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Stolen Angel A Singular Obsession #3 Free read È eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Sergei Damov is in love with someone who isn’t interested in him but he’s determined to change thatSergei has pined for months waiting for his assistant to turn around and see he’s the perfect man for her But Ada only sees Sergei Damov is in love with someone who isn’t interested in him but he’s determined to change thatSergei has pined for months waiting for his assistant to turn around and see he’s the perfect man for her But Ada only sees him as her boss Until one night when they both have to work late and the off. I was never able to get involved with what’s happening in this book because of its writing which didn’t make me feel anything at all Too much telling and very little showing It’s written in the 3rd person point of view and up until the half of the book its writing is based on the summaries of events that happen and the dialogues start later when it is too late for me to show any interest in what they are talking about The way their relationship started involved very little talking so I never felt their chemistry passion or attraction towards each other But than that it started in one of the worst ways possible – a dubious consentFirst we learn that she doesn’t feel attracted to the hero who is her boss until he suddenly kisses her She pushes him away but she feels something after the kiss Then after a few weeks when they are in Rome sealing a deal he suggests they celebrate their new deal with a dinner They drink too much during the dinner Up until here almost no talking no dialogues nope only summaries of the writer as to what’s happeningThen he takes her to his room seeing how drunk she is He is way too drunk as well They have their first sex that night No talking no asking for permission no words of love or anything like that except for a few Russian words that she cannot understand and she is way too drunk to care uestion or make a decision It felt as if it was dubious consent to me In the morning he sees that her body is full of blueblack marks bruises and there is blood in the bed He believes he was way too wild with her and hurt her in his drunken stupor In fact she has a skin that bruises easily and the blood is because she was a virgin He doesn’t think about the possibility of her being a virgin at all His father was a cruel man and he believes he is turning into “him” He just leaves her there and goes back to the States When her holiday time in Rome is over and comes back to work he uses a woman he dates casually to push her away Her feelings are hurt I guess she must have had feelings and they were hurt though I can never be sure because of the unsuccessful writing She leaves him and her job soon after that and they see that she has just vanished of the face of the earth He feels terrible and starts to look for her It all seems like a dead end for a long whileAnd then the most stupid thing happens that always gets on my nerves She finds out that she got pregnant from the night they had sex because of course they did it unprotected Yaaayyyy My favorite pet peeveThen he begins to solve the mystery about her She has been using fake IDs and she has been running away from someone He finds the one who protects her to reach her When he finally finds her he talks very little and explains very little about their first sex and why he behaved the way he did His apology for pushing her away and making her feel like “she has been used” comes very weak When they become lovers again there was still no emotion in it I didn’t feel anything It was as if they were going through robotic motions It was much later when he explained how he felt about her in their first morning together and why he pushed her away later Then she explained why she ran away Yeap talking starts in the second half of the book after they had a lot of sex nope not hot at all don't bother and while they were expecting a child I would say “Oh so romantic” with a sarcasm if the romance came while they were expecting a child but it still didn’t come at all No romance Just a confession of their past secrets and building up of some trust Maybe they will talk about feelings and emotions later I don't knowThen the mysterythriller part starts where I can smell the scent of a very annoying plot twist of the kidnapping of a pregnant woman I assumed they would first be stupid enough to let her be kidnapped then I assumed she would be tortured by her kidnapper a bit and then I assumed the hero would save her And I assume I am right in my predictions 😊So no need for me to continue reading and torturing myself with this “emotionless writing style” I call it “uits”DNF at 66%Note to self Not trying anything else from this writer again would be best

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Ice is desertedIt doesn’t happen right away but soon Sergei has Ada right where he wants her in his bed Then demons from his past resurface and he brutally pushes her away before the darkness inside him can consume them bothBut Ada isn’t about to let herself be used Soon she turns the tables on him a. This book worked for me in many ways when I thought for sure I would hate it It does have an element of dubious consent just to warn a few Even on his worst day the hero was better then most Harleuin romance hero billionaire bastard I have read some reviews on this book therefore I honestly thought it would be about her making it on her own while he had sex with everything in a dress So glad that was not the plot He does mess up but I really understood because after he saw what he had done to her he thought he was a monster and wanted to push her away Even thinking this he does not sleep with his ex and he is devastated by her disappearance I loved him for that He was doing the best he could to protect her and his baby I just loved this book and the series was a big surprise because after the first book hero sleeping around I really expected this hero to do the same He did not Awesome And the heroine was a strong woman who did what she had to do to survive Even the evil step brother was multi demential This book was well written and I enjoy the plot and the characters I would recommend this book for those who like then just sex in their romance books Loved it Keeper for me

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Stolen Angel A Singular Obsession #3Nd disappears leaving a mystery in her wake Why was Ada working under an assumed name Not just with him but at every job she ever heldUsing every resource at his disposal Sergei desperately searches for her before the danger she’s running from catches up with herand to try and heal the heart he shatter. God I love it when the hero breaks down in tears for the heroine