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Ce of Dead Roads is the second novel in the trilogy with Cities of the Red Night and The Western Lands. He’s tired and nostalgic and a bit satiated but it’s still old Bill

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The Place of Dead RoadsA good old fashioned shoot out in the American West of the frontier days serves as the springboard for. In the 80s Burroughs was back in New York appearing in Laurie Anderson songs and writing his last trilogy of strange and garbled not exactly sci fi novels And this fragmented western starring Denton Welch according to Burroughs' introduction for In Youth is Pleasure what would Welch have thought of this I see the connection but Welch's subversion and antisocial impulses are deliciously subtle Burroughs' billboarded constantly but anyway this fragmented postmodern western was the middle volume Back to Welch and the subtlety of his subversion Burroughs definitely does not subvert subtly Here he subverts in broadcasts and direct address in best crank mode railing against gun control the government women albeit mostly they're just ignored as irrelevant to his mostly gay world alien mind control Whether or not Burroughs was a crazy person he writes like one Often he writes like a crazy person who might be objectionable were his vision not so wholly fantastical though not to deny the satiric targets here either Often he writes like a crazy person beautifully There are stretches of this where bizarre scenes just spill out in hypervivid details eliding between locations scenes realities grabbing full attention That said compared to Naked Lunch there's an essentially linear progression here on which to pin the swirling variations holding the variations somewhat the story of one shootist on his path out of society and across the world time the universe and back to an inescapable meeting Some of the book writing like a crazy person breaks up into catalogs of weapons deaths ways to die But then some of the best bits towards the end are incredible catalogues of addictions and diseases The seuence involving the search for the origins of language and the ensuing epidemic of The Yacks is possibly the most wholly inspired here but it amounts to a few pages hanging barely connected to the rest These lurching fragments these thematic riffs tantalizing as they are also give a sense that the book ie the interior of Burroughs head it seems runs on endlessly endlessly offering up grotesue and brilliant vignettes Which makes it hard to get a sense of pacing here at least after the first part or so Does it matter The book continues until it ends As must this review which infected also doesn't seem to have any true sense of purpose or pacing

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Free download ´ The Place of Dead Roads ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ó A good old fashioned shoot out in the American West of the frontier days serves as the springboard for this hyperkinetic adventure in which gunslingers led by Kim Carson fight for galactic freedom The Place of Dead Roads is the seconThis hyperkinetic adventure in which gunslingers led by Kim Carson fight for galactic freedom The Pla. I read this book and its preuel Cities of the Red Night for the first time when I was in college and a lot of it went over my head Interestingly and perhaps because of this I also came out of it convinced that Burroughs was a genius and that his every word should be taken as the Gospel Truth Looking at it now I get what he's saying a lot better and I find that I disagree with him This book begins as a gay Western with some sci fi interludes and gradually becomes bizarre and non chronological The protagonist is Kim Carsons who may or may not be a fictional character from the writings of William Seward Hall a man who died in a shootout at the turn of the century and presumably an alter ego for Burroughs himself Carsons is a misfit a rebel an expert shootist and an insatiable homophile We watch Carsons as he develops from a shy but dangerous teenager into the leader of a movement called the Johnson Family which Burroughs explains was a term to designate good bums and thieves which was elaborated into a code of conduct In the book it elaborates still further into a vast international organization fighting authority and preparing humanity for the evolutionary leap it must take to colonize the stars Much of the book is actually propaganda for Burroughs' own views regarding sexuality conformity the State space exploration human transcendence and gun rights For all that Burroughs is a skillful artist who doesn't allow polemic to overwhelm his prose in fact at times exactly the opposite takes place Burroughs was that rarest of combinations a poet and a political thinker and only rarely did he lose sight of the art in his work It is probably for this reason that he remains so influential While in some way each of his books is a rant in favor of his own viewpoint he never descends to the transparency of an Ayn Rand Burroughs allowed creativity to dominate which is probably why some of his genius insights into politics seem uestionable to me now They are unsystematic often the result of trying to push a stray thought to its logical conclusion and intended to be shocking than insightful He is also an expert eroticist although that will be disturbing to anyone who is unprepared for such explicit scenes of gay sex This was one area I got out of the second time aroundThis book is less explicitly misogynist than its predecessor but there remains a disdaindisinterestsuspicion of women in the subtext Women characters are rare and they are often disgusting evil andor stupid The exception is Salt Chunk Mary a de sexualized grande dame of Burroughs' imagined underworld She isn't particularly well developed as a character although the same could be said of many of the male characters At least she never turns out to be part of the alien conspiracy to enslave humanity which is itself a concession on Burroughs' partFor all the criticisms I've put into this review it remains a a very enjoyable work of fiction and earns four stars for being something I'm glad I took the time to return to