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The Palace of Impossible Dreams Tide Lords book 3Just remember eternity is a long time to be watching over your shoulder Branded and sold into slavery in Senestra Arkady holds out little hope of being rescued She turns to her new owner for helpbut learning th. The Palace of Impossible Dreams by Jennifer Fallon45Where do I even begin with this book I think it was my favorite installment so far to be honest There were so many great individual moments “Among out kind such a relationship would be considered well than a little unnatural Perhaps it would be wise not to mention to others yourattractionto this male of another species”“I’m not attracted to him”“You claim to love him”“I love seafood too but that doesn’t mean I want to settle down with a lobster” As well as some real movement forward on the plot line imo We finally get a glimpse of what it is that Elyssa and Co and Maralyce among others are looking for We get a little bit insight to some of the Immortals and we get to learn about how the Tide works and how it affects them through the eyes of a brand new Immortal into their ranks something none of them thought was possible except perhaps one character who may have orchestrated the whole thingWe got to see a part of why the Scards hate the Immortals so much and the revelation is dealt with humour in a very trying time in the book You don't understand Immortals smelloffto the Scards Like something rotten You learn to recognize the small and associate it with danger She looked up at him apologetically You smell like dangerSo we're friends only if I stay downwindWe meet a whole new bunch of Immortals and get pulled along into their schemes and we see the building tensions between Caelum and Glaeba mount to a breaking point with two different factions of Immortals at their headThere are very few of the flashback seuences in this book that were fairly prevalent in the previous two installments particularly book one so perhaps less insights into the immortals pasts and movement forward on the current story worked better for me I guess my biggest issue with this book and why I docked half a star is once again our leading lady Arkady Desean The woman has no sense when it comes to avoiding danger And just when you think she's gotten some of her brain cells working again she makes stupid decision after stupid decision and gets herself into all sorts of peril for the good of the story of course but it doesn't make it any less annoying I just can't bring myself to love her as a character And as for her life up until now I'm a bit uncomfortable with the amount of times she has to use her body as a way to save herselfsomeone she loves As a matter of fact a lot of the characters in this book make uestionable or stupid decisions but again most of it is of course to move the plot forward I just can't seem to forgive Arkady for itOtherwise I cannot get over that ending and am chomping at the bit to read the next book For the sake of my GR buddy reads friends I must refrain for twelve whole days I can't express how much this book moved the plot forward for me and the humour was inserted in all the right places I am however dreading the end of the next book which gets bad reviews and from my own memory was less than satisfactory Hopefully the second run through I'll like the ending betterHighly recommended read

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Ess of the Five Realms and the Tide Lords Tryan and Elyssa seem to be on Stellan's sideAnd Declan Hawkes struggling with his transformation abandons the Cabal and flees to Glaeba in search of some trace of Arka. Full review originally at Fantasy Book Critic FORMATCLASSIFICATION The Palace of Impossible Dreams US hc edition stands at about 460 pages while the Australian mmpb edition both Liviu and myself have read stands at about 580 pages As with the previous installments there is a prologue set in the past and featuring some Tide Lords' nefarious doings and the ordinary mortals who tried to resist them as well as an epilogue that presages the stunning tetralogy ending The Chaos Crystal There are two superb maps of each of Amyrantha's hemispheresThe chapters are all from the third person perspective and feature as POV's Stellan Cayal Arkady Declan Tiji Warlock Jaxyn Lukys while the story picks up immediately after the events at the end of The Gods of AmyranthaArkady is aboard a ship towards Senestra though not of her own accord She is trying hard to survive being a pawn in the long going dispute between the self righteous Brynden and her lover Cayal Declan Hawkes is stunned at his recent elevation and now has to figure what he's going to do with all the power at his disposal Stellan Desean who became Declan's unexpected companion has a royal personage with him and wants to survive politically and turn the tables on his former lover Jaxyn Tiji who thought she had been kidnapped finds out that her captivity is not factual and also learns about her own kind while Cayal finally meets with Pellys and Lukys and then hatches a plan to get his desired wish that propelled a lot of the action in the first volumeANALYSIS The Palace of Impossible Dreams begins with uite a few plots going Jennifer Fallon has to be commended as she has a rather acute sense of how to keep the reader tense and wary for the littlest clue She constantly switches the POVs in her chapters and has the reader guessing as to where the plot is turning Now after two books the reader will have a semblance of what is actually going on and what all the immortals are actually after In this case it is an object known as the Chaos Crystal which apparently is the root of immortality and the power of the Tide LordsThe Immortal Prince was in many ways a Cayal and Arkady novel and The Gods of Amyrantha started the Tide Lords full re apparition but here the plot thickens and we get the first glimmers of where the series is truly going While the old favorites Arkady and Cayal still have powerful roles this book is truly an ensemble effort as the cast goes while geographically the series extends to cover and of AmyranthaThe pace of the book is unrelenting and you have to turn the pages to see what happens while the continual switching of pov's is superbly handled so you never feel a lack of balance The twists and turns keep coming alliances are formed and broken power jostling is ongoing and the Tide is still going higher since as the uber immortal Lukys notes after such a long low tide there usually comes the ultimate one in a million years king tide As with the previous novels some of the most poignant moments are given by the past stories of the immortalsThe series proceeds seemingly naturally from one scene to another however looking back from the beginning of the first volume the change in focus and the expansion of the storyline is uite visible and on every reread of the books I am still amazed how well the author pulls it off so looked from a distance The Palace of Impossible Dreams could be said to belong to a different series though again it just flows from the previous volumesThe only niggle about the novel is that it truly begs the next volume since the tension is raised so much and the plot lines are ready to explode that not having Chaos Crystal to read asap can lead to frustration The Palace of Impossible Dreams is epic fantasy of the highest level

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The Palace of Impossible Dreams Tide Lords book 3 Free download ¿ 5 ☆ Just remember eternity is a long time to be watching over your shoulder Branded and sold into slavery in Senestra Arkady holds out little hope of being rescued She turns to her new owner for helpbut learning the truth about him may cost both thE truth about him may cost both their livesJaxyn's plans hit a snag when he realises the one man who can challenge him for the Glabaen throne Stellan Desean has sought asylum in Caelum Strangely enough the Empr. This is one of the best fantasy series I have read Fallon is very much an underrated talent And I recommend reading her if you haven't already This is a middle book that builds on what has already happened and sets up a finale I enjoyed the slow pace although I know others did not I liked the characters even though it was a little too Twilightesue drama Hopefully the last book swings things back up I recommend this series to fans of Robin Hobb of mythology and any romance readers who don't mind alot of fantasy