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Free read à PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Ian Rankin ς νέας αυτής έρευνας και το πρόσωπο που θα βρεθεί στο επίκεντρο της σύγκρουσης του παρελθόντος με το παρόν Έχει ο Ρέμπους τίποτα να κρύψει; Είναι άγιος ή αμαρτωλό?. Book 19 in the John Rebus series first published 2013After 19 book in the series it could be said that John Rebus is getting a bit long in the tooth and that maybe so but it certainly can’t be said about the storiesThere’s a lot going on here from police corruption from another era ‘The Saints of the Shadow Bible’ you’ll need to read the book to understand the title to murders in the modern day turf wars and three young teenagers up to their collective necks in trouble After a short retirement John Rebus is back on the force albeit in a lesser position he left as a DI and is now reduced to DS His one time apprentice Siobhan Clarke is now his bossClarke and Rebus are at the scene of a car crash which appears to be caused by excessive speed But Rebus sees going on here than meets the eyeSome feathers need to be ruffled and Rebus is the man to do it In the meantime the father who happened to be a Politian of some note of one of the young people in the car is found dead under very suspicious circumstances and John Rebus see nothing but read flagsAt the same time Inspector Malcolm Fox of the Complaints Division is looking into a case of police corruption back in the 1980’s in a station that Rebus was attached toThis is of course just scratching the surface of this story and as I said earlier ‘there’s a lot going on’John Rebus’s investigative powers may be unconventional but he has a knack of getting to the truth and if he has to stand on a few toes along the way even to his own detriment sobeitA cracker of a taleA recommended 4 star read

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Saints of the Shadow Bible Summary ✓ 102 ✓ Ο επιθεωρητής Τζον Ρέμπους επιστρέφει στην Αστυνομία του Εδιμβούργου αν και με χαμηλότερο βαθμό απ' αυτόν με τον οποίο αποστρατεύτηκε και ελαφρώς πικραμένος Μ Ο επιθεωρητής Τζον Ρέμπους επιστρέφει στην Αστυνομία του Εδιμβούργου αν και με χαμηλότερο βαθμό απ' αυτόν με τον οποίο αποστρατεύτηκε και ελαφρώς πικραμένος Μια. When Rebus returned following retirement in Standing in Another Man’s Grave I was pleased to see him back but a little disappointed with the result This time around now demoted to sergeant but no longer working cold cases it’s much like the rough hewn Rebus of old I loved itIt’s complex and dual plotted as Rebus probes a routine but slightly dodgy road accident and Malcolm Fox Rankin’s Internal Affairs investigator followed in a separate series examines a 30 year old case in which Rebus is potentially implicated in tainting a murder trial Old allegiances are tested as Rebus is forced to juggle his loyalty to former colleagues against his thirst to impose the rule of law The alliance between Rebus and Fox strays perilously close to friendship at times as Rebus agrees to help unearth the truth But for me there is always just enough tension here to prevent their relationship feeling false or forced This series is set in real time and the authenticity of this is highlighted by references to current or recent events such as the Scottish Independence Referendum and importantly for the plot recent changes in Scottish law creating exemptions in cases of ‘double jeopardy’ and thus paving the way for suspect retrialsOk so lately Rankin may have slowed down time just a little to allow Rebus to creep under state retirement age but endangered species that he is I really hope the author keeps tweaking his time machine long enough for this Edinburgh detective to solve a few crimes

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Saints of the Shadow Bibleυπόθεση τριάντα χρόνων ξανανοίγει και υποψίες για κακό χειρισμό της πέφτουν στον Ρέμπους και στην τότε ομάδα του Ο Μάλκολμ Φοξ είναι ο αξιωματικός επικεφαλής τη. Rebus is back as flawed and wonderful as ever Multiple plots emerge multiple officers seek solutions and Rebus belligerently disobeys orders and winds his way through the morass to develop new leads and confront suspects including police with whom he worked three decades before Serious uestions are raised over police tactics that take the law into their own hands The reader is left to decide when if ever such approaches are justifiedUnderlying the action are pointed and sometimes disturbing observations on the terrors of aging and the wonder of whether what one has done with his life has made it worthwhile One surprising development concerns an internal affairs officer who turns out not to be the total creep he might have been There is also a hint that Rebus might actually have a date with a woman in his futureAll in all an excellent read from a masterly author