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Twisted Together (Monsters in the Dark, #3) Read & download ✓ 2 ↠ Highly anticipated conclusion to the Monsters in the Dark trilogy complete at 175000 words“After battling through hell I brought my esclave back from the brink of ruin I sacrificed everything—my heart my mind my very desires to bring her back tTime to show Tess how beautiful the dark can be” gave everything to bring Tess back In return he expects nothing less Tess may have leashed and tamed him but he’s still a monster inside. Click HERE to enter to win a signed copy of Twisted Together at Sinfully SexyIntertwined tangled knotted forever our souls will always be twisted together our demons our monsters belong to the other I think Twisted Together has been probably my mostly hotly anticipated book of 2014 Tears of Tess and uintessentially were undoubtedly amongst my top reads of 2013 and Pepper Winters really has put this unconventional couple through so much They’ve had so much to endure been so broken that Twisted Together was going to need to be really special to give this story their journey together the closure it so badly needed and it absolutely delivers This book is HUGE but it needed to be – there’s so much to work through so much to come to terms with that it needed to be this long to fit it all inSo Twisted Together is another intense emotional journey fraught with danger and suspense the kind of story we’ve very much come to expect from Pepper Tess is now so broken – ’s esclave fifty eight the feisty girl with the seemingly unbreakable spirit is now truly broken has done what he can to bring her back from the emotional hell she was trapped in but it’s not enough He wants to marry her but before he can make her Mrs Mercer and embark on their honeymoon he needs to take her on a crescent moon to reawaken her spirit to finally allow her to move past the horrors of the past few weeks and the unrelenting guilt that is now consuming herThis story dripped with emotional agony as Tess struggled to find her former self the girl who loved to endure her Master’s pain – she’s prepared to put up with anything for her Maître and this willingness to do what he wants despite her inner turmoil is breaking ’s heart He’ll do just about anything to bring back the feisty slave he fell in love with and of course ’s methods are unconventional to say the very least Poor Tess – the depths of her despair really did make my heart hurt so badly Her once indomitable spirit is now broken as her sleep is haunted by all consuming night terrors as she is force to relive her ordeal over and over again on a nightly basis Her screams are breaking ’s heart as he can do nothing to rouse her until the dreams reach their ultimate terrible conclusion Their collective pain is palpable the sense of loss that they share despite being together is tearing them apart but will do anything to bring her back and you can trust this sadist maître to use extremely unconventional methods went to great lengths tore the world apart and savagely killed anyone who stood in his way to get Tess back from her second kidnapping in the previous book and deeds such as these do not come without repercussions and there will be conseuences There are dark days in store for this troubled couple and there is still much to endure so hold on to your hats as you’re about to be taken on another hair raising and heart stopping ride the like of which only Pepper Winters can deliver There were moments when I was reading this when the world just slipped away and all that I could hear was my own frantic heartbeat as I almost didn’t dare to turn the page afraid of what was to come next Afraid that Pepper wouldn’t allow these two to finally get their happy ending It’s harrowing and suspenseful and I absolutely devoured this book as their story consumed me Real life faded into the background and all that existed was and Tess Monsters in the Dark and those that sought to tear them asunder foreverPepper delivers another powerfully dark romance c

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Highly anticipated conclusion to the Monsters in the Dark trilogy complete at 175000 words“After battling through hell I brought my esclave back from the brink of ruin I sacrificed everyt. 6 stars Breathtakingly A M A Z I N G One of my most highly anticipated books of the year Twisted Together truly delivered a beautiful conclusion to Tess and ’s epic love story This is dark romance at its finest FYI this book is not a standalone You must read Tears of Tess and uintessentially before starting this third bookTo say I was wary of this book would be an understatement After reading book 2 I was in a position where I felt content in letting these characters go and though I will never turn down and Tess I couldn’t help but wonder what if this third book is unnecessary Or worse what if it completely ruins the first two books But after finishing Twisted Together I have to stress that I cannot imagine this series without it – in fact this book delivers such an essential final piece to and Tess’s story that I feel guilty for ever doubting Pepper’s writing abilities This book picks up right where book 2 ended – Tess and are together and both are joyously preparing for their upcoming wedding – or so it seems And here I thought Tess was emotionally healed but boy was I wrong Perhaps it’s because I never went through what Tess did but while I was reading this book I fully realized that an experience as traumatizing and painful as Tess’s kidnapping isn’t something that can be just swept under the rug and shooed away with ’s kisses Thus I really appreciated the depth to which Pepper portrayed and Tess’s struggle and obvious agony and torment they went through to emotionally heal Tess The one thing that brought and Tess together in the past is the very thing that is tearing them apart now and it shocked me to my core when I realized that Tess once a lively passionate woman who loves with a ferocity abhors pain The one thing I never forgot is that with such a dark twisted and explosive relationship love is sometimes not enough to sustain and Tess Pain was their bridge and to inflict pain and accept pain is probably the euivalent of me saying “I love you” to my significant other So for Tess to lose that need for pain truly devastated and it sure made me agitated when I read it Nevertheless I love that never gave up on her I love that gradually Tess started to resist her nightmares and I love that together they were able to fight back her demons and replace her bad memories with new ones Just when I thought the book was going to wrap up BAM Something I never would’ve expected happened and it changed this story This plot twist is what made this book a 6 star read for me Tess and demonstrate just how much they are willing to sacrifice for one another Just calling them strong isn’t a powerful adjective for them All I’m going to say is the second half of the book made me believe that this couple – and their love – is an invincible force After I finished this book I was left pensive and thoughtful for a few days It also led me to ask myself a uestion I’ve been asking ever since I picked up my first dark read just what is so appealing about dark romance Before reading this book I would’ve shrugged and said a combination of whips chains and pain is hot but now Well people say that love comes in all kinds of forms and I suppose for me dark romance is the twisted somewhat sick but 100% heartfelt form of love Real life and society are sometimes cruel and it’s unfortunate that those caught up in the aftermath of their ordeals are left with permanent scars To me dark romance stories and specifically this series show that these people the damaged the sh

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Twisted Together Monsters in the Dark #3Hing my heart my mind my very desires to bring her back to life And for a while I thought it broke me that I’d never be the same But slowly the beast is growing bolder and it’s finally. 45 5 We'll finally find peace in the dark STARS You're my wings You made me fly TESSYou stole my loneliness I may have given you wings but you've become my gravity I'll never be free of your force I dreaded the moment I'd be sitting down to write this review It's been 3 weeks since I've finished the book in the middle of the night with tears in my eyes and a strange ache in my heart Why I waited this long for the review you ask I didn't want to say goodbye to these characters with whom I've bonded so tightly I guess But now it's time so there it goesThe towers that Tess has built inside her head has shattered and collapsed after 's sacrifice but it’s not enough Her scars are too deep She is now too broken She is still not Esclave #58 the one feisty slave that still had fight left inside her when she first came to 's doorstep But the eternal love she feels for her maître forces her to fight the evil inside her She is willing to do anything to fly free again For For her master The stitching in my heart tore wide spilling my chest with love so deep and eternal I knew I would do anything for this man has already branded Tess and he knows in his heart that Tess truly belongs to him now Body and soul But what about her mind With the demons from the past still roaming freely inside her head can she really give all that she is to and marry himBefore can make her Mrs Mercer he needs to fight with those demons once and try to bring back the woman he fell in love with to reawaken her spirit and set her free of the chains still tightly keeping her tied to the horrors of the past is desperate and as expected our beloved sadictic master’s methods are uite unconventional to say the very leastThe first half of the story is very slow and heavy and to be honest it was hard for me to get through it But for the sake of and Tess I kept reading Thank God for that It was the right decision because at the second half of the book the story gets paced and BLOWS YOUR MIND My name is Tess Mercer I'm no longer weak or afraid or broken I've taken control of my fate I no longer need a tower or dark angels or help I am fear And I take your soul in penance for everything that was done to me I take it for the women you've raped and sold I take it for my master soul mate and husband I take you for me Like the love I deeply felt for wasn't enough now it has expanded even with this book That man is just pure perfection I can’t believe the things he sacrificed for his eternal love and the decisions he made to stay loyal to and worthy of Tess My hands still shake when I think about the things he has endured in this book It breaks my heart that he still thinks so lowly about himself that he doesn't see the light that Tess and all of us see in him To me you're than a knight in some stupid shiny armor You're the monster who no one can tame but the woman he loves TESS I've already married you in my heart Tess The moment I set eyes on you you were mine forever I also love the new Tess She finally stood up for herself and fought for her love for her maître She finally accepted that she is a monster in the dark just like and willingly stepped into the dark She proved that she could both love and fight as fiercely as I'm his I married the night and became his monster And you should fear me I am so goddamn happy about the ending OMG I was ugly crying and wiping my snot all the while reading the most perfect ending that could have ever been written for Tess and Just brilliant Pepper Winters This book has everyth