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read doc Ú Booked for Trouble Lighthouse Library Mystery #2 ↠ Paperback ↠ reflectionslisburnltd ó The author of By Book or By Crook returns to the Outer Banks and the Lighthouse Library where Lucy Richardson must shed light on a shocking murder Lucy has finallyIth the local book club bonding with the library cat Charles and enjoying the attention of not one but TWO eligible men But then her socialite mother Suzanne unexpectedly drops in determined to move Lucy back to Boston and reunite her with her ex fiancé To make matters worse Suzanne picks a Booked for Trouble is the second book in the Lighthouse Library series but the first that I've read That said I had no problem following along with the storyI especially liked Lucy and her small group of coworkers The mystery was very well written I didn't figure out whodunit until right when the author wanted me to I absolutely loved the library I mean come on who doesn't love a lighthouse turned library still operating lighthouse Oh and the last paragraph was a real hoot I will definitely be returning to Bodie Island for the next book

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The author of By Book or By Crook returns to the Outer Banks and the Lighthouse Library where Lucy Richardson must shed light on a shocking murder Lucy has finally found her bliss as a librarian and resident of the Bodie Island Lighthouse She loves walking on the beach passing her evenings w Dollycas’s ThoughtsThis cover is absolutely gorgeousWe return to the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library shortly after the last book By Book or By Crook ends The Jane Austen books are still on exhibit but the crowds have died down and the Lucy has had time to really settle into her new job That is until her mother Suzanne shows up for a surprise visit intending to convince Lucy to leave the Outer Banks and return to Boston Her mother’s plans get sidetracked when she runs into a couple of former high school classmates One seems to forget she is married and wants to date her and another has a few terse words for the socialite Karen Kivas is now a hotel maid and their little argument just happened in front of a bunch of witnesses They do make up just a bit at a book club meeting but then the only witness is Lucy So when Karen’s body is found outside of the library the next morning Suzanne is the prime suspect Not one to sit idly by Lucy checks out every other person that could have wanted the maid dead trying to catch the real killer before her mother is forced to check in to the state prisonI am so happy I was able to read this book within a week of reading the first book in the series I had hated for the last book to end so it was pure pleasure to jump right into this oneLucy is enjoying her job but not everyone is still convinced she should have the job There is even someone that wants to shut down the entire library The last thing Lucy needs is a surprise visit from her mother but she will make the best of it and try to get it through to her mother that she is not leaving her job I loved the addition of Suzanne to this mix of characters She is really not a friendly woman She holds herself in very high regard and cannot fathom that she is a murder suspect Her interactions with Lucy’s friends co workers and other people in her sphere really drives this story in several directions Some had me scratching my head and others had me laughing out loud Oh and Suzanne is not a cat person but Charles was not holding back any of his kitty attentions 🙂The mystery portion of the story had several twists that drew me deeper and deeper into the story There weren’t too many suspects but I just couldn’t pin the real culprit down until it was spelled right out for me in the text Just the way I like itAgain the setting of the library in a lighthouse means the reader has to stretch their imagination The author admits that with an Author’s Note at the beginning of the book and I had no trouble with that at all She has created a wonderful masterpiece in the Bodie Island Lighthouse LibraryEven with Suzanne’s efforts to curb and romantic notions for Lucy the romantic triangle between Lucy the mayor and the detective continues to press forward In fact on the final page of this book Lucy realizes something that could have her needing to make a big decision Luckily the next book Reading Up A Storm is on my TBR shelf and I hope to be reading it soonAnother delightful cozy mystery from Eva Gates I loved it

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Booked for Trouble Lighthouse Library Mystery #2Very public fight at the local hotel with her former classmate Karen Kivas So when Karen turns up dead outside the library the next morning Suzanne is immediately at the top of the suspect list Now Lucy must hunt down a dangerous killer before the authorities throw the book at her poor moth I had the chance to read the second book in the “Lighthouse Library Mystery Series” right after I finished the first This is unusual for me since so many books end up languishing in my TBR and it winds up being too long before books I tend to forget things when there is so much distance between books This time it was so refreshing to go right to the next one and still have everything be fresh in my mindIn this one Lucy Richardson is still coming up against opposition to the library and in particular to her being the librarian To give her even headaches her mother is in town and she’s not very supportive of Lucy’s job Mainly because her mother Suzanne wants Lucy to move back to Boston and marry the man her parents handpicked for her Lucy’s personal life is even complicated with the attention she is receiving from two very handsome men from the Outer BanksSuzanne grew up in the Outer Banks but she doesn’t have many friends still there In fact one of her former friends – Karen Kivas – is still holding a grudge from their school days They publicly fight and the next day Karen is found dead near the library Suzanne is the number one suspect Lucy doesn’t trust the police to do their job even though one of them just asked her out on a date So Lucy sets up her own investigation to prove her mother’s innocence When a stolen necklace turns up in Suzanne’s bag Lucy’s job is even difficult but she doesn’t let that stop her Her family is on the lineI’m loving Lucy even with this book She’s really coming into her own as a character We learn about her family life and her rocky relationship with her mother Both men in her life are uite likeable and it’s difficult for readers to choose just oneAfter I finished the first book I immediately checked to see if my library had this second book Luckily they did and it was available I found this book even captivating than the first one and I had a harder time trying to figure out who the killer was There were so many ways to go and I never really suspected the true culprit This is written very well I’m ready for the next one