadelphia he's in for a shock When a vicious attack oTrip to Philadelphia he's in for a shock When a vicious attack on his daughter Cady leaves her near death Walt discovers that she has unwittingly become embroiled in a deadly political cover upWith Henry Deputy Victoria Moretti the Originally reviewed Nov 272017 Just updating to correct typosThis is another one for the page I've threatened to make so many times Thriller sort of I recently watched the last in this case meaning final season of Longmire on NETFLIX I went back and binge watched there's a new phrase this generation has added to the English language the rest of the series While there are some slow spots in my opinion of course and the angst is often a bit too thick for my taste overall I liked the series It reminded me that I had only read 3 of the actual Longmire novels I also noticed that I had rated them all 3 starshumWell anyway I got the next from the library and just finished itPlease excuse me a moment my mouth is dry I'm going to the kitchen for a Coke LifeOkay I'm back sorry about that I know you're all dying to read my review but the dry mouth wants what the dry mouth wantsAnyway I remember now why I tend to go 3 stars on these books I don't dislike them As a matter of fact the plots are generally well thought out and interesting The thing isfor menote I said FOR ME the books tend to have long dry spots where things tend to wander NOW these parts will be the favorite parts for some readers They will for you give you of a look inside Walt Standing Bear Vic Cady and even Dog or Dawg I supposeHere Walt is going to Philadelphia to visit Cady who is a Philadelphia Lawyer get that She's very busy and closed mouthed when he gets there and soon she's also on the brink of death So the forces of law from Absaroka County basically Walt Vic and Dog with a little help from Standing Bear must save the day for the Philadelphia police as well as Cady You'd think this might be a little odd as it seems most of the Philadelphia police department is related to VicAnywayWalt must save the day while also being shy retiring and manly all at onceNot bad books at all and I know many people get into them much than I doso enjoy

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Entire Moretti clan of Philadelphia police officers and Dog as backup Sheriff Longmire intends to introduce a little western justice from his saddlebag of tricks to the City of Brotherly Love where no act of kindness goes unpunish The so far horseless western show moves from Absaroka County Wyoming to the asphalt jungle of Philadelphia in this third Walt Longmire book Actually it's kind of a funny story that the first wild horse ride of the series will take place on the Eastern Seaboard The sheriff is coming to meet his daughter's fiance and is accompanied on the trip by his old friend Henry Standing Bear with his vintage muscle car and his art collection of old Reservation photos Things go pear shaped rather fast and Walt finds himself mixed in a big city criminal investigation dealing with crooked lawyers drug dealers and corrupt officers The problems are compounded and given a sense of urgency by the personal danger involving Cady not a spoiler it happens in the first chapterI thought I would miss the wide windy landscapes of the Big Horn Mountains and the rest of the cast that remained in Absaroka County but the transition was surprisingly smooth to the big city environment Craig Johnson has a real knack for introducing new faces and making me care about them The Moretti clan features uite prominently in this book The Father the Son and The Holly Terror all called Victor Vic Victoria Not surprisingly the Terror is our old acuaintance Deputy Vic Moretti she of the colourful language and explosive temper Her mother Lena proves to be uite appealing in her own way independent minded but vulnerable I had uite a good laugh watching supposedly tough guy Walt Longmire being played like a fiddle by these two ladiesI would say the plot in Kindness Goes Unpunished is the best so far in the series with a Die Hard flavor shootouts mean streets humor romance family ties danger car chases I won't go into details but buddy team Walt and Henry reminded me of several other 80's action movies smart fast tongue in cheek reliably good guysA constant feature of the series is the presence of guns sidearms service arms antiue weapons specialized shotguns This might turn off some gun control advocates I consider myself in this camp too but mr Johnson somehow hit the right notes in pointing out the fact that they are tools sometimes necesary but not evil by themselves Another constant in the series is the supernatural element there were always Indians in my dreams confesses Walt at one moment a feature also in the Philadelphia story but subdued than in the first two novelsI will definitely follow up on the series Until then I will close with one particular passage describing sheriff Walt outlook on the role of police Hope is what it always comes down to whether it's a trailer home on the other side of the tracks in Durant Wyoming or a tiny row house in the Wild West of Philadelphia Far beyond the badges and the guns hope and laughter were their most powerful weapons

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Kindness Goes UnpunishedWalt Longmire has been sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County for almost a uarter of a century and has meted out justice with charm and a high powered sense of humor but when Walt tags along with good friend Henry Standing Bear on a Although I have yet to see the AE tv series Longmire I’m enjoying my trot well okay; gallop through the source material Walt Longmire county sheriff has over twenty five years in the field and is supervisor of a very small team of deputies As with many books in the detective fiction the mystery is deeply imbued with a sense of place notably the sparsely populated and rugged landscapes of rural Wyoming As in many mysteries Longmire has a faithful comrade in arms but instead of the generally dopey Watson stereotype his companion is a far wiser long time friend Henry Running Bear Henry is a man of seemingly infinite talents and an artistic soul and when in Wyoming is often Walt’s ambassador to Native reservationsIn this book Henry is escorting a collection of unusual historical photographs out to an exhibition in Philadelphia Walt decides the timing is right to meet his daughter Cady’s boyfriend so the two decide to make a trip of it It is a bold authorial choice to take your detective hero out of the home environment so early in a series particularly when your mystery is so intimately tied to the intricacies of the setting In this case Johnson wisely continues to integrate setting letting Walt play tourist to involve a number of prominent locations in the storyJohnson is gifted at the ‘show don’t tell’ style of storytelling and occasionally I find myself pausing realizing he just dropped an implication This little gem aptly displays his skill with just a few words“‘No I was just thinking I do that sometimes before I talk’Lena smiled this time with her entire mouth ‘Not me robs the evening of all its spontaneity A little wine a little truth and pretty soon you’ve got a real conversation on your hands’ She took a last sipI started to pour us both some It seemed like the conversation was getting interesting and I wasn’t uite ready to leave it“This installment stands out in the interplay between Henry and Walt Although Henry is the primary motivator in making the trip he ends up nicely balancing support of Walt and Cady with his own work It’s always interesting to me to see how a writer deals with ethnicity and I feel Johnson generally avoids turning Henry into a Native trope Parat of what elevates the characters is the decades long history between the two which Johnson illustrates in his usual understated way“After Michael left we sat in chairs on either side of the bed and watched Cady ‘It was the right thing to do’I had been listening to him think it for so long I wasn’t sure if I needed to reply ‘Yep’“Humor played a prominent role in this story although it was often only evident to the reader I enjoyed Walt’s dry sense of humor as well as his confidence in wearing his comfortable Western clothes in a major city“I opened my coffee and looked at the decisively dark brew ‘This looks strong’‘Espresso tall double shot I thought you could use it’ She looked at me ‘How’s she doing’I took a sip and swallowed most of the enamel from my teeth“Even I sports adverse as I am laughed at this sports related one made as Walt and Henry were taking in a baseball game“He looked at me and shook his head ‘Where do you want to hide the body’“I just want to talk to him’The Bear pursed his lips ‘How about behind third; the Phillies have not shown any signs of life there in years’“I enjoyed the mystery although at one or two points it seemed excessively convoluted but I felt it unraveled remarkably similar to real life The emotional complexity as Walt faced certain issues was very interesting balanced between melodramatic and stoicism I was perhaps just slightly too obsessive to me but I’m not a parent so what do I know Johnson gives a nice sense of the difference between Walt’s exterior and his interior no easy feat in a book that focuses on action Really it fit me perfectly suspenseful without being horrific emotionally sophisticated with complex characters and enough humor to make it palatable The ending scene would have made me laugh out loud if Johnson didn’t have such a deft hand for pathos Un putdownable I’m already on to the next in the seriesCross posted at my blog