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Never Sweeter characters â 5 Ê Second chances are sweeter than ever in Charlotte Stein’s steamy Dark Obsession series—perfect for fans of Katy Evans—as a self reliant college girl falls for a reformed bully who’s desperate to make up for lost time Letty Carmichael can’t believe her eyes when she catches a glimpse of her high school tormenter Her classes again just waiting for his chance to make her life hell But when Letty and Tate are partnered up for an assignment on sex in cinema of all things she starts to see a kinder gentler side of him And when she realizes Tate knows about sex than she could ever guess at he soon starts making her blush in a whole new way Tate Sullivan is haunted by regret over his cruelty toward Letty So when she agrees to work with him he seizes his. Usually when I read books with covers like this one I surreptitiously add them to my 'read' list in a way that the updates wouldn't show up on the homepage and uietly move on But after reading this one I feel the stirrings of a change within me I no longer have that urge to hide the fact that I read romance novels as if it's a shameful shallow activity and worthy of someone's contempt or ridicule I don't think it is any longer Not any when there are authors like Charlotte Stein Sarina Bowen Tamara Morgan Jill Sorenson Elle Kennedy and the likes writing to counter those precise stereotypes taboos cliches and egregious sexual politics that have dominated the landscape of romance novelseroticaNAYA lit for too long So take my advice and don't go by that ripped guy posing like an Abercrombie Fitch model I know the cover does not exactly inspire confidence especially when similar archetypal covers featuring unrealistically attractive Caucasian men with implausibly sculpted pectoral muscles have only added to the bulk of garbage being published these days validating rape culture But this is not one of them In fact if I had a 'romance feministy style' which is a terrible name btw but I'll think of something better shelf I would have tagged this one with that labeling One of those few good romance novels out there thoroughly deserving of a much larger readership than it has to throw in issues like bullying body shaming sexual double standards in movies and not solely for the purpose of creating a situation ripe for romance between our hero and heroine but to treat them as serious issues that are cause for concern in any societyAnother reason behind writing this half baked review is to thank Jackie C Horn of Romance Novels for Feminists And to let the uninitiated romance readers know that if you are sick and tired of books recycling all sorts of blasted gender stereotypes click on that link above If not for her incredible blog I would have given up on romance novels a long time ago And it is solely because of her that I have come across some great authors of contemporaryhistorical romance who are responsible for a much needed paradigm shift in the romance novel industry Thank you Jackie You are fighting the good fight

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Second chances are sweeter than ever in Charlotte Stein’s steamy Dark Obsession series perfect for fans of Katy Evans as a self reliant college girl falls for a reformed bully who’s desperate to make up for lost time Letty Carmichael can’t believe her eyes when she catches a glimpse of her high school tormenter wrestling champ Tate Sullivan on campus College was supposed to be her escape from Tate’s constant ridicule Now he’s in. I found the story absolutely captivating At first you are appalled and disgusted by the hero and think that there's no way he's going to be able to redeem himself Tate is a bully Not in a small way but in a way that tortures a person for the rest of their lives Letty goes to college two years after a really big incident and finds that Tate is there too She's far from home so she feels like he's there to continue his bullying and is very afraid Tate has grown a lot since they last interacted but it's all lip service if he can't show her Somehow they end up working on a project together and a very tentative truce forms Things between them build into eventually and let me tell you that process is hot as hell But it's not the super sexy that wins me here It's the emotional component There is no magical excuse to make everything Tate did ok It wasn't ok in any way There is a piece that explains his thoughts feelings and drivers at the time He really is repentant and is willing to do what it takes to see Letty happy Some of the things he says and does will absolutely melt you Like the heroine you spend your reading time on high alert waiting for the other shoe to drop The story was written well and the plot grabbed a hold and never let go You feel her anxiety and anguish You feel his regret and eventual love You feel her changing heart You feel their passion There's this particular scene at 60% that will have you begging your honey to take you to the library lol p I really enjoyed this read If you can keep an open mind after reading the beginning you might discover you enjoy it as well Safety No OWOM after they get together h pushes H away once Condoms used No rapesexual abuse view spoiler H and his friends emotionally abused h H's friend hits h with his car H is a V though he's done other stuff with women hide spoiler

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Never SweeterChance to make amends He can’t blame her for not believing he’s for real but soon Tate starts to break down her wall She wants to know about passion desire lust topics he is well versed in And in return she offers the one thing he always wanted the chance to be than just a jock Letty is shocked by how sensitive Tate can be Still desiring him feels ludicrous Loving him is impossible Craving him is beyond all reason So why can’t she st. I really thought I'd like this book Well I guess I was wrong The description promises so much A girl who meets her high school bully two years after she's last seen him when she starts college To be honest I was thinking of a story like Bully by Penelope Douglas I liked that book and even though the hero was a real asshole he never really hurt the h Unfortunately Never Sweeter is different The book starts with a prologue in which the H and his friends run her over in a truck Yeah you read that right They run her over in a truck which leads to two years of physical therapy for her I should have uit at that point but sometimes I'm just not smart But at least I'm not alone with this stupidity Letty I really like the name so uniue for NA and Tate are with me in all this dumbness They attend both the same class and it happens what has to happen it's NA after all they are partnered for a projectAnd what does Letty do Tell her professor that the guy tried to kill her two years ago Screaming and running Nope Our dumb Letty doesn't say a thing and they do their little project about sex in cinema I laughed out loud when I read the topic of their project Seriously It couldn't have been obvious Fast forward they're making out she forgives him and Tate confesses that he had been in love with her all this time even when he and his friends ran her over Yeah SureThe plot was ridiculous None of that made any sense and was weird as fuckAnd there was the writing style Oh man That was really bad The dialogues are weird and most of the time you have no clue who is actually speaking Was it Tate Was it Letty Was it an inner monologue uotation marks can make a book so much better If you want to see an example of how not to write dialogues read this book